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  1. The bad thing about Zip disks was that a physically damaged disk could "infect" drives with the "Click of Death" (where the damaged disk literally ripped the heads off and left them dangling, which would then subsequently damage disks inserted afterwards). The actual clicking was just the normal head retraction mechanism in use when there is difficulty reading the disk.
  2. Gameplay is identical to the original. Aside from extra lag frames if running on a non-turbo system, everything works. Jumping off a powerup works (by letting up on jump and pressing it again before touching the powerup), wall jumps work (by catching Mario on a tile boundary and pressing jump during the first frame that his standing sprite displays), that one jump works in 8-1 between the secret area and the Starman, where you can jump at full speed off the top platform and always stomp a Paratroopa. Even the minus world trick works (although whether it's world 36 or a different number due to different tile assignments), although it dead-ends at -3. This is as literal as a Super Mario Bros port could get. I bet if you could compensate for differing lag frames, and corrected for the input system, even a TAS might have a chance of working with this.
  3. I would like to raise the point that, of any of this software that is BSD licensed, that license is still in effect. You can't retroactively relicense open source software. Thus it is still legal to distribute that software.
  4. This is not true. The Amiga mouse can not go into joystick mode. Also, the Amiga mouse has a completely different pinout from the 1351. This "trick" absolutely requires a mouse that can emulate a standard digital joystick. I don't think the Sega Mouse does, but I'm not sure. If one has a Commodore 1350, that mouse will work too, without requiring the right mouse button be held on powerup (as the 1350 only supports joystick emulation, with no proportional mode like the 1351).
  5. It's the half-line per field in the NTSC standard that triggers the interlacing. 262 lines (including blanking) is the closest non-interlaced picture height to the actual NTSC standard of 262.5 lines per field. This is why, on systems where one can control the total number of lines to be output, it's possible to output a true interlaced signal with some ingenious coding. As well as with the 2600, I've also seen where someone used a test bit on the Commodore 128's VIC-IIe chip to output an extra half-line per field and generate interlaced output.
  6. For those who, for whatever reason, can't or won't use Word files, I have extracted the images and built a PDF from them, attached here. File size is approximately 300 bytes smaller as a PDF, lol. Jay Miner AUI Interview - June 1988.pdf
  7. On the color issue, if you downloaded your game images, it's possible that they were hacked for use on the Dragon series of computers, which are pretty much CoCo clones except for the fact that the PMODE4 artifact colors don't work, so many games were hacked to use (I think) PMODE3. Here's an example of Zaxxon hacked in such a way. Is this what your copy of Zaxxon looks like?
  8. You could also try the ROM in bsnes to see if happens there. If it doesn't, then it's a 99% chance of being a bug in ZSNES. If it does, then it's a 99% chance of happening on hardware (offtopic: I dislike the term "real hardware", to me it's like saying "ATM machine")
  9. Way to be derogatory there with the use of the term "fanboi". That's like saying that Nintendo "fanbois" should be content with Mario instead of Sonic, when the two games are similar only in basic concept.
  10. http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum There haven't been many cart releases (Pier Solar is probably the most high-profile one that I can think of, and that was even a 100% original game to beat it all) but there's plenty of coding going on. The focus tends to be on more original stuff although sometimes there are ports of games (if you've ever heard of Uwol: Quest for Money, it was ported to the Genesis).
  11. The advantage of using (or at least porting) the original code is making the game control identically to the original. There are a few crappy Super Mario Bros clones for the Genesis, for example, that were programmed from the ground up (admittedly rush jobs by people just looking to make a few bucks). There is one good and accurate port, done by Mairtrus. He actually uses the original graphics data (converted on-the-fly), a palette provided by me, emulates the sound hardware, and ported the code more or less directly. The only real difference that I'm aware of is that the minus world bug doesn't act the same (world 36 is not the "looping 2-2" of the NES game, but then again the FDS version of SMB also had a different minus world). It would definitely be possible, but it would be easiest to do if there were a full disassembly of arcade DK out there as much of the heavy lifting would already be done. Edit: Looking closer at that mockup, I decided I wanted to see what it'd look like at 1:1 pixel resolution. I did not aspect-correct the original-style DK logo (as this was a quick and dirty job, it would need to be vertically squished to look proper on an NTSC console, or slightly vertically stretched to look proper on PAL), nor did I quantize the logo to 16-colors using Genesis-style 9-level RGB. However, I felt such a layout might look a little better, and the logo fills up some of the extra space well. Might even throw in a "©1981 NINTENDO" on two lines in the classic font if you want to use up a couple more rows.
  12. Yeah, any of the early carts should do. I know Pac-Man handles b/w, and I think Space Invaders does too? Can't remember if Donkey Kong handles it or not, it's been a while since I've played on hardware.
  13. I looked it up, and 2C33 INTERNAL ROM PROGRAMMED BY TAKAO SAWANO NINTENDO CO.,LTD. DEV.NO.2 The ".," is a single tile (same one seen on the license screen after "NOW LOADING..."). My guess is that this is actually an easter egg hidden within a dev testing feature, as holding Select+Start while resetting (but not mashing Right+A)
  14. Don't forget Gantelet, a quite nice Gauntlet clone. There's also a good licensed version of Arkanoid.
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