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  1. M*A*S*H Game 3: 380 M*A*S*H Game 7: 492 Fun games; the trees on game 3 combined with the tank are quite hard to deal with and cause me to rage. Props to @kermit73 for such a large margin of victory!
  2. Jungle Hunt: 14590 Fun game, would’ve loved to spend more time with this one, probably could get my score higher. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns: 153551 Easily my favorite of the 3 games in the jungle category, I had a ton of fun playing this one. Respect to those of you that had deathless runs, I didn’t have the time nor motivation to try something crazy like that. Thanks for posting a video @ZilchSr, that helped me out quite a bit.
  3. Congo Bongo: 31020 Cool that they tried to port this to the 2600 but it was not well executed. Landing zones are finicky on the second board and on the first it’s difficult to judge where you are in relation to the falling things (coconuts?). I haven’t played any other port or the arcade version so I have nothing to compare it to but still, I want those 30 mins of my life back.
  4. Dishaster: 39360 Cosmic Corridor: 960 Never played these before but they’re probably some of my least favorite games ever. Still enjoyed giving them a try though, thanks for the interesting picks and the history @oyamafamily
  5. Star Trek: 242900 Had a lot of fun playing this one, too bad my score didn’t boldly go where no score has gone before.
  6. Got caught up doing other things and totally forgot about playing these games this week, so just posting these just to get a score out there. Both seem like fun games and I wish I had more time with them Dark Cavern: 10000 Stack: 39
  7. Celestial Body: Cosmic Commuter- Meteors
  8. No Escape!: 3453 Star Voyager: 1 Chevron No Escape! was a lot of fun and very addicting, but I found star voyager to just be frustrating, even after reading the manual and following @kermit73‘s tips
  9. Subterranea: 9124 3 Crystal Challenge: 8373 This game is a ton of fun, I just need more work on it.
  10. Pooyan: 6435 Strategy X: 3850 These were tough but interesting, had a lot of fun playing them. Maybe sometime I’ll take a look at their arcade counterparts.
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