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  1. Here is Release Candidate 1 for stabilizing the ducks speed a bit. Let me know what your thoughts. duckgame.bin
  2. Their x and y velocity is set to the lowest it can go, 1. I will try to fix this in the next update.
  3. Sorry got a bit sidetracked by the Superbowl. I will try to upload the ROM to the thread tomorrow. UPDATE: Attached rom duckgame.bin
  4. WIP ● Mallard Season (16K) by @Mallard Games Please move, I am still working on this.
  5. Can you see this? UPDATE: There is no option to set it public/private. @Albert help!
  6. 1) I have no clue why you can't acess it, I have no issues. @Albert 2) I plan on adding Atari Light Gun support latter on once I get the basics going.
  7. Overview Mallard Season is a waterfowl shooter for the Atari 2600. It is open source licensed and the source code is freely available. Objective Shoot all the ducks before they escape. Aim the cursor at the duck and fire. If the duck is hit, it will fall down to the ground. If you miss 3 times or take too long the duck will escape. Controls Note if a button is not listed, it means it is unused. Joystick Up - Move cursor up Down - Move cursor down Left - Move cursor left Right - Move cursor right Fire - Fires bullet Switches Reset - Starts a new game You can download the ROM from the downloads section Feel free to discuss and ask questions here!
  8. Oops sorry, that is very strange considering the only code i change was breaking up the checkstate subroute into 2 parts. The portion that actually does the bankswitching was moved into the macro and that's pretty much it. Technically it shouldn't of have borked, but it did...? 🧐
  9. Hi, Back from a long hiatus, and now am refreshed and ready to start working on my project again. I reworked the code so all the bankswitching now works. The only issue now is for some strange reason now moving left and right is borked! Here is what I have so far, I don't see any jumps that would skip that bit of code. Any ideas? Source-12_25_19.zip
  10. How do i make a .sym file, the tutorial states: Which only creates a list file and Stella is complaining about there being no symbol file to load... 🤯 UPDATE: rc7e helped me in the ZeroPage stream with getting a sym file created. The answer for anyone else who needs it is to append -s like so: dasm kernel.asm -lkernel.lst -skernel.sym -f3 -v5 -okernel.bin Now here's what I've figured out, after the button is pressed at address 5116: bmi CheckFireDone it jumps to address 506e: 506e lsr 506f lsr 5070 lsr 5071 tax 5072 cmp $1ff6,x 5075 Which is actually in the middle of my bankswitching code... Return_Code tsx lda $02,x lsr lsr lsr lsr lsr tax cmp SelectBank1,x ; bank 1 rts So it does try to bankswitch but then ends up in 109a 10a9 TitleScreen_Kernal 10a9 WaitForVblankEnd_TitleScreen 10a9 bit TIMINT 10ac bpl WaitForVblankEnd_TitleScreen 10ae ldy #31 10b0 TopPaddingLoop 10b0 sta WSYNC 10b2 dey Which makes absolutely no sense to me... UPDATE: scratch that i think i have an idea of what's going on. Short version: Super Epic Fail on my part! Now the problem is how can i change it so the jumps inside CheckState in bank 3 work? or just how do i refactor my code??? ☠️🤮☠️
  11. Question how do I emulate the fire button being pressed on player 1's controller while in the debugger?
  12. Finally got a chance to look at the source code again and could not see any glaring issues. What I thought was the code jumping into no mans land was actually a mistake on my part. In fact it is jumping into one of the Vertical Sync code. It then jumps back into bank 1. What's is very strange to me is despite the code setting the state correctly, it never jumps to the proper bank despite the bankswitching code being there like it's completely ignoring it.
  13. Yes, that's how I came to the conclusion above. Funny thing is if you look into the listing file the very last used address is: 8 4ffe 00 10 .word.w InitSystem I was exhausted today so I couldn't look into further. Hopefully tomorrow I can do some more testing and see if I can figure it out.
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