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  1. I know that the 2600's RAM and stack are in an unknown state when first turned on and that's why we clear the RAM and setup the start immediately. I was wondering if there are any registers that still are in an unknown state after clearing the RAM and setup the stack. I ask cause I would like to use that to seed my random number generator function.
  2. I am having a small issue with my code. I am trying to get the duck to stop when it reaches the top after hitting the flyaway state. However no matter what I try the code gets ignored. Source Code Relevant section Any of you experts have any ideas on what's going on?
  3. That sounds awesome, question though how do i set a single bit? For example lets say I want to set bit 2 of Option1, how would i do that in assembly language?
  4. Not sure what your referring to when you say "Tracing" and "Time Machine", i was referring to this. I'm interested in knowing if it's a waste of space, ram & time or not and how many homebrewers actually actively use it in their games.
  5. I was referring to being able to see hidden forums you wouldn't have access to.
  6. Hi, New to the forum, but not 6502 assembly. I was wondering if any of the homebrew gurus when developing the bigger games(16k+) used game states for tracking what point the game is in and if it was helpful or just a waste of space.
  7. That's weird cause I remember being able to access the forums through Tapatalk not long ago and never encountering that issue.
  8. Um, does the Tapatalk plugin have to be updated as well cause I'm getting this: Screenshot of Network Error(get config)
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