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  1. @Sheddy that umbrella reminded me of this: On The Beach Chris Rea, album cover 1986 33 colours. drpeter_OnTheBeach.xex
  2. OK, again just for @Philsan 😉 This seems to me a good compromise, with the start of dithering more blended into the darker base of the cypress: drpeter_StarryNight_2.xex
  3. Completely dark grey, I think you mean. Hmm. That's a tricky one, depending on whether you think artistically the contrast between the two segments of the cypress you highlighted jars more than the big sea of mostly grey that would ensue from losing texture from the lower segment. 2 possible ways of approaching this- (i) running Rasta again, putting a stronger mask on the upper half of the cypress to force texture into that too (as you can see from the attached target destination picture, the dithering is much less prominent as well as being over a narrower horizontal area in the upper part of the cypress)- but at the likely cost of losing something from the starry sky- which after all is the main focus of the image (ii) editing output.png.mic in Graph2Font to reduce/merge to the dithering in the lower half of the cypress so that the contrast with the upper half is less stark. What do you think?
  4. Except that at idle the 1050 (~13W) is significantly less wasteful than the IndusGT (~16.5W) -in part it would seem because of the Indus's inefficient power supply. As the drive will likely spend an order of magnitude more time idle than active, overall I suspect the 1050 is saving you a few watts and cents, even taking into account the faster operation of the Indus (reducing time active)...
  5. The Starry Night Vincent van Gogh, oil on canvas, 1889. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA. 55 colours. NB there are neither dithering or artefactual errors here- the streaking & dithering effects are created by the original brushstrokes. drpeter_StarryNight.xex
  6. The Manx Missile The cycling glasses of legendary British sprinter Mark Cavendish reflect the finishing straight as he punches the air- on equaling Eddy Merckx's record of 34 Tour de France stage wins. 77 colours. drpeter_Cavendish.xex
  7. No dithering used, no pre-dithering unless you count the artist's (Chesley Bonestel?) painting style and how he blended the color or if it has something to do with where the source image I used came from. Ah. I thought it didn't look like any RastaConverter setting I'm familiar with. I believe the artist was Chesley Bonestell, but the scene was a sketch intended to be worked up into a miniature landscape or full matte painting before time and/or budget precluded it.
  8. Gorgeous! What were the dither settings you used in RastaConverter? Or was it pre-dithered?
  9. Always loved the JAC! Bad Apple Demo Runs on a stock Atari 400 16K + 410 data cassette recorder! Astonishing!
  10. Seems very unlikely that JM would object to a physical cartridge version, from what you say. Unfortunately, it's probably not his call. However, also seems unlikely Ubisoft would take an interest, given their lack of action it seems over at least two similar 8 bit ports over the course of many years.
  11. Ah. Not at all. Really sorry if it seemed that way to you.
  12. Property is theft! Solidarity, brothers and sisters of the revolution! ✊ 😀😀😀
  13. == No, not quite. == You apparently think you would need permission to issue a physical cartridge version of POP. However, you apparently don't think you need permission to put a .atr/.car version on AtariAge for download. You may well have a reason for thinking this, but I remain unsure what the reason is. The copyright issue is similar in either case. Technically, you need permission from the copyright holder (in this case, probably Ubisoft). Many apparently believe that copyright does not apply if money and/or physical goods are not changing hands and/or if profit is not being made. That is simply incorrect. It may be true that the copyright holder will less likely be provoked into defending their copyright if any or all of these things apply. Many more believe that copyright can be ignored if no obvious harm is being done to the copyright holder, which is more valid as a moral standpoint than a legal one. In any case, courtesy might dictate that it's a decision the copyright holder could be asked to make. That said, many would perhaps be more inclined to extend that courtesy to an individual than a large company, maybe in part because an individual is thought more likely to be generous in their response. Should you care about infringing copyright? That's your decision. Many on this forum would say 'No- wait for JM/Ubisoft to find out about it and complain, if they want to- by which time it'll be too late anyway'. I certainly wouldn't tell you what to do. I only raise it at all because you yourself first mentioned the issue of copyright. Anyway, good luck to you and this fantastic project- whatever you decide.
  14. No, FWIW you were very clearly referring to asking (probably the wrong person) for permission specifically to issue a cartridge, but with no intention of seeking permission for publishing freely downloadable files. If the latter was your intention, you'd perhaps have done so already before investing so much time, skill and effort in bringing the project to this stage and publishing any number of public downloads along the way. Anyway, good luck with the project- I sincerely hope that in practice there will be no pointless hitches thrown in its path.
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