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  1. Took me a while to find out where to look. Not the obvious place to find the TI99 GCC forum! I've been giving it a spin with the Fuzix code and have a small set of fail cases (compiler crashes, aborts, internal errors, other flaws) when I try and build the Fuzix C library. If you can let me know how you'd like them. I've also fixed a small error in tms9900_output_ascii. If you have a string ending in '\' then the compiler doesn't quote the '\' and confuses the assembler completely. I chnged it to quote \ or nonprintables. There's also another fairly fundamental problem I'm not sure how to tackle other than by telling the compiler to tack _ on all the variable names - if you do this static int sp; and then try and use it - boy does it get upset . It works for other non '_' using targets because they use an asm syntax that explicitly marks registers. Alan
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