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  1. Fixed a few more bugs. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh.... when will this end. Increasing the height of the mountains will mean screens will be repeated more often so.... best to create 16 more screens. When will this end???
  2. Visit: http://www.intellivision.us/intvlibrary/index.htm
  3. The past 2 days has taken care of more bugs and enhancements. I am not sure how much more can be squeezed into the game as I am running out of space. The manual is done.Just need to wrap up the new screens.
  4. Yes, I will be selling game boards to those interested. I just want people to know that I am not double releasing this game to make money and they have an option to upgrade. With the high cost of shipping out of the U.S. is, it makes total sense to buy a board than have it shipped twice.
  5. How about: K2 of the Mountain I like the thin air idea. In the 2012 release, the tallest mountain (mountain 10) is 13,600 feet. It will now be 17,200. I like to make the games challenging but do not fret. Mountain 1 originally is 3,600 and this will be 2,800. The levels will be better balanced than before but would you expect less? Back to designing...
  6. If anyone wants to upgrade their boards, ship them now. I am determined to get this game done. It may be 2 or 3 weeks more... probably 4 max. just because of how much work each screen takes to make.
  7. International (outside of U.S.) shipping is a killer
  8. All the code changes should be complete. The 2012 release had 6 screens. This release will have 35! This deserves a name change to.... SUPER PRO KOTM! Some are speculating a CIB release. This will not happen. My audience is those that purchased the 2012 game and want to upgrade it or are interested in a ROM.
  9. I am glad we left the original title screen on the 2012 release of KotM. The 2021 release will be a full blown out Intelligentivision release! The original release had 6 screen: - Top of the Mountain - Car/bottom of the mountain - River - Hut - 2 different screens with just walking paths The 10th level uses 35 screens (will change) and only 4 different screens (will change) to pick from. We now know why the game seems so monotonous. I am hoping to build over 20 new screens (think Super Chef BT and Ms Night Stalker). This will give plenty variety in the game play.
  10. What change should I do? I know that shooting with the side button is not intuitive. What would be intuitive?
  11. Two things... after 9 years of originally wanting to do this...I figured out how. KotM has 6 screen which makes climbing the mountain monotonous. I am very close to having the ability to add more screens! This pushes a release out by weeks but it will be worth it. Second thing... I pulled up Ms Night Stalker and had an idea that the side buttons could be used differently to shoot. How about top side buttons shoot in the direction you are running and bottom side buttons shoot in the opposite direction you are running? The challenge with the side buttons to shoot is that there are only 3 buttons for 4 directions. I am open to ideas.
  12. I love my Ms Night Stalker and BG Space Battle treatment. The beauty of being able to make changes is that it comes out how I want. I have always said, I do for me and share with my friends. I just hope you all like it. Regarding the "original" version of KotM. It was a prototype that was more of a demo than a playable game. What I released in 2012 has my touch on it. I am just expanding on it. If you want to play the original games, they are still available. Keep in mind, the original release was full of bugs. I just keep finding more that need to be fixed.
  13. I just can not stop updating this game Thanks for all the IMs. I will work through them once I finish the game. It is best to complete the game correctly this time than rush it again. Everyday I feel closer to finishing...soon...
  14. With fixing the bug in the amount of items taken when it rains, this has thrown off the difficulty levels / how much money you start with per level. I have adjusted slightly the expected times to reach the top. I now have to adjust how much money you start with per mountain. Just when I thought I was done... I find another bug. The bonus points are not properly assigned... I need a few more days.
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