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  1. I got exactly same issues with Lotharek cable on NTSC machine! It appears his cable is not suited for NTSC boxes. Can anyone confirm that S-Video cable from 8bitclassics.com works good (without vertical bars)?
  2. How we can purchase it? How you are going to choose priority based on the interest expressed in this list?
  3. Great news! Any update on this project?
  4. any news on this project? If it's possible I would like to add additional 800XL version to my already posted request for 65XE.
  5. hmm I was always under impression that OS can only do a warm reboot without clearing the RAM, so that you need to power cycle the machine (by physically turning it off and on) to cold boot.
  6. I like that minimalist approach. But why you named a "reset/reboot" command "p"? It is not a true power cycle but rather a reset/reboot so IMHO it should be named "r".
  7. I believe you can easily reach 9600 baud with Ice-T, maybe even more, and that means it can possibly be used for serious terminal work (I use vi(1) for everything too). I don't plan to use SIO2PC to emulate a disk drive (I prefer SIO2SD and real disk drives for that). If anyone is familiar with Ice-T let us know how you can send ASCII 123 and ASCII 125 codes from it. It is possibly also doable using keymaps(5) on the Linux side, but I am still waiting for the SIO2PC adapter to test all this.
  8. OK, one more thing. How you can send { } characters as we all know they are not on Atari's keyboard, but essential for programming in UNIX environment.
  9. I am specifically asking about using AtariMax SIO2PC (with RS232 port) adapter and Ice-T. Do I need to cut RTS pin on a null modem serial cable or it will work with an unmodified cable?
  10. Urchlay, that's some great info. I was thinking about using mainly Ice-T as it appears to be the best vt100 terminal emulator around (with 80 cols display). Will it work with unmodified serial null modem cable?
  11. What would be the easiest way to connect Atari 8-bit to a Linux box to act as a dumb terminal? I assume there is no ssh client on Atari so it must be a telnet client like Ice-T and SIO-to-serial connection using a null modem cable. Can AtariMax SIO2serial adapter be used for that? or is it only for APE?
  12. Is this project still alive? I would like to buy 65XE version.
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