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  1. Im pretty sure others in Chicagoland got theirs too. Mine came two weeks ago. But, just thought I follow-up, though. Very enjoyable, btw. Wish we could talk about it more openly. But, I understand. The problem (like last year) is that it makes you hungry for more (secret) games! 😊
  2. Although healthy competition breeds creativity I would say that the market is already SGM saturated, especially since the Pheonixs' release. Chances are all the hardcore CV fans probably have more than one way to play their SGM games at this point. From another POV, this is in essence a hobby forum. We may not always get along. But, we should strive to. So, in the spirit of that, I offer this: why not create something that has never been done before. A suggestion and something I would like to see would be an expansion module to play Intellivision games. Wasn't something like this supposed to come out in the 80s? I don't have exact numbers. But, I would imagine it would gain much more traction among the community than another SGM clone. Just some helpful thoughts. Cheers!
  3. Glad more games are being released. Moon Cresta looks great, btw. Also, can't wait for the controllers. So, what's going to happen to Dracula's Castle? Being a huge early Konomi fan I've got to ask. Keep up the good work and Thanks!
  4. Ive got no basis of comparison so forgive me but what was the sound issue on the msx version that was fixed? Thanks!
  5. I'm going way out on a limb here. But, im having trouble trying to figure it out because so many games did in fact get ported to various systems and others have already been ported to Colecovision. But, I've got one (and feel free to shoot me down) that was semi-popular, never ported (as far as I know), and just about fits in the proper time period: Peter Pack Rat.
  6. Thank You Very Much!!! Colecovision was my first video game system when I was little. Some of my first Christmas memories are my brother and cousins, and I huddled around our colecovision. These Christmas updates help keep those memories alive for me and it reminds me that there were alot of other kids huddled around Colecovisions during the holidays in the early 80s and even though we as a coleco community are spread out around the world it's like we're all huddled around it together still.
  7. Dang. Missed Vanguard due to weekend busy-ness. Ordered Challenger but was really looking forward to V. If you do another run, Im in. Thanks!
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