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  1. Kilimanjaro 45 colours drpeter_Kilimanjaro.xex
  2. Pikachu This is an Australian golden possum, a rare mutation which turns the usually-brown coat golden, producing an uncanny likeness to everybody's favourite Pokemon- Pikachu drpeter_Pikachu.xex
  3. Thank you. I was inspired to go rummaging through my photo collection by a8isa1's (previously posted) chameleon picture
  4. Open output.png.opt in a text editor- It tells you the parameters used for the conversion & the number of iterations (evaluations) as well as the kernel in its current form. e.g. ; ---------------------------------- ; RastaConverter by Ilmenit v.Beta7 ; InputName: IMG_5131_480.jpg ; CmdLine: IMG_5131_480.jpg /details=IMG_5131_480_3.png /details_val=10 /contrast=15 /s=10000 /threads=4 ; Evaluations: 326902110 ; Score: 50.7973 ; ---------------------------------- ; Proper offset nop nop nop nop cmp byt2; line0 nop nop ldy #$8A ; 138 (spr=90) nop sty COLBAK stx COLOR2 nop ............................................[truncated]
  5. Iguana Reptile House, Durrell Conservation Trust, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK 45 colours drpeter_Iguana.xex
  6. 夏の温泉 natsu no onsen Japanese Hot Spring (Onsen) in Summer woodblock print 37 colours drpeter_NatsuNoOnsen.xex
  7. Castle Dracula drpeter_CastleDracula.xex
  8. Ctrl-F8 shows the composition of the picture by playfield & PMG colours. COLBAK = black COLOR0, COLOR1, COLOR2 = increasingly brighter shades of grey COLPM0 = orange COLPM1 = pink COLPM2 = mauve COLPM3 = pale blue COLOR3 = white (in Rasta shown only in the missile graphics used as vertical bars to mask changes of COLBK down either side of the image) Pressing Ctrl-F8 again invokes vertical bars at the left of the screen showing the colours in each register at the start of each scanline. These are shown in the order (left to right): COLPM0 COLPM1 COLPM2 COLPM3 COLOR0 COLOR1 COLOR2 COLOR3 (for Rasta, always black) COLBAK Pressing Ctrl-F8 again returns to the normal image view
  9. Avril Lavigne 34 colours drpeter_Avril.xex
  10. Lord Summerisle The late Christopher Lee stars in cult British horror flick The Wicker Man, 1973 30 colours drpeter_LordSummerisle.xex
  11. Itsukushima Shrine - Torii at Sunset Itsukushima, commonly known as Miyajima, is an historic sacred island, set in the Seto inland sea by Hiroshima, Japan. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and best known for its 'floating' vermilion Shinto torii gate, which at high tide is surrounded by sea. There are numerous shrines, temples, sacred deer and other attractions scattered across the island which is a popular tourist destination. 69 colours drpeter_Torii.xex
  12. The power supply should maintain the rated voltage when drawing the maximum rated current, so if it's dropping to 4.3V either the supply is faulty or mis-advertised or your system is drawing more current than it should...
  13. Likewise, on my Atari 400 from 1980- still fully functional :-)
  14. I nearly always use the Altirra palette and ciede color distance for the pre-process and yuv color distance for the conversion. I used to use the laoo palette more in the past, particularly if unsaturated colours in the source image led to too many greys in the converted image, but now generally prefer to stick to the Altirra palette and adjust saturation etc. more in the source image before importing to RastaConverter. I have done PAL conversions only, using the Altirra emulator to display the converted images, so unfortunately cannot comment or advise on NTSC conversions.
  15. Belcroute Bay Jersey, English Channel Islands 60 colours drpeter_Belcroute.xex
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