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  1. Just wanted to say iv received mine and WOW! Easy to setup and simple to use, I can't see anyone being disappointed with this product. I'm finally playing some great games that I haven't been had chance to before. Thanks very much @SainT and all the best with all your other products.
  2. Well that was a shock and a great one too! Most emails I get are rubbish but this one is very much welcomed. Had to read it two or three times to be sure. Thanks very much SainT.
  3. Looks great, sets it apart from anything else. Also goes well with the retrohq badge.
  4. The pre-order list didn't open until 19th August and yes it was through Saints website. As for the name change I'm not sure why that is.
  5. I have received mine today and I must say it a great piece of kit, really easy to use. Well worth the money. Thanks very much Rafal
  6. From the pictures and videos iv seen of this screen, it looks fantastic, really brings the games to life. I'm planning on getting one but I'm holding out at the moment as I want one for my game gear, so once that one is available I'll be buying both. @necrocia the bracket you have made looks great, really looks like it finishes the install off.
  7. Some people have got too much time and money on their hands.
  8. Rj1307 just watched you video show this cart in action, great work, very clever piece of kit. Please add me to your list. Thanks
  9. Iv only had my jaguar for a few weeks and only have the one game at the moment, iv yet to clean mine but I find it helps when inserting the cart if I pull it out a little it boots every time. All the way in it doesn't want to know. Hope you manage to get your Jag sorted.
  10. Just seen the cart label on your website SainT, it looks fantastic.
  11. Certainly feel your pain. Bloody kids making you feel old. I must say I'm not looking forward to just having digital media, I like my cartridges and disc's. I still say "I'm going to play some Nintendo" haha.
  12. I was lucky enough to get my VB about 10 years ago before prices started to get stupid. Ah yes, the touching the screen, always a good one to watch. I think it's natural instinct for kids now. Jesus this is making me feel old. Lol
  13. Slightly off topic but I took my virtual boy into work one night and the guy thought it was something out of a sc-fi movie. They loved it though. Being in the UK, they are as rare as rocking horse poo. As for my lynx, my daughter finds it very interesting although abit big for her hands, she's 10. Her weapon of choice is a 3ds, so a big difference.
  14. I've read this from start to finish, It's great to see this come to fruition after just over 3 years of work. SainT you are clearly very dedicated, you must be very pleased with what you have accomplished. As a new Jag owner, this is right up my street, I'll gladly join the end of the queue. Great work SainT
  15. Here is my small lynx collection. Very happy with it, it's such an underrated system. Hoping to expand on it in the future.
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