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  1. Yeah, I saw GIFs of that being passed around Twitter a few days ago. To be honest, I never really liked the GameCube controller, but I'm glad that other people are having fun modding their controllers.
  2. To start this topic off, this is a prototype from CES. Dell/Alienware have not confirmed that they will ever actually sell this product. Additionally, key details like the exact specs, battery, and MSRP are mostly unknown at this time. That being said, I wanted to discuss this "Alienware UFO" Prototype from CES. Here's an article from CNET where they seemed to spend quite some time with the prototype and the main thing that gets me is that it's an obvious switch clone that runs PC games-- It has a kickstand, detachable "paddle controllers", it can be connected to a monitor via USB-C to HDMI, and the designs just generally looks a lot like the Switch. Honestly, I'm surprised that it's taken until Jan 2020 for a PC manufacturer to show a prototype for something like this-- gamers love the Switch's form factor, and gamers love buying dozens of digital games in Steam sales, so making a gaming PC with that portable form factor seems like a no brainer. Apparently it runs at approximately mid-tier gaming PC specs, and the OS is just standard x86 windows 10 meaning that most PC games will run decently, and almost all emulators will also function quite well. Also any other Windows software should theoretically work... Apparently with a mouse/keyboard attached, this thing can be used as a normal desktop. If the Alienware UFO does eventually come out eventually, the battery and MSRP will definitely make or break this system. If the battery life is too short or the price is too high, this won't succeed at all. However, if it's a fair price and the battery is around the same as the Switch, then I can only imagine that this will be a hit with many gamers -- I'm definitely not the first or last person who's thought "yeah the Switch is cool, but what if I could install Steam and Retroarch and have access to countless games?" so this device could definitely be the huge if executed correctly. Anyway, does anyone else have any thoughts on this device? Is it going to change the status quo of PC gaming and prompt tons of other "PC Switch" type devices? Is it going to flop and never be mentioned again? Or will Dell/Alienware literally never mention the UFO project after CES 2020, and we are left to speculate about what happened to it? I'd love to hear more thoughts on what I believe is the first of many Switch Clones that will launch in the next few years to capitalize on the trend of of "console quality handheld games" (just like how everyone went bananas for Motion Controls in 2010, or how the past 2-3 years have been filled with nonstop mini consoles of varying quality. Nintendo likes to create new fads).
  3. I might by totally wrong, but certain trends of digital storefronts in 2020 give me some hope for 2030. The Xbox Series X will launch with backwards compatibility for every Xbox One game (and every Xbox and Xbox 360 game that works on the Xbox One). The Playstation 5 will launch with full backwards compatibility for every Playstation 4 Game. Obviously, all digital purchases will carry over to the next generation, and apparently they'll have improvements on the new hardware (such as improved loading times via the SSD). Given recent trends, I'd imagine that the ninth console generation will last 7-ish years the PS6 and some other Xbox will be released for Holiday 2027. By that point, the major consoles and their digital storefronts will have everything released between 2013-2027 available and I can't imagine that Microsoft and Sony will decide to stop selling all those games on their 2027 consoles-- if they do that they'll lose money and alienate fans, it wouldn't make sense. Of course, that's assuming that Sony and Microsoft are still making consoles by 2027, and who knows what the future holds. I'm predicting that the state of Game Consoles in 2030 is that they'll be a lot like PCs: backwards compatible with decades of earlier content. I do not have any predictions for Nintendo's future because the only thing that's predictable about Nintendo is that nobody can predict Nintendo. They might follow the trend of backwards compatibility, or they might not. However, I do believe that the future of Playstation and Xbox Hardware is backwards compatibility with all physical and digital games so hopefully we'll still be playing all of our digital purchases from the past console generation when 2030 rolls around.
  4. Oh, your issue is accidentally pressing L3 and R3. I thought it was just that clicking the sticks feels awkward. I think I have have a different solution: PowerA sells a series of Pro Controllers that also have the third set of shoulder buttons. Also, my friend owns a PowerA, and a few weeks ago he told me the L3 button stopped working when he dropped the controller. So I guess it would be theoretically possible to buy a PowerA, map the L3 and R3 buttons to the new buttons, and then mod the controller to make L3 and R3 stop working. This controller will still lack HD Rumble though, so this might not be worth the effort.
  5. Reading through the thread again, and I actually might be able to help. If either of you play a lot in handheld mode, I recommend checking out the Hori Power Pad Pro. They're an alternative to joycons, and they have a feature that I think you'll appreciate: The third set of shoulder buttons (circled in white) can be mapped to anything. I use them as replacements for L3 and R3, and it feels way better to have dedicated buttons instead of clicking sticks. However, you should note that this controller doesn't have motion controls or NFC, and it's for handheld mode only, so YMMV. Still, if you play a lot of handheld mode and you want to never use L3/R3 again, I recommend this thing. Sorry for pinging y'all nearly 5 months later, but I hope this helps.
  6. That's awesome. There was also a patch in September that removed the Bethesdanet DRM and fixed the music. I'm glad to see that Bethesda is still supporting these ports months after launch. They were already a good deal at $5 each, and the deal keeps getting better.
  7. Did they ever end up making the Y Cable for 4-player games like Warlords? I'm still definitely going to buy two of these, but I'd instantly buy 4 if I knew that I could use it as an alternate Warlords controller.
