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  1. I got distracted There is not much to show on Scooby. Mind Strike has a new menu.
  2. Good suggestion but for how many people care about Backgammon, I think the updates I did add enough value. I also wanted to get back to my other project
  3. Super Pro Gammon is now available at: http://intellivision.us/index.php I can make a few game boards for those interested. Include it in your message to me. Here is the manual for the game. It explains the differences. Manual.pdf
  4. Hopefully, it will be boxing. Doing the update to backgammon was just a small distraction though i am happy how it came out. I just completed changing how quitting the game works. Instead of 9, you press the lower left side button. Last thing to do is write a small manual for it. Phew.. almost done.
  5. I have completed all the boards. For me, the game is done. One of them is random. Here are the screens: (sample screen as they are random )
  6. Here we see 2 things: 1) The PIP scores show and update during game play. No need to press the side button 2) At the end of the game, you go back to the game menu to select another game. to-do: Show how many times each player has won. Any other reasonable ideas?
  7. Are you saying you are going to look into what it will look like with more than 15 pieces in a slot? I do not think anything needs to be done with this. I am not going to put a version of the game that has more than 15 pieces. If you want a long game, play the Dutch version. All pieces start off on the center.
  8. This is what it looks like with 32 pieces in a slot I am not sure I care to update the code to handle more than 15 pieces. This is what it looks with 15. Zendocon, do you know where in the code it checks for the 15 pieces? Not that you are in the mood to look either
  9. The LTO Flash comes in a game board. My game board will fit in a Mattel cartridge shell. Yes, it will fit in a Backgammon cart.
  10. http://ltoflash.leftturnonly.info/ If you do not get a multi-cart, I can make you a game board with just the one game. I added Dutch Gammon. I am thinking of making a random version.
  11. Yes, the computer boxer will be a random pick and always be the color shown in the video. Yes, you will know the computer's strengths depending on the level of play.
  12. The game has 4 variants. We can have a total of 10. Which other variants can we add?
  13. All the levels you wanted were in there. Super Pro level will not be in there for you to win. As I was playing the game, I was laughing the entire time. It was fun to play boxing again....one player this time.
  14. Great suggestions. Thanks. Here is a WIP video. boxing.wmv
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