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  1. Yes, so this is the point. Ubuntu 16.04 has g++ 5.3.1, so I should build it on newer version. However, Stella 6.0.1 in Retropie builds just fine and even the Ubuntu provided Stella 4.7 is not so bad, so it is not a problem. Seems that Finally I found a way how to run Stella fast on my Banana Pi.
  2. What is wrong when I cannot build Stella on Armbian 5.90 (Ubuntu Xenial)? Too old distro? I can build it on latest Armbian 20.05, but I cannot run it there, cause I cannot build SDL2 there.
  3. I think I found the reason why that sound stops randomly. I noticed some audio buffer underrun in the log just after sound stops working, so it seems I just have to adjust the sound settings.
  4. Good, so I could just rebuild Stella with my desired device and it should work?
  5. Ok, I solved that problem, but I have another question. Can I set Stella to use just specified audio output, e.g. HDMI out? The reason is that I also use mpd daemon on my SBC which uses line out output and sometimes they had the conflicts.
  6. I read somewhere that the switch have another function in this firmware, but I believe you, thanks
  7. I am yet waiting for my Retron 77 to be delivered, so I just want to know if ayone can confirm it working on their Retron
  8. Please, does it support also 4:3 mode like the default firmware?
  9. That is a pity. I tried changing that V-size adjust but it has almost no effect. Is there any other way how to override that aspect ratio? Odoslané z ONEPLUS A5010 pomocou Tapatalku
  10. Hi, I think it was discussed here, but I did not find it solved. Is there any way how to adjust the aspect ratio? It seems this option was removed. I use Stella on my Orange Pi on 4:3 TV via HDMI-composite out and the image is just too narrow, I would like to stretch it to full monitor width. note: I cannot use fullscreen, because when I set that, the keyboard stops responding.
  11. That is perfect. I was searching for that, but did not notice this information. Just hope it will support my Atari Blaze joystick cause it has problem with the newer Linux kernels. I either did not find the info about someone using some USB joystick with Retron 77.
  12. Sorry for the off-topic question, but would it be possible to hack Retron to support USB joysticks?
  13. I own Flashback X deluxe and despite it is nice looking, it is not so good thing. If you are satisfied with the bundled games, it could be fine, but if you want to play own games, it is not so straightforward. You can load an SD card, but the games are without the graphics and adding the graphics is quite complicated. It also have some small lag. I ordered Retron 77 cause I prefer simple Stella interface. Retron also has 4:3 switch which Flashback does not have.
  14. I am also curious why HC ROMS\BY ALPHABET directory also contains PAL games where we have BY ALPHABET (PAL) directory. Sorry if it was answered before.
  15. It happened to me that I had the binary identical files with different names and they were not merged into one. Just after I selected them in Stella and saw their metadata, after next Audit they were merged. Maybe some bug in Stella 6.0.2 for Linux?
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