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  1. Pinging this back to the top. Please PM me if interested.
  2. I have an abused 130XE that was failing memory testing. I removed all the RAM and went back with sockets. I now have the first bank of RAM in place and thought I would test before the 2nd bank is in (because I have not soldered the sockets yet on the 2nd bank). Will a 130XE boot with only a single bank of RAM (essentially with 64K instead of 128K)? OR do you need to make a mod to do so?
  3. I have a small number of Atari 8bit carts for sale. See the picture. Suggested prices/Make an offer. Thanks for looking!! Buy one or buy multiple. Buyer pays actual shipping. $15 PILOT $25 Telelink I $25 Millipede (includes box) SOLD $55 Assembler Editor $55 Educational System (includes 'Talk & Teach Cassette Courseware Catalog) (Note: I may have 2 cassette courses available for this cart. We can negotiate the price for those if you are interested)
  4. Yes I am pleased with the Dell P2314Ht in all three resolutions. Adding some pictures: 1) Low Res desktop 2) Time Bandit... notice the smallest, faint vertical lines in the black areas of the screen 3) The ST2VGA adapter I use
  5. Hi - I have no experience with the 2314H. Yes the 2nd pic is medium resolution. The images are not perfect. Some noticeable, light, thin vertical lines but all in all I am pleased with how it looks on my Dell 2314Ht on all 3 resolutions (low/med/high). I purchased the Dell 2314Ht via eBay for $70 total (included shipping). It has 2 dead pixels (not very noticeable). I also use it for my 2nd monitor (dual monitor) for my Windows PC so it serves both my STE and my PC.
  6. Notice my upper-left memory chip is 4164 all the others are 4264. Are these interchangeable? When I replace all the chips which do I want (4164 or 4264)? and does it matter if I replace with 15 or 20 speed chips. I notice my board also has a mix of both speeds.
  7. New/Additional testing performed on the suspect bad 1050 1) I switched the test computer from an 800XL to a 130XE, 2) I pulled-out a known working 1050. I booted DOS 2.5 on it. I formatted a diskette and wrote the DOS 2.5 files to it then booted from it. So I have a known good DOS 2.5 diskette. 3) Switched to the suspect bad 1050 using the same SIO cable and power supply that was just used with the working 1050 (step 2). There are no other devices on the SIO chain. Only the 130XE connected to the suspected bad 1050. The 1050 drive ID is '1' 4) power off the 130xe, power on the 1050, I hear the normal motor noise and quick seek back and forth (seems normal). Insert new, known good DOS 2.5 diskette and power on the 130xe 5) the busy light on the 1050 lights-up. I hear one 'beep' every 10 seconds or so and I get 'BOOT ERROR' on the screen. What is odd though is it takes a full 10 seconds between 'BOOT ERROR' messages. Don't these usually happen in rapid fire instead of 1 every 10 seconds? Next I inserted a cartridge based DOS 4.53 When I try to display the contents of the DOS 2.5 diskette in the suspect bad 1050 there is a small amount of activity then after about 10 seconds I get 'Error 163' 'Unrecoverable System I/O Error'
  8. I have a 130XE that boots straight to the memory test and shows all red and some orange (instead of green). Before I unsolder, socket and replace the 16 memory chips I wanted to ask if there are other memory options for the 130XE. Questions: 1) Could I just install an Ultimate 1MB upgrade? OR does U1MB require the underlying default 64K (or 128K) to be available and functioning? 2) I see the '64k SRAM Module for XL/XE' upgrade on The Brewing Company site. Could I use this to get to 64K of RAM and just leave my faulty RAM on the board? Obviously this would only give me 64K rather than 128K but then I suppose U1MB could be installed. 3) Other options short of replacing the original 16 memory chips?
  9. I already cleaned heads on both using q-tip and 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol
  10. How do I tell? They all came from the original owner who is in the U.S. I'm using my own 800xl which must be NTSC as it works on SVGA on my TV and works on my 1702 monitor. How do I tell if a 1050 or XF551 are NTSC vs. PAL?
  11. I tested the drives one at a time. SIO from drive direct to my 800XL. Nothing else on the SIO chain. Drive set to drive one.
  12. I received and cleaned-up a 1050 and XF551 today. Blew out the dust bunnies, lubricated the rails, cleaned the drive heads, gave the cases a bath, etc. Using a known good power supply and SIO cable I went to testing these one at a time. I could not get either one to boot from a DOS disk so I switched to a cartridge based DOS. I could not get either to read a disk so I tried to format a disk. Both drives set off to format, I hear the head stepping, I hear a write or two, long seek, more stepping, then both throw an error 144 ‘Device Done Error’ the bits of the error description that may apply are: ‘unable to read or write the requested sector’ OR caused ‘by variations in drive motor speed’ It seems so odd to me that both drives have such similar issues. Both were in their original foam and boxes but had likely been stored in hot and likely damp locations. Thanks in advance for troubleshooting advice and order of things to try.
  13. Update on Joystick 0 issue - Even with no joystick attached it still reports the ‘Down’ pin on Joy0 is active. After checking all the pins, caps, resistors and traces for birth joystick ports I concluded there were no issues with those so I removed the PIA chip and replaced with another and that resolved the problem. So my 1200XL is now working great!!
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