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  1. This was a prototype and does not contain all the functionality of the release. The ROM is sold at: http://intellivision.us/
  2. Check out: http://intellivisionrevolution.com/kotm
  3. I started working on Sea Battle but keep getting stalled as I am thinking of changing how the game works.... and I do not like to change the feel of the game. I did not play Armor Battle as a kid but have thought of making that a one player game. Same for Biplanes
  4. Boxing is done! The image below shows the "power bars" below the score. Rounds are now 3 minutes. Knockouts are not so easy. 5 levels. 2 player mode sees only one update; more challenging to knock out.
  5. Do tell! I will have two games, 3 if you count Super Gammon, ready for release
  6. Getting game boards seems to be a challenge. King of the Mountain is ready to go except for the game boards Maybe Boxing can get released at the same time as KotM (?) I so hope they get out this year. I do not want to release a ROM package prior to CIB release. I am not a fan of sitting on games. Both these games need to get out!
  7. The game is almost done. It has been fun. I never thought I would play boxing again as it is impossible to find a second player. Is there any boxing expert that can help with the final touches? Someone said "Could you add a menu to choose fighter "style" and then fighter "color"? Then when we choose the same fighter - which we will, we can be different colors?" if you found a second player, you both could choose the same boxer and will be the same color. The updates to this game is all about one player so I am not focused on two player mode.
  8. Does anyone use it anymore? I do not see what Zendocon is talking about as, I thought, the site was locked down. I have considered just shutting this down as AtariAge seems to be the source for everything Intellivision and nothing is being added to the Intelliwiki. It is a pain to maintain considering there does not seem to be any value. DZ, you already have an account on there. You do not recall your password?
  9. Not yet. I do not think there is much interest in these games. Scooby is an alright game. I think Mind Strike is underrated.
  10. Kind of.... Flintstones Keyboard Fun and Jestons require the keyboard. Scooby and Mind Strike no longer need the keyboard. Working on WSBaseball soon
  11. I got distracted There is not much to show on Scooby. Mind Strike has a new menu.
  12. Good suggestion but for how many people care about Backgammon, I think the updates I did add enough value. I also wanted to get back to my other project
  13. Super Pro Gammon is now available at: http://intellivision.us/index.php I can make a few game boards for those interested. Include it in your message to me. Here is the manual for the game. It explains the differences. Manual.pdf
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