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  1. The game is 99% done. I just need to fine tune the difficulty. One thing I did not like about the original is when ships would come out from the top or bottom as the squadrons were much closer than if they deployed from the left or right so... I have all enemy squadrons deploying from the left or right. They can get through your squadrons so maybe this is fine. I just need to play it more and tune it. I do not have a date as to when this will happen :(
  2. Thanks for the ideas. Laser sound has been updated. I considered implementing the reserve lives but then when everyone said they liked having the game end, I thought, why change the 9 lives? The original game would present about 50 enemies. My version will present about 150. You can finish this many off with 9 lives. As shown in the post before, the representation of the squadrons has been changed and the center of the radar screen is now the Galactica. Thanks again for this. I do not know why I did not think of it Beep sound on the radar screen works for me. Updating games is always a challenge as I want to keep the feel of the original game but put a twist to it where it feels new. I want to hope I accomplished this. I know many have said about adding voice but I have no idea where they would play out. I need to play test it for how the game ramps up in difficulty. Once I fine tune this, I think this game will be wrapped up. Thank you again for your suggestions.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. The squadrons are small for testing purposes. I hope to have more changes completed soon.
  4. Most of you may not like the changes I have implemented so far but here it is for the fun of it. sa.rom
  5. Thanks for the ideas! I like the one of having backup fighters available. Updates continue....
  6. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Sorry if I do not implement them but your suggestions help me figure out how I want this game to end up. I already have where an new enemy squadron appears when you wipe one out. Hence the idea of there being a never ending swarm of enemies coming after you. Some of you like the idea of the game ending so continuing squadrons does not work for you. I got bored of the game because it was to easy to wipe out 5 squadrons. The game play was to fast similar to Star Strike (maybe another game that can be tuned). My goal is to bring a twist to Space Battle that breathes life into the game. Your suggestions help.
  7. Instead of endless, maybe make it an option how many cylons need to be shot down? 5 squadrons always has seemed to be to little.
  8. Is there someone out there who is a big fan of Space Battle? I am working on updates and would like ideas on how to make the game better. One idea I have is to make it like BattleStar Galactica where you never beat the cylons. The game will track how many cylons you shoot down.
  9. Humblejack may have already provided you the cassette player. If not, IM me privately.
  10. Did you find one? Are you interested in a printer also? I have a cassette player and printer with paper.
  11. How about playing in emulation and using an interface so that you do need to modify the controller?
  12. Red background is gone and the falling rocks will not match the background. Not to say some rock colors may be hard to see. Example: the different greens. astrosmash.rom
  13. With color change every 5k. There are 13 different colors. astrosmash.rom
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