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  1. Thanks, most of the games I know from my former console from 90s (my only console I ever had) and i still play those games on Stella or on my real Atari. Oh, those memories.
  2. I personally use RGB modded Atari Junior with my CRT and Retron 77 for LCD TV, but I am selling Retron cause I do not use it anymore. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/114870703781
  3. Happy b-day, PlusCart is my only real cartridge that I use with my Atari.
  4. Nah, that is not a problem, it is just time consuming on the first level, it takes more than hour to get this score. I know that wifi connection may be a problem, I just wanted to try it.
  5. I tried to reach the high score in Berzerk NTSC, so I got some 130.000 points and let Atari run during the night and day to finish the game on the next day. When I came back the next day, I was dead, but it seems like I was in the same level I let it be (no robots, no evil Otto). Maybe another bug that terminates the game after a few hours of inactivity?
  6. I found out an interesting issue with SECAM games on my RGB modded Junior from ebay. On my RGB modded junior, all the SECAM games contain some kind of gray color instead of those bright colors in Stella (and original and AV modded Atari, I think, too). It is not a big deal, I am just interested why is it like that. Maybe RGB mod does not support SECAM palette, I guess.
  7. The best option is RGB modded console, which can play both PAL and NTSC games with correct colors. Something like this https://www.ebay.ie/itm/114870703781 or you may mod it yourself. I have that console from that link and it is great, it plays everything and I may even switch the palette using the button. Of course, PlusCart is a need too.
  8. Well, first of all, PAL Atari Junior has "PAL" written on the sticker on the bottom. NTSC has not, cause it was the default. I had both PAL and NTSC Jrs so I am sure about this.
  9. Good, maybe it could be in the HSC folder (it does not work even when I try to run it from this link in emulator https://highscore.firmaplus.de/?game_id=39&game_variant=Level+1
  10. I wanted to play CAVE Apocalypse, but I cannot find it in HSC folder. Has it been removed?
  11. Hi, I just got my new great Atari Jr with RGB mod and testing my games. I noticed that some PAL games that worked before are now black and white. Example: Bank Heist (PAL).bin That can be wrong? Before I had the same console with RGB mod (using AV output) and all the games were in color. I am not sure if the problem is in my console or in Pluscart. TV is the same Samsung CRT.ň edit: omg, it was just my fault, I had switched my Atari to black and white mode. It is ok, no problem at all
  12. I just have an interesting observation, although I am sure it is a known fact. I just bought RPI 1b+ for playing and for using it with my Atari 2600 Jr case and found out (no surprise) that the latest version of Stella does not run fast enough on RPI1 to play the games (tried Recalbox 7.22). Then I tried latest RetroPie for RPI 1 and it does not even boot (some problem with partitions). So, I am not sure if the RetroPie guys test their images, but I think that it is the best to use clean Lakka image, it is the simplest option.
  13. I am just interested how it displays PAL games? Like all other NTSC consoles, with wrong colors?
  14. What kind of stella core does it run? Regular or 2014 version?
  15. I wrote arm64, but mean armhf. Anyway, it seems that I should ask libretro team about this.
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