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  1. Nice, btw I wonder if also was some SECAM 2600 Jr
  2. How much it was? Do you have NTSC TV or are you planning AV MOD?
  3. Have you fixed that? I read on FB that we need to use shielded cable. I have very similar problem on my Jr.
  4. I tried to run that OS in Virtualbox, but I am not able to boot that IMG file directly.
  5. Okay, so it is safe to remove that L6 from PAL console too, at least.
  6. Ok, maybe it was just PAL version, will try again later, thanks for the help.
  7. Yesterday I started to do my first AV mods and I like it. I modded both my Juniors, NTSC and PAL and it feels good that I was able to remove that metalic RF shield and some components so Atari is now even lighter. I wonder which other components can I safely remove to keep the system fully functional. In this guide https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/2600jr_comp_mod I read that I should also remove L6 component from NTSC system, so I removed it. The guide for PAL does not say that I should remove it. Why? Is that PAL system so different from NTSC? On some pictures it seems that complete RF modulator is removed. This is my pictures of modded systems, NTSC and PAL.
  8. I do not want to be unkind, but who would be able to check this problems and maybe fix it? (also Turmoil PAL60 records the high score in wrong category) I am just asking, because I am not sure. I really like this High Score feature, it makes me to play more!
  9. This is my first mod ever, 2600 Jr NTSC. I chose this one cause I was not able to use it with sound on my PAL TVs, so I just tried. I used that French prebuilt mod from ebay and it worked. I used the original RF connector for audio and the new one for video, I prefer to have the output connectors on the front side like the original. First I tried it just with video out without audio and the picture was deformed. I guess I just needed to connect audio too and the picture is perfect now, also the sound. That ebay kit even contains TWO mods, so I may also use it for my secons, PAL Atari later. It just contains only 2 cinch plugs, so I needed to reuse that original RF plug and it works fine. It also contained the necessary cables, so I just split every cable in 2 and the length was just sufficient.
  10. I just got a reply from R2tronik, so yes, that AV mod also supports NTSC. Happy modding
  11. Why not? Are all those games just the exact copies of another games or are they different?
  12. Can I use this PAL AV mod also for NTSC? https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Atari-PAL-Av-mod-for-2600-and-7800/293840613996
  13. When I look at all those AV mod instructions, I see that we always remove some components from Atari. I wonder if it was possible to reuse them for another AV mod. There is always some transistor and a few resistors. I am sure this was answered a lot of times, I am just not aware of that.
  14. I like this idea except I think that I could rather use the new RCA jack for video and an existing RF jack for audio. I have 2 AV mods with just 2 RCA jacks, so I could mod 2 Ataris like this.
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