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  1. So would it be accurate then to say that you don't care if they miss deadlines or show progress or indeed ship at all because you don't have a dog in this fight? That's a perfectly valid position. Though it's not clear then why you would bother making excuses for them. Look at it this way: you say you've done product development. As it stands now (not if/when they ship), would you hire this team given their track record? (I'm guessing the answer would probably be depends on what they've managed to learn over the course of the project. But even then they do seem to be slow learners.) I can't speak for people being against it from day 1, since I wasn't one of them. I'm still not against the concept. But if you want some insight into the minds of those who do care, I guess the reason I care is that it's sad that they are tarnishing the name with their apparent incompetence. I'm not indignant. I don't own the brand. It's just sad. Like seeing the disheveled mugshot in the news of a fondly-remembered childhood idol you haven't really thought about in 20 years. I know "old" Atari wasn't perfect, but (a) rose-tinted glasses on the rearview mirror and (b) if they were so deceptive back then, I managed to be blissfully unaware of it. If your product is nostalgia, it would be nice not to squander the good will it accumulated.
  2. No mistake here, but you seem to be presenting simultaneously opposite arguments in their defense. On one side: novel development is not a straight line, so you have to forgive them for missing deadlines. On the other: this isn't novel development, so there's no need to show progress. So is it novel development or not? Anyway the product is ultimately in the end supposed to be a physical thing, not just an ephemeral idea of nostalgia. Nostalgia is what got people to put down money for the physical thing. Since then Atari has multiple times over the span of years claimed they have finished this "no brainer" physical thing and it's ready to ship, and then another year ticks by. Do you not see that this is the problem? When deception keeps happening people start to get more insistent on needing to see evidence. This expectation for evidence didn't start in a vacuum. If you had a kid who continued to not brush their teeth yet tell you they did, you'd start wanting to see some proof next time they claimed it, right? Same idea. BTW Infogrames lack of track record with physical hardware is relevant insofar as it reinforces doubts already seeded by their "fake it 'til you make it" practices. It's not to say a company without a hardware track record is automatically untrustworthy.
  3. By that line of reasoning I'm also a hypothetical unconsole manufacturer. I also have a great novel in my head I've been meaning to write.
  4. It goes beyond product development uncertainties. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Atari claim they were about to ship in something like Dec 2018 but then cancel with a few weeks to go to "tweak" the product to "make it even better"? Since then I believe they've had two new hardware design teams and a whole new board. So what happened to this alleged Mk I from 2018? Did it even exist? If it just got "tweaked" to support a faster processor, what happened to the OS from the 2018 version that was about to ship? Weren't the processors compatible? The 2018 OS should've run on the 2020 prototype, just faster, right? So why did we barely see the OS until this year, with version numbers on the videos and screen itself strongly suggesting it was basically a 2020 newborn? Also, was it going to launch in 2018 without games? If not, why have we basically not seen those games in 2 years? Design isn't a straight line but they had to have straight up lied in 2018. It seems hard to believe there was even a prototype, an OS, or games back then, let alone them being anywhere as close to the finish line as they claimed. There's no other reasonable explanation. Do you really believe they were at the finish line but basically threw the whole thing out and sunk two more years of funding into it to go back to square one, and risked all this wrath merely to tweak something that was never meant to compete with the Big 3 anyway? It was a bad precedent and I'd say a big reason so many remain so skeptical of them now. Plus if they are to be believed, we are basically now where we were then. So it creates a sense of deja vu and reawakens those doubts. Fool me once and all. Meanwhile it's like those who are giving them the benefit of the doubt now have no recollection of this 2018 deception. Or am I imagining this whole 2018 last-minute launch abort? I mean I believe they've been trying to make an honest company out of themselves lately by actually buckling down. They've been showing some things since, but I can see how people might think they might resort to "old" (2018) habits if the going gets too tough for them.
  5. Bit of a party trick. I have really bad eyesight without my glasses so I'm used to reading blurry words without much effort.
  6. Hey I love a good Internet sleuthing gotcha as much as the next guy, and I hate to be a downer but.... there's clearly an Atari logo that comes up at 0:36 and disappears. The "#30" doesn't come up until 10 seconds later. That first logo is probably your missing BIOS logo and the black screen that follows is probably the bootloader interrupting it. Also the "no network connection" thing showed a WiFi symbol but they clearly plugged in an Ethernet connector. Maybe it was doing all its Internet through the wire and whatever triggers the notice was broken and only looking for WiFi? Or maybe it took a while to connect? Like I said I don't want to be a downer but there comes a point where you gotta believe faking it is more work than it actually doing it. Occam's Razor... it's just a bunch of boxes launching browser bookmarks right? Does Antstream run in a browser too? I always believed they'd eventually muddle their way to something. Monkeys and typewriters and all. With luck in another 8 months or so maybe they'll have something they can put into production! Oh, second edit to add: I just rewatched and that popup on the right of Netflix says "Restore pages? Chrome didn't shut down correctly" so you don't have to guess what browser. Apparently it's Chrome.
