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  1. Looks awesome! Does the 1050 have a place to dock a stylus? Can you show images of the SDrive max installed in one of these? All sides? Thanks
  2. I have 6 of these from a big eBay lot. What are the uses for these little babies?
  3. Thanks for the troubleshoot tips. The 600XL did come with the big Ingot power supply so I will quarantine it. I have a modern USB power replacement on order so will be using that for all my XL and XE power from now on.
  4. Purchased a 600XL for a great price (a lot of stories start that way)... I get only a dark green (or black) screen. Tried two different power bricks (one I know works with an 800XL). No change in behavior when I press Reset, or hold Option or Select or Help when I cycle the power. No sounds at all (no beeps, no nothing). I carefully opened, cleaned, removed and re-installed all socketed chips. No change in the dark green (or black) screen. What should I try next? Try known working chips? Which ones in which order? Thanks
  5. Get'em while their hot! Thanks for looking OSS Action! Manual (only) https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816408330 OSS BASIC XL Manual and Working Cartridge (missing the cart cover) https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816414111 DISKEY Manual with Original, Working Disk https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816363196 Manuals (only) for The Basic Compiler and DATASM/65 https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816420776
  6. And for All - if you have any Analog magazines you want to part with please PM me. Thanks!!
  7. How are you doing now 14 years later? :-) Did you complete all 79 issues? I'm on a similar quest. Let me know if you have any doubles you would part with. Thanks
  8. FYI - I just found this site in the UK that sells belt kits for the 1010 and 410. I have not tried this company yet but I may. https://www.sellmyretro.com/category/retro-computers/atari/800
  9. I've had my 800 (still works great) since 1982. I purchased locally an 800XL, a good working 1050, and a 1025 printer of unknown condition (wow it is heavy). The 800XL and 1050 are nice, I opened and cleaned them real good and turned the 1050 into my new Happy drive (moved the Happy card from another 1050 that needs a belt). Given I am new to the 800XL I have a couple basic questions. Thanks in advance! Some attached pictures to go along with some my questions. 1) RF gives a nice color but the image is somewhat fuzzy as RF tends to be. I tried both channel 2 and 3. I have a good working composite to S-Video cable that works great with my 800 and gives great image quality. However, when I use this composite cable on the 800XL the image is much sharper than with RF however there is no color via composite. Only shades of grey. Is this expected or do I have an issue? 2) The 800XL sound, memory and keyboard tests all check out however, I only count 48 little squares for the RAM test. How come only 48 when there should be 64K of RAM? Also, what do the two long green bars represent for the ROM test (the left bar vs the right)? 3) Given my 800 has only 48K I'm curious about the 800XL's extra 16K (64K total). Do I need to do anything special to utilize the extra 16K? OR Is it always available or is it only there for a Ramdisk? 4) What should the BASIC command 'PRINT FRE(0)' display on an 800XL? Mine shows '37902' on the 800XL with no cartridge and nothing on SIO. Incidentally this is the same number that displays on my 48K 800, '37902'. So where's the extra 16K of the 64K 800XL? 5) Looking at the Keyboard Test. I understand most everything but have some questions: - Nothing displays or beeps when I press the Break key. Is that normal? Note: The Break key works as expected in BASIC. - Nothing displays or beeps when I hold Control and press '1'. Both in the keyboard test and when in BASIC. Is that normal? - Which keys or key combinations do you hit to test the characters on the top row of the keyboard test? (see picture) I can get some of them to register (START, SELECT, OPTION and the Inverse key). However, the following are a mystery (are show in inverse on the top row): The 'R' in the top left. The 1, 2, 3, 4, H and B characters (on the top right).
  10. Update: With this belt (see my prior post) my Hong Kong 1010 version now works!! I've loaded 6+ games/programs from tape. Boy this really takes me back to 1982! The separate read heads for audio and data is really an innovative feature. For example: When loading 'States and Capitals' there's nice music to pass the time along with a guy in a 'radio voice' who tells about some of the features of the game.
  11. I have a working Atari 810 drive however the case has several major cracks. Do you have a good case (top and bottom) you can part with? Thanks
  12. Thanks! I ordered one 79-10.55 belt from AudioLab. I hope I have good luck with it too. https://www.audiolabga.com/data_html/79-10.55.html
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