  8. Did I? I'm sorry, I remember seeing an article a few months back saying that Amazon stopped selling used Nintendo games, supposedly Nintendo was concerned about bootlegs. I don't buy a lot of used games anyway, so I didn't follow up. Sorry If I accidentally said something incorrect.
  9. Yeah it's related. I own the "Classic Atari Flashback Greatest Hits Collection" (or whatever buzzwords they're calling it nowadays) on at least three different platforms, and Red Baron is always included. Battlezone isn't included anymore though, the company sold it off to an indie studio after their last bankruptcy. Battlezone recently got a brand new game that's apparently pretty good, which is definitely a better fate than anything still owned by Infogrames.
  10. I thought the sales were on physical copies, but I did some Google research and the sales were for the digital version only. That's disappointing. Also, Amazon and Ebay no longer sell used games because bootleg copies were being distributed that way (or rather, Nintendo is using bootleg copies as an excuse to end the resale market). Your only option is probably to check for cheap secondhand copies at GameStop or a local game store.
  11. I just watched the new controller overview video, and this looks unique in a good way. I like gaming socially and casually, so the Amico and its controllers look great for me. I want to buy the Amico on day one, but I'm going to be living abroad for almost a year, so I might have to wait until the summer. Only partially related: Tommy, I know you said that we can't play CoD on the Amiico, but can I play Doom? Obviously it won't be on the Amiico Storefront, but I'm assuming that the OS is based on Linux or Android. How hard would it be to sideload a sourceport and play my all-time favorite FPS?
  12. I also like the pro controller. Very good design. I too usually play docked Switch because most of my gaming for the past few months has been local multiplayer, and a bigger screen ideal for that.
  13. I find it interesting that people want every single Zelda Game ever released to come out on Switch. Zelda 1, Zelda 2, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Hyrule Warriors, Breath of the Wild, Cadence of Hyrule, and the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2 is already an amazing collection of games. I'd love A Link Between Worlds HD, Skyward Sword HD, Twilight Princess HD, Wind Waker HD, Majora's Mask HD, Ocarina of Time HD, Minish Cap, and Four Swords to be released on Switch (and judging by other comments, many Switch owners agree with me), but I have to wonder, "how much Zelda is too much Zelda?" It goes on sale frequently enough. I know it was reduced to $40 at major retailers for Black Friday, and it got the same price cut earlier this year on March 10 (for "MAR10 Day"). IDK if that falls into 'budget' territory, but $40 is the same price as Rayman Legends, Crash N. Sane Trilogy, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, so it's a normal price for a ported platformer.
  14. Is saying 'Donkey Kong Land' cheating? I really want the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy to be faithfully remastered in HD, but those are SNES Games. Otherwise, it would be great to see Mario Land 1 and 2 get the HD treatment. If we can also say Gameboy Color games, I'd like to see a remake of Pokemon Crystal (Pokemon: Let's Go Suicune?), because the GBC Pokemon Games improved upon the GB ones in pretty much every way. If I were to really stetch the definition of "Game Boy" and include GBA Games, then I'd also want a remake, sequel, or spiritual successor to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Amazing Mirror was a Metroidvania game with local multiplayer, allowing four players to independently explore the world. GBA games couldn't do local multiplayer very well because of all the wires, so I'd love to see this idea be reimagined with online multiplayer.
  15. 4 Controller related pieces of advice. I second the 8BitDo SN30 Pro recommendation. The Switch Pro Controller is a more "modern" design and it has a few exclusive features, but the D-Pad is trash so you won't have much fun if you like 2D Platformers or whatever. 8BitDo makes great D-Pads, so if you want to play Mario Maker 2 or Tropical Freeze or any precise 2D Game, get an 8BitDo. The Gamecube to USB Adapter from the Wii U also works on the Switch, and you can play almost any Switch game with a Gamecube Controller (as long as the game doesn't require the ZL or Select buttons, anyway). The official NES and SNES online controllers also work outside of their original app, but they don't have analog sticks so most 3D games don't support them. The retro controllers are overpriced and they don't work with many games, but I love the retro yet modern feeling I get from playing Mario Kart 8 with a GameCube Controller, or Mario Maker 2 with a SNES Controller, or Tetris 99 with a NES controller... If you're playing in handheld mode a lot, I recommend the "Hori Split Pad Pro." It's on Amazon for $50, which is cheaper than new Joycons or a Pro Controller. The Split Pad Pro are a set of third party joycons that are really big and ergonomic and have a real D-Pad, so they feel like a pro Controller when you're in handheld mode. The only issue is that it ONLY works in handheld mode, so you'll still need joycons or a Pro Controller if you want to play in TV mode. As someone said earlier, check out the Flip Grip! It's just a piece of plastic, but it allows you to hold your Switch vertically while in handheld mode. Atari, SNK, Nintendo, Konami, Namco, and probably some others I'm forgetting have released old arcade games on the Switch with Flip Grip compatibility. If you like retro Arcade Games (I assume you do if you're on the Atariage forums), try out the Flip Grip. Oh definitely. Unlike both of you, I really love the "switching" aspect... When I'm doing multiplayer games with friends, I like it on a big flatscreen TV so that we can see everything. I also spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes, so handheld mode is super useful for keeping the boredom away. The Switch is so versatile and I love that I can do so much with it.
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