  7. Them: "Hi, welcome to the Atari Hotel." Me: "Hi, I have a reservation." Them: "Oh, I see your room isn't quite ready yet. Please have a seat in the lounge." [Later...] Me: "Is my room ready yet?" Them: "Oh, it was ready, but we took the opportunity to make it even better. It's exciting! Check back soon!" [Later...] Me: "Any news on my room yet?" Them: "No news is good news!"
  8. Well, it is a French word. This one took me by surprise. I know it probably shouldn't have. I know they're lawsuit happy but it feels like a new low for them in my eyes. You're selling shares of your lawsuits now? Even if your business model is based on lawsuits as revenue (bad enough) this act is basically selling part of your (slimey) golden goose for some quick cash. Were the lawsuits they had not moving fast enough to finance Fred's million euro compensation this year?
  9. Saw this on Twitter too and had to pop in to talk about it... Gaems is a carrying case for consoles that has a monitor inside the top cover, turning your console into a "sort of portable" like old school "portable" computers from the 80s before laptops. I note the Atari logo and VCS logo are stickers added to the case not part of it. Not a big deal either way but just mentioning to preempt anyone jumping to the conclusion that this is a collab of some sort. The Gaems cases are agnostic... you can put a PS4 or an Xbox One or whatever in them. They have Velcro straps to hold the console in place. Of course this back on shot invites all sorts of "what's in the box?!" memes. Edit to add: do you think this is trolling people asking "where are the games?" "Oh! We thought you were asking 'where are the Gaems?' My bad!"
  10. Can I just say that Atari's Twitter is tedious as hell? "What's your favorite Atari memory?" "What's your favorite Atari game?" "Retweet if you're a retrogamer" "What was the first Atari game you played?" "We all have a beloved Atari memory. What's yours?" "Retweet if you're a retrogamer" (yes, twice) Hey, Atari...
  11. I would just like to point out that you can't spell Tallarico without "taco". Or "Tommy Tallarico" without "Amico" for that matter. Coincidence? ...or perks of being the CEO? In fact, FYI, Tommy Tallarico is an anagram of Totally Mr. Amico. So I think that settles it.
  12. Ahem. This thread is reserved for unrequited nostalgia, deep disappointment, and tacos. Since you seem to have actual progress toward releasing this game, I assume you are posting it here because it ships with hot sauce.
  13. Credit where credit is due, that was a hit for The Supremes first in the 60s. Kim Wilde's version is a decades-later tribute. Just a more successful decades-later tribute than the VCS.
  14. Hands up everyone who thinks this is still a relevant and current assessment of the design.
  15. Just because it's all possible in competent hands doesn't mean we can assume Atari is competent. They've shown otherwise. And they either can't find or keep competent contractors to fill in the gaps in their expertise to help realize their ambitions in a timely manner or indeed even in anything remotely resembling a straight line from start to finish. (e.g. Either Wyatt is also incompetent and they didn't figure that out nor get rid of him for six months, or he is competent and they screwed him. And Fergal Mac before that clearly couldn't get the job done but they bet on him too.) And even if it were executed to spec there is no justification to believe this could be more successful than say Steambox. (I'd bet on Steam's library being a better market draw than Sandbox Mode.) What you are demonstrating in most of your posts is called optimism not realism. If you're going to be accusing others of not being objective at least try harder to be objective yourself... not about whether what Atari is doing is possible... we all agree it's possible... but whether it's realistic for their team and whether in the end it'll be worth it. These guys are clearly flying by the seat of their pants and it shows. Look at everything that's been "redesigned" since it was pulled for "last minute tweaks" something like a year ago. New case, new board, new CPU, new controller partner, architects come and gone... There's virtually nothing left of what allegedly was about to ship. If that much needed to change do you really believe they were as close to manufacturing then as they claimed? It's no conspiracy to say they've been covering up their incompetence with excuses and deflection. It's self evident. Have you never had to deal with an incompetent coworker or employee where they overstate how everything is fine, are vague about what they've actually managed to get done, a little too proud when they finally have some underwhelming tangible evidence of progress, and nothing is ever their fault? Atari's been following that textbook to a "T". You can choose to keep the faith in light of that but don't try to pretend you're being a realist or objective in dismissing the criticism. Now if all you're saying is that given enough time and money even an idiot will eventually get this nominally right, then we can agree. But based on what we've seen odds are it will ship as soon as they've achieved "barely adequate and underwhelming".
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