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    8 bit computers, mostly programming, when time allows.
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  1. The 1200XL is an interesting idea that I may well pursue at some point but it’s one if those ‘I want an 800’ moments. 😁 I really wanted one as a kid - one of my mates parents had one and it was very cool.
  2. Thanks all! All info greatly appreciated. I think on reflection then with the risk and additional cost of converting from NTSC to PAL (or buying an appropriate TV) I may as well save up and buy one over in the UK.
  3. Hi all I really want to buy an Atari 800 (not XL - I have one of those) but over in the UK they tend to be really expensive. Looking at the prices they can go for in the USA I suspect it may be cheaper to buy one over there and then pay shipping and import duties than buy one over here (unless I happen to get really lucky). What would be involved in getting a USA Atari 800 to work in the UK? I am assuming the two major factors would be PSU and video output with the latter probably being the bigger problem? Any advice appreciated! Thanks! Lardo
  4. Hi I am trying to source some of these switches locally in the UK but if I cant are you able to post to the United Kingdom please? Thanks!
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