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  1. I played a lot of NFL Football when I was a kid and would enjoy playing NFL Football as 1 player but I never thought of updating Super Pro Football because I agree with 1980gamer that the game is really solid. I doubt bsr Steve would be interested in updating Super NFL Football but he can chime in. Maybe I need to look into updating Super NFL Football instead of updating Super Pro Football. I thought Super NFL played well. Would someone tell me what is not working well with it?
  2. I am glad I released this game. Another special title to me and it is nice to see the excitement. I hope you all enjoy the game and Steve's package.
  3. I have not played the game enough to know what to update. TeddyBear, IM me directly and I will see what I can do.
  4. Rev may have some box, manual, and overlays left to sell. I can sell you a game board. PM me if you are interested in a game board.
  5. Shoot.... I wrote the code for this before noticing who was asking for it.
  6. Thank you to the community for respecting the time I put into games. I have made the Intellivision Library free content as I have made many games freely available. I am not so fortunate to have people give me a web hosting plan for free. The community support allows me to keep the site up and drives me to want to update games that they find enjoyable to play.
  7. And you were refunded as promised. I am complaining. Either my eye sight is getting worse in my old age or Paypal sucks. Why do they have two interfaces? They updated the look of the UI some years ago but did not update everything. I set shipping cost in the calculator when I sold my last set of games but now I can not find/get to shipping calculator to change the shipping cost. I contacted them and am waiting to hear back from them. Either I continue doing the refunds or do not sell the games.
  8. I tested the game on an Intv 2 with an Intellivoice. The game never crashed on me and I played the heck out of it. Knowing how it is coded, I would expect the other original Intellivoice games to crash on your also. I am a bit lost as to why you are having this issue. I am curious to see if other have it also.
  9. My Paypal account is a mess. I should close it and start a new one. $10 total is correct. If anyone pays more, I will refund the difference. I am not expecting many sales. Manually refunding incorrect payments is easier than fighting with Paypal. Again, thanks for the help.
  10. There should be NO shipping charge. I have updated the Paypal button. Will you please see if it is showing shipping now? Thanks for the help.
  11. For those of you that want a digital copy, check out the news section at: http://www.intellivision.us/index.php
  12. For those of you that want a digital copy, check out the news section at: http://www.intellivision.us/index.php
  13. I only played the game with Intellivoice and had not issues. Could the issue be your Intellivoice?
  14. I did not install OpenEMU but for Intellivision emulation, it uses Bliss. Looking at Bliss 2.1, it has a file in it's folder called: knowncarts.cfg To get Super Chef Burgertime to work with it, add the following 3 lines to the end of the file. 9BA99F2E:Info:Super Chef Burgertime:Intelligentvision:2013 9BA99F2E:ROM:5000:2000:16 9BA99F2E:ROM:D000:3000:16
  15. Cool to hear and sweet lego enclosure!!!! Thank you for sharing.
  16. Hang tight... ROM sales coming soon. We are almost sold out of BGSB (CIB) and the SS2 boards selling with it.
  17. That was not an Intelligentvision release. The board I have been using since 2011 looks like this in a cart shell.
  18. The Shark Shark 2 2019 version is not available for download yet. I think I released a preliminary version back in 2015 (?). The Shark Shark 2 board will fit in every original Mattel shell. I am not sure why cmart604 says it may not fit. i have put this board in thousands of shells with no issues.
  19. This might be more than what you are looking for but check out: http://intellivision.us/interface.php For one controller, check out: http://2600-daptor.com/ The Adam keyboard interface board is $70 + shipping. Shipping outside the U.S. is not cheap $25-$30 to Canada and around $40 to Europe. If you are interested in this, please contact me directly.
  20. I just received 2 interfaces. Markus will probably take one. Let me know if you are still interested.
  21. Great discussion of the history of consoles. I could still hear his excitement of video game systems. I agree... it would have been awesome to see more write ups on the ECS. We now have more piece of history digitized.
  22. Ralph sent me the full collection. VERY appreciated!!! I even had a great phone call with him. They have been scanned and made available at: http://intellivision.us/intylines.php These have been made available with his permission and should not be copied an posted on other sites.
  23. Hang tight... still on schedule.
  24. Youtube may not be fixed on the phone browser but the website should look better.
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