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  1. I wrote arm64, but mean armhf. Anyway, it seems that I should ask libretro team about this.
  2. Dear friends, sorry if it was answered before, I would like to know how may I build my own regular Stella libretro core, cause it is no longer available for Linux arm64 machines. The last available is some 6.1pre version archived from before the hack. It is fine, but why not to use the latest. I know, I may use regular Stella program, which I do and it works fine. Anyway, it would be fine to have libretro core too. btw, I know how to build regular Stella app, but there is no libretro core included, afaik. Thanks much!
  3. yes, but just reading I would not know how it runs on my playing chromebook
  4. That is absolutely OK, no need to fix that old version. It is just fun and interesting experience for me exploring the features in Stella version history. It is a great software.
  5. Yes, it is a PAL game, of course. Or am I missing something?
  6. I see, you are right, but it seems like it does not work. I disabled it and still have some PAL games with odd lines monochome
  7. Not really, that option is not present in 5.1.3, but it is in 5.0, where I have it disabled and colors are OK.
  8. Of course, you are right. This Chromebook I am using is just for playing, so it is not like it is necessary to optimize latest Stella for older hardware. This is why I am trying various versions for older hardware like this. I found out that Stella 5.0 is even better than 5.1.3, cause it is fast and the games are without artifacts (some PAL games with odd number of lines were monochrome in later versions).
  9. I tried 5.1.3 version and sound is much better, so this may be the version to use.
  10. Seems there is some change, maybe not in sound, but other things, the graphics also is slower in 6.5.3. I use the same settings, tried OpenGL, ES and Software rendering, there is not so many things to set up.
  11. I checked the release info for Stella and found out that 6.0 version is the first with cycle exact sound. I found out that I may build older version myself and try more versions to find the best. I built 6.5.3, it is not perfect, then I tried 6.0 and it is much better, although not perfect, the sound is still sometimes different from real hardware. May try other and will see which is the best for my RK3288 Chromebook with Linux.
  12. I know that I am annoying, but, I like to play. I found out that I cannot select the game variant to 2 player game in River Raid HSC PAL and NTSC. There is still game 1, when I push the select buton.
  13. It seems that another game is not reporting all the high scores in all game variants. Variants 11-15 do not report the high scores.
  14. I often check the statistics, it is a nice feature. I see that it is based on requests, but not on actual number of games played. How is it calculated? I think it counts the requests like game list etc, but not every game start. Would not be more accurate to just count the game load and game start?
  15. Have you already updated the HSC ROMs in PlusRoms? Now the movement looks smooth.
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