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  1. Bumping since Super Mario Maker 2 is coming in less than 48 hours.
  2. Ah, I didn't even consider that, but yeah, player-specific screens for each controller would certainly help make those type of board/card games more playable on a console. I could also see that being useful for tabletop games too (which certainly would also have the Amico doing what the other consoles aren't doing.) PC has some good infrastructure for DMs/GMs to run games like D&D.
  3. Yeah, but places on social media that I go through, there is often concerns about whether a multiplayer game has couch co-op, and I've seen laments about games having the only multiplayer option be online-only that couch still matters to a surprising amount of people. So I wouldn't be surprised if Intellivision's market research would have data backing that up.
  4. There is likely some overlap as CATAN being put on the Nintendo Switch would seem to indicate.
  5. Well, that certainly adds to my "hmmm...intrigued" impression of some aspects of the Amico.
  6. 1. I'm aware that kids like to play Fortnite. And now video game companies want to all cash in on "battle royale" games. Gotta admit that the E for Everyone Tetris 99 is my favorite battle royale game but honestly, I don't want the Amico to chase trends, I want them to set trends. Who knows, the Amico could have a game that makes real-time strategy the new hotness in console gaming. Again, E is not a bad thing in and of itself (I'll note that ratings like this are all bunk anyway. A dodge to avoid government regulation and ratings always have double standards. Also the ESA sucks. Ban loot boxes). 2. Yes, the Amico's intended path of not offering online multiplayer is going to be a tough sell to some families. But Nintendo also tends to emphasize couch co-op or local multiplayer and most of us accept it for some games. I don't see the Amico chasing the kind of games that require online multiplayer (and the DLC/microtransactions that accompany many online multiplayer games). I can see the couch co-op focus giving the Amico a leg up in some countries outside the US where people like to gather together to play video games. 4. According to what Tommy is saying, The Amico is not a retro console, and it's not trying to be one. It's trying to be the next evolution of the Wii. They seem to have some things that they're keeping close to the vest but if the Amico can go where Sony and Microsoft failed to do with their attempts to copy the Wii's motion controls, the next generation of video games consoles could be the most interesting one in quite some time. We'll just have to wait and see what gets revealed about the Intellivision Amico.
  7. I'm pretty sure the Amico will have a launch lineup that will have unique takes on some board games and party games as well (Hopefully this is not be as crap as 1-2 Switch was). If the Amico has a developer than can remake B-17 Bomber the way that Inti Creates remade Blaster Master, that would certainly excite me, but I suspect games in the mold of Wii Sports or Just Dance are gonna be their bread and butter in marketing the Amico. I hope at least the Amico has an interesting game of the "Metroidvania" type in its launch catalog.
  8. Yup, I have similar thoughts. I like that the Amico is trying for a new vision. I also share those concerns about whether any decent third-party developer will go along with approximately $10 maximum for a game and no microtransaction/"games as service"/paid DLC. Also agree that discussing the Amico's vision is better than trying to discuss its actual nuts and bolts so to speak (From the E3 interview, looks like quite a few launch titles will be from German devs which also lets us imagine some interesting possibilities since there are some very good German video game companies). I love my Nintendo Switch, which has a strong indie games component and has some very good retrogaming offerings. I welcome another console that is more about gameplay possibilities than focusing on the console's power and talking up this year's latest shoot-em or drive-em or fight against zombies formula. I still don't know if I plan on supporting the Amico or not (I definitely won't be supporting Earthworm Jim for reasons) but every indication is that this is not some pie-in-the-sky wannabe thing or vapourware console that got suckers to crowdfund because woodgrain and Mt. Fuji. So I plan on taking the Amico seriously.
