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  1. I use a 13-inch TV, too, but only out of necessity. I'm a poor college student, and I couldn't bear moving a huge TV all the time.
  2. At least we have plenty of time to take some electronics courses. Also...even if the plastic did crumble, the important parts are metal. It wouldn't be so bad to put just the circuit board into the remaining metal slot of your hundred year old VCS.
  3. Shoot. Sorry for repeating. I looked for another similar post, but my eyes failed until it was too late.
  4. THis was really funny, and right up everyone's alley. www.somethingawful.com THe Atari article is halfway down the page. Just look for the game screenshots.
  5. After years of focusing on my 8 and 16 bit collection, I've finally reaqcuired an Atari. In 1987, in the heyday of the NES, I got a 7800 for my birthday. I enjoyed the few games I had, but I misplaced everything through entropy. Now, a girl at my job decided to sell me her Telegames console, along with her games: Sky Jinks - Activision Hangman - Atari Warlords - Atari Bridge - Activision Yar's Revenge - Atari Asteroids - Atari Adventure - Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark - Atari Berzerk - Atari Combat - Atari (of course) Dodge 'Em - Atari Laser Blast - Activision Defender - Williams Cosmic Ark - Imagic Centipede - Atari Pac-Man - Namco Lock 'n' Chase - Data East Missile Command - Atari Maze - Atari Golf - Atari Othello - Atari Atlantis - Imagic Pitfall! - Activision Fast Eddie - Sirius Super Breakout - Atari Target Fun - Atari Canyon Bomber - Atari Starmaster - Activision Speedway II - Atari Stampede - Activision Kaboom! - Activision Freeway - Activision E.T. - Atari (Of course!) Riddle of the Sphinx - Imagic Q*bert - Parker Brothers Not a bad haul, I thought. If only I can get my girlfriend to understand...
  6. I've been lurking for a little while, enjoying the intelligence on the boards. I'm wondering what you guys think about shrinkwrapping. Some people have talked about re-shrinkwrapping a box, and it seems to defeat the point. The excitement is in opening something which has been sealed since manufacture. I'd hate to pay a premium for a cart only to find the manual had thumbmarks, the cart's contacts were dirty, etc.
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