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  1. Well... Got a copy of Power Lords CiB. Cost was above average, but I don't mind paying a bit more to a store I've got history with. 👍 Only Atlantis remains!
  2. My apologies. I've removed the link.
  3. I recently happened across a full box of Edutainment games for the original Playstation. After sorting out originals so I could have those on hand, I've got TONS of duplicates I'm willing to sell. Subject Volume Ttle #of Copies Price Math 1 Creative Voyage 23 5 Math 1 Timeless Math: Maya, S&R 2 10 Math 7 Timeless Math: Rover 13 5 Reading 5 K9.5: Howlywood Premiere 19 5 Guide Family Connection 24 5 Reading 1 Calamity: The Natural World 6 10 Reading 6 Liquid Books: Wandering Path 3 10 Math 1b Secret of Googol 1 10 Math 2b Secret of Googol 1 10 Math 5 Secret of Googol 5 10 Math 6 Secret of Googol 5 10 Math 7 Secret of Googol 28 5 Math 8 Secret of Googol 34 5 Math Full Set Secret of Googol 2 60 Math 1 (set) Secret of Googol 1 20 Math 2 (set) Secret of Googol 4 20
  4. Woooo! Congrats! I'm fine with paying $100 or so loose. That's been a reality since I started. But paying an extra $150-500 for the privilege of packaging? Screw that.
  5. Snagged Ikari Warriors on eBay, and @SIO2 has a copy of Midnight Mutants for me. ^^d All that's left is Tank Command! Let's check eb...oh....
  6. I streamed it on Twitch the night I got it, but I'm not going to delude myself that I have anywhere near the viewership of Metal Jesus or 8-Bit Guy. I DO intend to include it in my 'victory stream' after I finish my 7800 library collection. ^^d
  7. Summer Games arrived today, thanks to @DracIsBack! Still trying to hunt down those last Three....
  8. @TailChao Just had a thought... Perhaps you might be able to get some more funding by licensing Rikki and Vikki to Polymega if they ever release an Atari module. They've pre-loaded licensed titles onto each module, so it might be a good opportunity for a wider reach. ^^d
  9. One step closer... Went to a nearby used game/music shop today that has a basement 'Museum' where they store stuff they feel is too obscure to put on the shelves. A few months back, I landed the Atari 2600 and Steering Wheel modules for the Colecovision for $20. Today, I got the Odyssey 2 Voice Module CiB for $60! The cheap prices are due to their untested states... But I got this home, tried it out myself and the gamble paid off!
  10. I'm close to a complete collection, lacking only a few of the usual suspects. Anyone here willing to part with Power Lords, Atlantis or Demon Attack? I prefer loose... I'm more picky about price than completion. Also trying to land a copy of Nimble Numbers Ned... All of these are currently on eBay, but for heavily inflated prices.
  11. Kung-Fu Master arrived, thanks again to Mitch!
  12. This cart lives in my 7800 when it's on display and not in use. ^^d
  13. Bought mine ala carte... A3 84 5012047
  14. Ah, that's one of the few I actually have CiB. XD Sadly, I don't know where to find another copy ATM. I haven't seen another at any of my nearby haunts.
  15. Are there any 5200-exclusive games? I mean, likely not enough to be worthwhile... Only REAL thing would be the availability of 5200 games vs 8-bit carts. I'm RELATIVELY new to the Atari family... My uncle had a 2600 when I was a kid, but I only started getting into the 7800 and XEGS last year and I'm enjoying both. ^^d Just didn't want to feel I was missing out on any 5200 games.
  16. For this one, I thought that the keypad might just map to the XEGS Keyboard.
  17. Yeah, most of the time the simple adaptors are there because the machines are so similar the cartridges don't know the difference. Like with the Power Base for the Genesis. Sounds like that's just slightly not the case between the 5200 and the 8-Bit. I tend to avoid flash carts for the most part... If I'm going to play something other than genuine hardware, I'm just going to go with a full emulator for the convenience.
  18. Thanks! That was the answer I was looking for. I don't have a 5200, but I DO have an XEGS. Since 5200 carts are so much easier to find than the 8-bit, I was hoping there's be a simple way to do it, but I guess not.
  19. Is it possible to create a simple adaptor to run Atari 5200 games on the 400/800/XEGS?
  20. Just to put together the updates so far, I'm now down to three: Ikari Warriors Midnight Mutants Tank Command Almost there!
  21. I've found it mostly (but not completely) accurate compared to what I've found in game stores, at least. I also check GameValueNow as well. As for Summer Games, I got an offer PMd from another user. ^^d Fantastic! If you're willing to part with it, drop me a PM and we'll hash things out.
  22. Landed a copy of Fatal Run for a slightly more reasonable price, so that's covered now. 👍
  23. Heya! I'm only 6 games away from a complete set of NTSC Atari 7800 games... Anyone willing to part with any of the following titles? Or does anyone know of good online game stores I could purchase from? Fatal Run Ikari Warriors Kung-Fu Master Midnight Mutants (Plenty of PAL options on eBay, but not much NTSC) Summer Games Tank Command I know there are two copies of Fatal Run on eBay right now, but they're posted for 2-3x what's on PriceCharting/GameValueNow. I'm also very much NOT picky about it being in box. I intend to play these games, so I'm quite fine with Loose cartridges.
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