  9. Amico guaranteeing an E rating isn't a bad thing in and of itself, as Tommy has made clear since that would cover a lot of games from the NES and the Atari 2600. Parents buying consoles would certainly like that they don't have to curate Amico's game library for graphic violence or content that is plainly not appropriate for a child. Also limitations can also enhance creativity for game developers, who will want to make games fun. Retrogamers are not the majority of the audience they are trying to get. And I can see them doing interesting things with the Burgertime IP, and I can see potential for an interesting family-friendly take on Bad Dudes. Sonic wasn't even SEGA's original mascot character and it took years for Nintendo to develop their powerful Mario IP. Asking for the Amico to already have a giant mascot IP ready is just not realistic. Yes, but Steam requires a large amount of consumer curation because a lot of games on Steam are shovelware. Mobile games are microtransaction heavy which I think Tommy is sincere in not having on Amico games (Whether or not, the Amico can realistically offer complete game experiences for under $10 remains to be seen. Super Mario Run had a $10 price tag on mobile and seems to have gone underperformed some Nintendo expectations. But this could work on a console like the Amico) In 1984, someone like you probably would have said "A western version of the Famicom may zero sense to me. Kids play at the arcade and love that. Plus, home consoles are not likely going to offer something better than the arcade." The position of the Big Three seems stable, and who knows if the Amico will make a dent against those behemoths, but there is absolutely an untapped market for family-friendly games with complete game experiences and playing those games in ways that the Big Three aren't offering. Also, it says something that Ubisoft is still willing to port their Just Dance francise to the Wii. The task that the Amico has is a difficult one, but if it can achieve even a modest success, the video game industry will notice and that would be a good thing for those of us who already have a current gen Big Three console.
  10. Sega Ages version of Space Harrier comes out in Japan on June 27: https://gematsu.com/2019/06/sega-ages-space-harrier-launches-june-27-in-japan I imagine Western release will be coming within the next few months for that.
  11. I don't disagree with your point that the video game industry uses too many shooters and other adult content for AAA games. I agree that the Amico might be able to tap an undervalued market in going with games intended to appeal to all ages (Nintendo unfairly sometimes get labelled as games for kids when they try to get families to play their games). Specifically built for the Amico would be a good thing. From what buzz is, I'll trust that you're not going for the Candy Crush knockoff kind of games. (Was never into Earthworm Jim, but I remember playing demos of the original on the Genesis in Funcoland, which is now GameStop. But if you have interesting other IP on the Amico like that, I'd be at least partially sold on the Amico) Ah, interesting. I'm glad to hear that you at least have some sort of plan in place in case of crazy tariffs on China. Thanks for the reply, Tommy Tallarico. Will continue to keep the Amico on my radar, and will wait and see what you can deliver.
  12. Cartoon violence like any platformer has was included as "violence", which instantly makes me discount this. Even Undertale would be included in that metric, and that has a specific pacifist option. I think more games should give the player the option to resolve conflict peacefully, but I also don't like agenda-driven articles that conflate platformers with first-person shooters where violence is the point. Again, the article included family friendly "cartoon violence" in that but I understand your point that you aim for All Ages and would like to have family friendly "walking simulators" as well as things that can give you the option to talk or fight, and the usual platforming fare. Although with the experience of you and your company, I hope you don't fall into some rose colored glasses look at the games industry of the early 80's. There was a ton of a shovelware in that time. (I look back amazed at watching myself at 8 or 9 years old in home movies from the late 80's and marvel at how the adults ever let us ride bikes without helmets. Just an aside, on how society has changed since the 80's). That is an interesting vision for games. A lot of that Wii "casual" audience moved on to mobile games, and I am a little skeptical that you can really hold to the games around $10 with no DLC or loot boxes without the console being mostly mobile game ports of varying quality, but I imagine the games as basically complete experiences for a budget price is a principle that you'll hold to. I also am curious if there is a plan in case consoles do get hit with Trump's proposed 25% tariffs (I'm assuming that these consoles will at least be partially manufactured outside the US). Certainly a more social, budget-friendly all ages console that can pull off a quality range of games would certainly make ripples and I am keeping an open mind as to whether or not you'll pull it off. From the little E3 info there is, you seem to be on the right track at least.
  13. I like the look of the consoles...not particularly liking the logo but might fit the "all ages" image the Amico is trying for. Still need more information before I decide for myself whether the Amico will be a good console or not, but the vision articulated so far sound interesting enough that it could surprise people in the next generation if it's executed well. But at least it will be better than the Ataribox.
  14. June 27 for Virtua Racing and Wonder Boy: Monster Land. I love what they did with Phantasy Star so I might buy more SEGA Ages games. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/virtua_racing_and_wonder_boy_monster_land_arrive_in_the_west_at_the_end_of_june
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