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  1. Thanks for the kind words @Rogerpoco, if I find the time maybe I will give it another go. I totally understand where you’re coming from, there are several games that we played this year that if they ended up being drawn, I just know that even if I put a lot of time in I wouldn’t score very high, I guess it’s just the luck of the draw sometimes. Best of luck to you in the paper medal bracket, I want to see you go win it!
  2. Empire Strikes Back 16A: 5219 New PB!!! Love this game, still couldn’t quite top @ZilchSr who rolled this one back in week 7, kudos to you sir, but still very happy with the improvement.
  3. Moon Patrol: 25100 Really fun game, frustrated that I can’t quite beat it.
  4. Dragonfire: 9070 Really enjoyed this game, great pick! Very technical and leaves no room for error, but is more addictive than it is frustrating. Still haven’t found an Imagic game I don’t like. Also, your YouTube video is very helpful @Botbird208, and I’m very impressed by the way you play this game. You make it look so easy and rake in the points! I love that in the video you approach the game in such a calm way, swooping down and grabbing the treasure and saying “you just swoop down and grab it, very simple move.” It may be simple for you but no matter how many times I watch you do it, I still can’t figure it out 😀
  5. Solar Storm: 1775 Birthday Mania: 657 Fireball: 11365 Really fun games! Would definitely pay all 3 again.
  6. Plaque Attack improvement: 39670 Really fun game, but really hard in the later round when the food instantly eats your teeth! Thanks for picking this game, it’s an activision title that I hadn’t heard of until now.
  7. Joining the 252 club, what an awesome game! I remember seeing this game as well as robot city in the homebrew awards and now I can see why! Tower of Rubble: 252
  8. Mountain King: 21710 Spike’s Peak: 22000 BMX - California Games: 18440 Im not any good at Mountain King or BMX Mountain Bike Racing, but find them both to be really fun games, with BMX being graphically impressive and Mountain King having a cool concept and game mechanics. Can’t say the same for Spike’s Peak. The graphic of the mountain is neat and it’s a cool concept for a game, but I find it to be frustrating to the point where it isn’t fun. It is pretty addicting though. Props to those of you who had the skill and patience to roll it!
  9. M*A*S*H Game 3: 380 M*A*S*H Game 7: 492 Fun games; the trees on game 3 combined with the tank are quite hard to deal with and cause me to rage. Props to @kermit73 for such a large margin of victory!
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