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  1. I did this today (5-Sept-2021) and it worked great! A set of Atari paddles that were useless due to jerkiness were restored to jerk-free operation. Thanks ACML!
  2. Hi - thanks. Newbie mistake on my part. I must have held button ‘B’ down on boot which sounds like it wipes my config. No way to get it back except type-in the TNFS entries by hand. I put ‘SD’ in entry 1 and see my SD card again. I’m back in business now.
  3. My new FujiNet 1.5 (with SD card) arrived today!! Using my Atari 800 (48K). After some learning curve I was doing pretty good. Connected to my WiFi, saw the 5 or so TNFS Hosts that I assume were on the SD card. I event found the weather app (.ATR), mounted it as drive 1, rebooted (with OPTION) and got the weather app running!! I kept playing around... mounted a game (Yummy?) from one of the TNFS Hosts, booted to load the game... the game loaded but went to a goofy snow screen... I figured the game does not work on my 48K 800. Each reboot it would immediately start loading the same game again. So I was clicking each of the 3 FujiNet buttons. It kept loading the ill fated game. Anyhow... next thing I know... the SD stopped showing-up. It boots to FujiNet now (instead of the game) but all the TNFS slots are 'Empty'. How do I get FujiNet to re-recognize the SD card?
  4. Ping back to the top and price reduction as of 8/3/2021
  5. Great News! after a lot of cart wiggling and on/off cycles Star Raiders works great! Joystick and keyboard work too (at least all the keys that SR uses). So once I replace the ROM chip this XEGS should be good.
  6. Hi - very sorry I missed seeing your reply. I am based in the USA. All things are negotiable. PM me with what you are thinking.
  7. Wow!! Thanks for the offer!! I sent you a PM. Also, could you add a picture of the location of the XEGS ROM chip.... just so I don't desolder the wrong one 🙂 Thanks!!
  8. Hi - I am seeking ideas and advice how to troubleshoot an XEGS that is failing the built-in ROM test. Thanks for any and all ideas. Go easy on me… I’m new but learning to repair A8bits. Questions: 1) Is the first action to replace the ROM? OR are there other things I should check first? I am using modern known good power supply. 2) If I must replace the ROM where can I get a known good replacement? 3) Does anyone sell replacement ROMs or do I need to pull from another system? 4). If pull from another system must it be an XGES (verses from any other A8bit)? I assume it must be from XEGS given the unique features.
  9. purchased several Atari 8bit items from me, transaction went fine, good communication.
  10. 'ST Lou' Bought several Atari 8bit carts from me in June 2021. Paid by check. Check cleared fine then I sent the carts. Transaction was all good.
  11. For Sale - Vintage Atari 800 in EXCELLENT cosmetic and physical condition. I am asking $245 $215 USD plus shipping (or local pickup). Keyboard and all keys are solid and working. All ports and both cartridge slots work. Nice uniform coloration on the outer case. No visible cracks in the plastic case. This is a collector quality unit. Sale includes Atari 800, BASIC cartridge and original Atari power supply. I opened the case, blew out the dust, saw no modifications, replaced one of the plungers for one of the special keys (OPTION I think). I have been using this unit a couple times a week for the past couple months with no issues. You will be hard pressed to find a better looking 800. Although everything is working for me, I make no guarantee or warranty that it will work for you because being about 40 years old, shipping can be rough on these. I have sold/shipped several of these over the years and know how to pack them for good protection. Local pickup is always welcome (in NC/SC). Otherwise shipping to the U.S. lower 48 usually costs about $35. Message me with questions. Payment via PayPal is preferred. We can discuss other items for purchase if you are interested. I also have good working 1050 drives, 1010 tape units, 400 computers. Many cartridges. Many books, manuals, brochures, some commercial software/games, etc.
  12. May be a silly newbie question... I am using my APE to USB to make .ATR files/images of many real/physical diskettes using both a Happy 1050 and an indusGT drives. Later I look at some of the resulting .ATR files within the ATR Image Explorer (a great tool). On some images I see one or more .DAT files that always have names of the form: FILE_0x.DAT as in the 2nd picture. What are these? My guess is these were files that were 'deleted' therefore they are not found in the Directory (3rd picture) but their data sectors are still found/read by ProSystem. Is this the case? Note: ProSystem did not report any errors when it read this particular disk image '01a.ATR' What are the 3 .DAT files circled in red? Note 5 of the file names in the Directory are not listed above. Where these 5 files deleted? Maybe ATR Image Explorer has a bug in that it is not displaying FILE_02 or FILE_04?
  13. Yes wow! Very nice, very creative.
  14. I have a nice 800 with monitor port connected to the back of a nice 1702 monitor (via separate Chromo and Luma connections). This combination works great except I just noticed two carts that only display in black/white/grayscale instead of color. I have two silver label carts of 'Football' doing this... I thought maybe that was normal??? However, now I find my 'Caverns of Mars' cart is doing it as well. Can you think of any reason why? I can switch to (so far) any other cart such as Pac-Man or Centipede, etc. etc. and I get the full color that I expect. This makes me think something weird is going on with just these two titles (Football and Caverns of Mars). Thanks for any/all ideas. I will try another 800 and report back. The picture does not do it justice but Pac-Man color looks great. Two separate Football carts display only in grayscale (no color!!) Same with 'Caverns of Mars' grayscale only (although there is a hint of color) The picture makes it look kind of purple but to the naked eye it was/is grayscale.
  15. This is a super nice condition Atari 8bit cartridge holder book thingy. I've seen a few of these but this one is in the best condition I've ever seen with no cracks and no major dimples in the plastic. It has room for your 6 most prized Atari 8bit cartridges along with a slot to hold the half-page sized instructions/manuals for the carts. I inserted a BASIC cart in one of the 6 cart slots just to show the size of the slots (BASIC cart is not included). Please see the pictures for condition. Please PM me with offers. I have a price in mind. If I don't get any offers in a week or so I will update this with a price. Thanks for looking!!! Cartridge not included.
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