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  1. Played a few minutes last night finally with time permitting, game seems cool! I was able to set up the QR code without major issue on my Samsung 17" CRT, but I will say that it read much more quickly and without issue when I pulled the phone back so the QR code took up less space in the scanner box. Maybe try that if you are having an issue. If you think of the scanner box as size 1, I kept the QR code in the center but at approximately a bit over half the size of the scanner box. Seemed small on the screen but read quickly. I was immediately struck by both how "Atari-like" the sound was but also how much more complex it is than you'd ever see back in the day. Same with graphics. While it looks like an old Atari game of the mid-80's and beyond, there is way more going on than you'd have ever seen back then. In a good way though!
  2. I remember the Star Trek hotel in Vegas, I sorta figure the Atari hotel will be a similar sort of branding pop up stunt that lasts a few years then probably fades.
  3. I recently picked up a 2600 lot and was hoping to add Congo Bongo to my list of acquired NTSC carts, but the cart video scrolls vertically and quickly. Otherwise the picture looks good. I've always thought that most likely meant it was PAL, but I can't see anything on the cart indicating that, so hard to tell. Could it be something else? Other carts play fine. Reason I am asking is that theoretically this 2600 lot was purchased from the son of a guy who bought it back in the day and it sat untouched for years, since the son isn't interested, although the son played the system as a kid. Seems odd that an out-of-the-blue PAL cart would end up in it, although the guy could just be not telling me the truth.
  4. They might offer a bit better RF shielding, but are older, so more likely to have circuit board issues, although Ataris are tanks. They just look a bit cooler with the thick curved edges, and the six switches vs. four is nice. Feel more solid as well. There's also a general collector thing of "earlier is better" and they are the debut after all.
  5. I just think its nuts that my just for the heck of it joke investment made 200% profit in three years. Shoulda put in a lot more I guess. Only did $40 on a whim that is now worth almost $120.
  6. I mean, I'd totally buy a wheelchair with a cool Atari logo on the wheels, especially if it looked like wood grain and black, when the time comes. Can it play Pong? I bet it can play Pong.
  7. Back to an old topic from the taco thread: I initially bought $40 in Atari stock in 2018 mostly to poke at some AAgers who were howling in rage at the time, and I totally agree with the general advice about Atari stock. That said, whatthehell with PONGF stock, right? Riding that crypto bubble I guess...That $40 is worth almost $120 today; how many people would kill for a 200% profit in three years on an investment?!? What if I'd actually say invested $50k, I'd be sitting on $100k in profit today.
  8. I agree on the gripe, it feels like I've totally missed the boat on being a part of the fun of the game's leaderboards.
  9. Got my Standard edition today! Not sure what the numbers really tell me in terms of where I fall in purchase and cart order. Invoice says order #2016 but serial number is 002362. Shipped securely and nicely.
  10. Neat! My just cuz $40 in Atari stock is worth $115 today.
  11. This week's patch should be really good for the game. I can't make a video yet since my account appears bugged, and I can't use either Bomb or the Railgun. Hopefully this fixes that. I am not the only one reporting the issue, but there are others playing Utopos on the VCS without this issue, so hard to say how many of us there are. The lobbies have been unsurprisingly pretty quiet, although if you get onto the Utopos discord and chat a bit you'll find people to play with no issue.
  12. Minor bit of interesting news in that someone in a Facebook VCS group received their AtariVCS.com preorder today, and I think this may be the first time I've seen the box for the version with both controllers in it.
  13. Great score for $25 local facebook ad and a Super Pong for $50.
  14. They aren't crap, but you do get what you pay for, and the cost of both production and retail for these things is meant to be budget bin. For hanging out and playing casually for fun with a roommate or to show the old games in action you'll be fine with whatever the most recent Flashback is with one caveat: I can't remember if the newest Flashback works with Atari Paddles, and for some reason I thought maybe it didn't, so if that is true then definitely get an earlier model. Ultimately though each new unit is pretty similar to the last, so getting one that is a few generations old is probably fine. The units themselves don't look much like an old Atari to me, never really have, but they are kind of like an Atari, and the emulation and games on it play fine.
  15. I agree the BEST would be to hack a Playstation Vita and get emulators on it. However, for about $30 the AtGames Flashback Portable is a not bad at all device, and it is super easy to get a memory card into it and play the entirety of the Stella library. It is also a tough little device with a long battery life. The buttons are ok not great but for a camping portable it is close to perfect. It also has a nice little side ability of being able to output video with a basic stereo RCA to 3.5mm jack.
  16. Yay, got my shipping info today. I agree, a quick "thank you" email saying they're working to get your order out and will email you with tracking info would have gone a ways to make the experience better.
  17. The Atari logo is Atari's "mascot" as it were. I've always felt that Haunted House had potential for a spiritual new game, but doing it right won't be easy. Unsure how it would actually play. Part of me feels like it'd be a bit more Binding of Isaac and less of an adventure game, but either could work.
  18. Should YOU pre-order one today if sometime during the past three years nothing compelled you to want to do it? Nope. Just wait for it to come out or not at retail and buy one then if you want. Unless you can find a decent at-or-below msrp on the used market. At this point you aren't going to be getting the console quickly, all the other preorderers are before you, and Atari either is or isn't (I think is) getting ready for a retail launch later this year. Initially I thought they'd still hit the Spring date, but seems like shipping issues at the very least make that unlikely. I do think Atari will get a big batch of preorders out in late April/mid May, but wide preorder fulfillment or retail release seems highly unlikely.
  19. Minor update today based on several recent responses from TheAtari_VCS on Twitter: - Q2 eyed for limited international preorders. - Still aiming for Spring on shipments of preorders, based on delivery of units from overseas.
  20. Been complete silence since I placed my order, would be nice to have some idea of what is happening to my order.
  21. The hotel thing has always felt like it was possibly someone taking advantage of Atari to launder money or something, but hey, if a Saudi prince wants to spend the money I bet it'll be an awesome hotel. I can see it happening in Vegas/Reno as well, since that landscape is used to pop up buildings that are replaced soon enough. So, a few niche hotels in specific vacation/luxury areas catering to specific high rollers. I mean, I'm down for it being the next HoJo but ain't gonna happen. Thing is, this is zero risk on Atari's part because all they are doing is giving a bunch of deep pocketed people with no connection to Atari a thumbs up to do it.
  22. Looking at Aery - Little Bird Adventure on the new Atari VCS: https://youtu.be/Afk3po1Uv5U
  23. I only got two matches in. I'd forgotten about the VCS Companion app, but word is that works just fine for player and arena naming. Also, just in case you didn't catch it like I didn't until just now, the right stick controls the gun fire direction. Left to steer, right to steer gun, LB to fire (or X), RB for bomb (or down), have to use up to thrust just like in Guntech, which is a love or hate it and I'm a hate it but also just my personal opinion. I'd want RB for thrust, LB for fire, one of the buttons for bomb.
  24. I notice that you - can - change your Arena or player name, but you need a keyboard attached. You can't do it with a controller + virtual keyboard.
  25. This is now live! Reading on Facebook from Jani that the multiplayer lobby system is tending to send people into lobbies with AI bots rather than wait around for other players a bit too aggressively, so a bit of work is needed, but it sounds like the game is up and running otherwise just fine! Dunno if anyone is interested, but how about for those who want to try it I'll be on at 9pm Eastern for one hour tonight for public matches. Maybe if enough of us target that time we can get some matches going with real peeps.
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