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  1. Stella is really good, but why is it still more and more hardware demanding? I am not able to run the latest 6.x version on full speed on older ARM computers in Linux. I may run RetroArch with Stella 2014 core at full speed, but it does not run all the games correctly. I remember that Stella run on all the computers the decades ago and now it runs fine just on present and x86 computers.
  2. There is Hyperkin Ranger, I have it, but I dont like it very much, it is not very usable. Just good as a paddle. https://hyperkinlab.com/ranger-premium-wired-gamepad-for-atari-2600-retron-77-hyperkin/
  3. Working for me too, thanks.
  4. Ok, it is fixed, Berzerk was not terminating and I was able to get more than 100.000 points. Also it seems that the fire issue was caused by my joystick. I replaced it and it was ok.
  5. Yes, mainly with regular Berzerk ROM. Also noticed that fire button not working sometimes in some PlusCart menus. Will try today with the new PlusCart firmware.
  6. Today I tried just ordinary Berzerk NTSC to try some high score, if the problem persists. I noticed it also yesterday on HSC Berzerk, sometimes I cannot shoot. I am pressing fire and I see no missile. Tried both PlusiCarts I have. First it worked, later it stopped working, I may just move and cannot shoot a missile.
  7. Now it happened at score around 60.000 This is the screen which appeared. My second PlusCart.
  8. The crash happened a while before these scores. The score was not uploaded after crash, cause the game was not finished correctly. Those scores were just short games which I finished very soon. I may take a picture next time.
  9. I noticed strange issue that may or may not be a PlusCart issue. I like Berzerk and wanted to make a new high score so I played it maybe 30 minutes until I got pretty high score (more than 50.000) and after that the game was terminated suddenly, like I was killed, but I had a lot of lifes yet. The background changed the color to cyan like it was game over and the game was finished. It happened twice in a row with NTSC Berzerk and then also with PAL Berzerk (score more than 80.000) I have not noticed this issue before. I am using RGB modded Atari Junior original PAL version and have only PlusCart cartridges. Tried just one of my two PlusCart cartridges, will try another too. I am using the latest firmware version (2.1.0).
  10. Thank you very much, I think this may help a lot of people. I will use my non-corrupted cart now (I already have a RGB modded Atari, so I do not longer need another console)
  11. Okay, so one of my PlusCarts will never detect my offline ROMs? How is it possible that I have offline roms available on another PlusCart? I upgraded the firmware on one day, one after another.
  12. Hi, I like the new release, just have to download/detect offline ROMS each time on one of my PlusCarts. How to fix it? Offline roms always disappear with new start of PlusCart.
  13. Wizzard

    RetroN 77

    I use my Retron 77 with my USB joystick which also have extra buttons for start, reset and exit game. Everything works, just have to map those buttons.
  14. Nice TV! I just see you also the colour strip at the left edge of some games as I had on my NTSC AV modded console.
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