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  1. @griff3125 The 0.3mm copper ended up being too thin for fabrication. Unfortunately I have been super busy with work so I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to this. Hopefully I will be able to tackle this again in a week or so. @[email protected] Thanks for the offer. I'll fire you a PM on Monday when I get back from this work thing. Thanks again for looking into this.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! @wt808 was right, the plunger just pulls straight out using a terrifying amount of force for such a flimsy piece of plastic. I was able to desolder the two broken leafs and I have a 0.3mm copper sheet that I am going to try and cut out some replacements. On a side note, I want to meet the person whole came up with the formula for the double sided tape they used on the back of the keyboard. I have no idea how tape that is 10 years older than me is still capable of being that sticky. Success! I will update this once I have new new leafs fabricated. Fingers crossed this works. Thanks again for everybody's help!
  3. Thanks for the response guys, Brad actually led me here because he was out of replacement parts for the stackpole keyboards :-(. Are there any resources online for disassembling the switch? All the images I have found show them disassembled not the actual process for disassembly. I have read that the plastic is very fragile so I don't want to attempt without some prior knowledge. I think if I can get the leaf out of the switch, I can fabricate a replacement. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I am new here and new to Atari systems in general but found an Atari 800 and an 810 disk drive in the back of a thrift store and I am working to get them back into full working condition. I have the 800 almost completely working with the exception of a single key. It looks like the metal leafs in the "8" key switch have broken off. Is it possible to find replacement leafs or has anyone had any luck hacking a replacement into the switch to complete the circuit? I have attached a picture of the broken switch so you can see the broken leaves in question. Thanks!
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