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  1. Fwiw, I just remembered Kieren DM'd me on Twitter at the end of 2018 about "an absolute asshat stalker" he had. Now, since he's blocked me (not sure when but I suspect after I put Horace on my twitter avatar in solidarity with Octy/RetroPrincess) I can't see those DM's. At least, not on Twitter itself anymore, but what he DM'd me is still perfectly visible in my inbox.... Wish I could remember what I'd said, or who the people he said had shown him emails but there we go. Don't know if it's any help, but I thought it was interesting seeing names he considered stalkers (or said was *one* stalker, at least) in 2018, don't know if these accounts were still real people or sockpuppets at that point.
  2. Crazily, the "biggus dickus" model is cheaper than a standard one so I figure I may as well go for that one. I'm not planning on doing anything particularly fancy other than just playing some of the classic games so as long as it'll let me do that I'll be happy. And yeah, I know the 400's pretty limited compared to other models but it's all I have at the moment (as far as 8-bit Atari *computers* go, anyway, I do also have a 2600, 7800, ST, Jaguar & Lynx, and lots of other non-Atari systems) so I'll make the most of it for now - I'm perfectly happy slumming it with RF and a friend who's currently in hospital has a lot of happy memories of the 400 in particular so am keen to revisit it on his behalf on my YouTube channel so he can relive some happy memories, while I enjoy some classics for the first time (Battlezone for example is great, loved that!) Obviously, if I ever come across an XL or XE within my price range I'll grab it and can then hopefully continue to use the same sio2sd on that and explore what that's like. But in the meantime I'm more than happy to enjoy seeing what the 400 can do - any suggestions for some classics to try once I'm done with Attack of the mutant camels and The Eidolon?
  3. Hmmm, a hundred pounds or so for the cartridge (plus likely get stung by customs, like I did for the replacement keyboard) or closer to fifty for the "biggus dickus" model direct from lotharek, with SD card included, and shouldn't get stung by customs (yet) Well, the sio2sd's certainly looking like the more tempting option now but there has to be a drawback, surely? I mean, I'm assuming it's slower as going via the sio port instead of cartridge, but is that the only thing?
  4. This is my (Pal) 400; there are many like it, but this one is mine First sticker says BY116500 (16k G) Second one says G 145 BY108592-16 1/11 L40 P And embossed into the case itself is ATARI/032
  5. Hello all, hoping someone here can give me a bit of advice regarding SD card/compact flash cartridge solutions for an Atari 400 - after years (ok, decades) of wanting to play Lucasarts and Llamasoft games on an Atari 8-bit I finally got hold of an Atari 400. Only to find the membrane keyboard had started to die so I couldn't hold down Start when turning on to load from tape. Got that replaced with a new one from Best Electronics (and in the process also discovered it had had a memory upgrade so it's a bit more capable than a stock one) but still having a fair bit of trouble as need to replace the belts in my xc12 and a spring in my 410p. Just about able to get *some* things loaded on the 410 but it's very hit and miss so think what I could really do with is a cartridge solution to load from disk/tape/cartridge images instead. So, what would you recommend for an Atari 400 (with memory upgrade)? I know the atarimax myide2 isn't an option as borrowed one from a friend, only to find it's XL/XE only. I've seen sd2sio and sdrivemax doohickeys going on eBay but would really rather a cartridge solution instead, does such a thing exist or are they all only for XL/XE systems?
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