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  1. The deletion of your Wiki page is terrible! I wish I had been aware of this when it was going on as I've fought the Wikipedia 'gatekeepers' on numerous pages from issues with Barack Obama's birth certificate and the natural born citizen clause of the US Constitution to Holocaust propaganda and WW2. I'm surprised there is a group of them putting up a fuss about game developers though, that is somewhat odd. The general problem with Wikipedia is that there are biased armies of editors camping out at Wikipedia defending their desired version of every controversial topic of interest, and some of them are politically and financially motivated, as I proved with Obama related pages by looking up the political contributions of the editors censoring his pages. When anyone stumbles upon anything misleading or any omission in Wikipedia and tries to correct it they will often immediately be swarmed by an army of editors that disagree with making the needed additions or corrections. You cannot trust information in Wikipedia anymore, because it's often slanted now. I think the key argument that should have been, and still should be made in your case is that you were a pioneer in new game technologies and designs. As you pointed out earlier, an invention is nothing without the inventor. Many people are recognized in Wikipedia for being the first person to accomplish or develop something, and in your case it should be no different. They truly are treating you like just another programer rather than an innovator, and it's surely due to ignorance or some other motive. Can you confirm in detail all the key technologies or game designs that were firsts in Alternate Reality?
  2. Parties appear to go on for years in the Internet age, so no problem! What is your avatar image? ARO concept?
  3. I stumbled across two Alternate Reality articles I have not seen before. I see I have broken images to fix too. Revisiting: Alternate Reality: The City (1985) - The CRPG Addict If you had to give any 1980s RPG series the designation of "cult status," it would have to be to Philip Price's grandiosely-planned, unfinished Alternate Reality. Originally intended to cover six games, the series never got further than two. But their technological achievements coupled with a uniquely weird setting make The City and The Dungeon (1987) live longer in memory than the typical titles of the era. http://crpgaddict.blogspot.com/2016/02/revisiting-alternate-reality-city-1985.html Origins of the Open World: Alternate Reality - US Gamer The coming year looks set to be "the year of open-world" -- but the concept is quite a bit older than you might think. Open-world games may be hot stuff right now -- particularly with the coming new generation of consoles -- but what you might not know is that the idea of offering the player a huge amount of freedom within a non-linear world is a concept that's been around since the early days of gaming.. http://www.usgamer.net/articles/origins-of-the-open-world-alternate-reality
  4. I noticed some of the entry screenshots were broken in the OP, but thanks to archive.org I was able to fix them. The mystery of the elaborate clothing system still goes unsolved! I would still like a full set of gold dragonskin clothing as a goal and to experiment more with how encounters react to clothing, but I don't think I've found even a single piece yet! I still think that such a relatively large aspect of the game must have some purpose...
  5. I've been trying to fix the sound on my last two gameplay videos, but I wasn't able to figure it out. I didn't bother commenting on them, because they're too annoying to watch with the sound out of sync. But, for the record, here they are anyway. http://youtu.be/WJWnk6IW_kw http://youtu.be/STwRzLjbgdo
  6. Those armor defense numbers don't make any sense compared to how the game actually plays. An Arch Mage has 224 in every category, while a Small Green Dragon only has 10 for Sharp and 3 for everything else? There must be some other huge factor or we are interpreting those numbers incorrectly.
  7. Some creatures only take damage from magical weapons. I think dragons take damage from both, but your STR and the type of weapon will determine the damage done. I believe you can find any treasure off any creature, however usually magic weapons and armor like Crystal Plate are most often found while Treasure Finding is active. I think the Magical Flame Sword is the best weapon.
  8. No doubt. I confirmed with the seller that the second one did sell for $350 (lucky guess).
  9. So instead of retracting the product they offer another one! They're asking for it...
  10. I think back when the Atari 800 came out we really didn't know how quickly things would advance. This was one of the first popular home computers. So, it seems strange to imagine the full game coming out on it in hindsight. Back then people were in awe of 1MB of RAM and 10 MB hard drives. I suppose in an alternate reality Atari could have survived and their newer computers could have included backward compatibility.
  11. Wow! Those two shrink wrapped Dungeons actually sold for a little less than $400 each! I knew they would not sell for $500-$600, but never would have expected anywhere near $400 either. Sold for $367.32 + $12 Shipping - ALTERNATE REALITY THE DUNGEON sealed für Atari 400, 800, XL und XE von Datasoft Sold for under $400 ($350?) + $10 Shipping - ALTERNATE REALITY (The Dungeon) - ATARI - NEW IN BOX - CULT ! (This is the one originally listed for $530 above)
  12. Here is the information on Alignment from the latest Official Adventurer's Survival Handbook (1987) for the 8-bit City: http://mocagh.org/datasoft/arcity-hintbook8bit-book.pdf If the Handbook is wrong on tricking and charming then it's wrong in multiple places and multiple versions. If your alignment is zero, then doesn't that mean you are evil? That is what the handbook is saying. Regarding Hail. One of the secret codes is Master of Chronos (master of time?), which results in, "Hail all Master of Chronos. But power is fleeting." I guess that could be interpreted two ways. Either that all should hail Master of Chronos, or that a Master of Chronos should hail all. Of course, it could be describing the effect of the secret code on the game.
  13. Phil, Is AR The City the first game featuring a character immune system? Once a character is infected with Brown Mold disease does their chance of being infected again drop? Do characters develop resistance or tolerance to diseases and inebriation? Jim Norris posted this in the competition thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/69487-alternate-reality-the-city-competition/page-9?do=findComment&comment=2820775
  14. There are also a few more ways Newbinator could die. One is by getting careless and wandering into the death traps. No matter how powerful a character is, the death traps don't care. They slowly starve and wear the most powerful characters down. Death is inevitable. Another is by technical glitch. Even aliens are not perfect coders, and even alien hardware wears out and fails. One glitch in their virtual world system and your character can be wiped. And last is perhaps the most interesting, your character can die simply as a result of abandoning him and never playing him again. I guess this would be a natural death. Regarding your alignment, do you Trick or Charm humans or good creatures at any time? Is the official Cluebook wrong regarding this? What is your alignment score? Does anything besides thief and fighter types attack? I wonder if you can get to the point where even thieves and fighters stop attacking? Sometimes when fighters or thieves surprise my character they simply leave rather than engaging. I do Hail them when I surprise them and have the option and I always wait for them to attack first. In fact, I Hail all creatures except the evil when given the option. I wonder what would start happening if a character Hailed evil creatures too? As for Brown Mold, it looks you have have uncovered evidence that in AR The CIty characters actually develop resistance or immunity to diseases! That has got to be a first! If I understand what you wrote then the first time a character contracts Brown Mold disease there is a 100% chance of infection, but thereafter the character develops resistance and there is only a 1% chance? Characters have an immune system! I was just joking about the Wilderness disks - I WISH! Plaid was also a reference to the fact that the AR FAQ is pretty extensive and detailed, yet after all this time I discovered a new color line of clothing that had never been documented in the FAQ before. Thus, maybe Plaid exists too, although I've never seen it.
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