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  1. I know the answer is likely that I'm looking for reason where there is none, but what's this "6 month absence BEFORE quitting" comment about? I've not seen anything of that sort reported. The "6 month absence" I saw reported was a 6 month absence of payment by Atari, not a 6 month absence of work by Wyatt. Did I miss something?
  2. Wow lots to read! Some thoughts... As far as the UI being ready but needing to be converted to run on the VCS... I think this rings true. I checked and Photoshop doesn't run on Linux. @Lodmot the real VCS is 42 years old. It's us 50+ who learned on 8-bit computers without a GUI. Mouse? We don't need no stinkin' mouse. On whether Wyatt was freeloading or not... correct me if I'm wrong but don't contractors get to invoice only after they deliver things (even if they're just progress things) rather than just get paid a regular salary? When I got work done on my house I got invoices with actual expenses, receipts for materials, labor hours, etc. The guy didn't just come by and collect a check every two weeks. Wyatt was quoted as saying he had several unpaid invoices going back six months. Maybe @Curt Vendel could comment on how contractors bill Atari? Plus if his invoices are six months old then they'd have to be for work done even earlier than that, wouldn't they? Who holds on to a contractor that supposedly hasn't been productive in over six months? And how would that change whether they would've paid him for work he had already delivered before that? Are they clairvoyant? Though I wouldn't be surprised if he did start dragging his feet more recently. I know I would if my client wasn't paying me for work already delivered but still expecting me to do more work.
  3. I just figure it out! The official VCS threads are performance art! It's a meta commentary about walled gardens. In this performance, AtariAge plays the role of Sandbox Mode. By contrast the official boards are meant to represent other consoles' totalitarian control, showing you what life would be like if you didn't have a Sandbox. So bravo on such a clever marketing promotion for Sandbox Mode!
  4. Don't worry. Now that they have a prototype board I'm sure they'll be getting started on writing the AtariOS presently. It should be done in a jiff. (I know I know.... It's supposed to be based on Linux but you see they're writing a new perfect Linux workalike from scratch.)
  5. Interesting reads if you are so inclined: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/how-risky-is-it-really/201007/why-changing-somebody-s-mind-or-yours-is-hard-do https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/02/27/why-facts-dont-change-our-minds https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/03/this-article-wont-change-your-mind/519093/ The mechanisms of stubbornness behind everything from VCS to politics.
  6. I'm impressed.* Is anyone else impressed? I'm impressed with these AskPCB guys. (*with Atari, not so much.)
  7. You gotta know that if that board had been available sooner they would've shown it sooner. That's gotta be hot off the press prototype. Maybe at best it's a QC master before the manufacturing run but I wager it's even earlier than that. Either way the thing I'm wondering about... government certification was mentioned upthread. That's gotta take a couple months doesn't it? Anyway from the beginning I've never thought they were deliberately lying. I always just figured they were in over their heads. After months of scrambling they found an outsourcer to rescue them and get them to the next stage. Antstream is also basically the outsourced solution to including software.
  8. Hey, don't forgot Rob Wyatt's perfect-from-scratch Atari 2600 emulator is supposed to be in there too (to play games during the loading screens?). Maybe the true meaning of Freedom is 50 different ways to play Combat.
  9. Don't forget the Yaroze (PS1). It also basically describes any Steam Box.
  10. To be fair Infogrames wasn't valued at $0 when they bought Atari. $11 million was Atari alone. You have to count Infogrames valuation in their combined value too. And they had to be worth more than $11 million to be able to spend $11 million. And if they spent $11 million to buy Atari that would (naively) be a zero-sum transaction because the gave $11 million in cash and received something worth $11 million. So even if you pretend that valuation never changed since that transaction it would mean Infogrames was worth $85 million and $11 million of that was the Atari IP. Still doesn't sound plausible but it's not quite as incongruent. Beyond that it's possible for the shares to be worth less but the market cap to be more because there are more shares than there used to be (some that came from Infogrames, some from share splits). Not saying I believe the numbers mind you. Just saying it's possible.
  11. Occurrences of "VCS" in document: 11 Occurrences of "console" in document: 5 including the relevant phrases "the “Atari VCS”, the Group’s new console" and "Atari VCS console" Occurrences of "unconsole" in document: 0 Question: "Intangible assets mainly relate to the production costs for the games RollerCoaster Tycoon World, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, games in development, the Atari VCS, and TV shows." ...TV shows???
  12. I thought most DJ Khalid quotes involved "yeah!" and "DJ Khalid!"
  13. There's the brand and then there's the code which is the specific rendering of it. Probably Namco owns the brand (name, pics, etc.) but GCC owns the code. Like how Campbell's Soup owns the copyright to their can but Andy Warhol owns the right to his painting of it.
  14. I have a hard time believing AtGames didn't know what they were buying. The press release is carefully phrased: "has acquired all the rights of General Computer Corporation (GCC) with respect to Ms. PAC-MAN". It doesn't say the rights to Ms. Pac Man. It says GCC's rights to Ms. Pac Man without clarifying what that means. @Flojomojo personally I'm not picking sides in this fight but I'm really puzzled what AtGames' play is here. They have to know what they did and didn't buy and what they can and can't do with it. And it really looks they can't do much without Namco on board. You have to believe even if it had been GCC shopping around a prototype and talking like AGames did, Namco would be on their ass just as fast. But people do have a point that the whole Blast bait and switch fiasco last year being a good enough reason to sue all by itself. I doubt there'd be many people giving AtGames the benefit of the doubt on that one.
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