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    Hyperkin Ranger

    I dont like it very much. It is not so good replacement for a joystick, in my opinion. It is sometimes hard to do precise moves using that joypad. Paddle wheel is not bad, but I think it is not so good as a real paddle (I never played a game with a paddle, just waiting for 2600daptor to connect it to my Retron).
  2. It is, but it is not possible to save the display position for each game, or am I missing something? At least I did not find this feature in manual.
  3. Ok, so it may not be Stella issue, but rather my OS issue. I have problem setting 16:10 resolution in Armbian, so I guess I should search in Armbian forums how to do that. Btw, is it possible to save the display position and size for individual games? Some games are still not correctly centered on my monitor (Mines of Minos PAL for example, it is too much on the top and it crops some part of picture).
  4. I may confirm it does not work on Flashback X, only Retron 77.
  5. I wonder how to configure original Hyperkin Rander controller. It does not work with Flashback X for me so I tried to map the analog button in Retron and seems like it does nothing. How can I do it? Which joystick port I have to use for Ranger? Ok, I found it out. I just used defaults in input settings and inserted ranger to first joystick port and it works
  6. Ok, thanks, I built it with g++9 and so far, so good. It is the latest version 6.3pre and the delay is over. So, it was caused by that ystart detection, probably. Now the games are perfectly stretched to fullscreen when I set that stretch option. The only problem is that it is not optimized for 16:10 screens yet. When I do not set the stretch, it seems to be narrower than 4:3 and with stretch it is wider that 4:3. I know not many people are playing on 16:10 TVs, but it may be a nice feature to the future. Thanks for the help!
  7. 22" LG M2294D, 16:10, 1680x1050, 2xHDMI, DVI, antenna, composite, VGA. Perfect also for emulation.
  8. Hi, thanks. I installed g++ 6 and also g++ 9, made also full upgrade. Just tried it before setting G++ version, just to check: Looking for C++ compiler... g++ Checking for compiler version... 5.5.0, ok Then when I set export CXX=g++-9 this happens: Looking for C++ compiler... g++-9 Checking for compiler version... found non-gcc compiler version not found The version of your compiler is not supported at this time Please ensure you are using GCC 5.0 / Clang 3.8 or above Maybe I should set it different way?
  9. Btw, what was the last version without Display_YStart property detection, or with faster implementation? I have generally no problem with 4.7.1, just some games are not correctly aligned vertically.
  10. I have not tried any version between those 2, so I should try and check Ok, it seems that 6.0.2 compiles fine, but 6.1 not. It hangs on the similar (same?) error like the latest version:
  11. That sounds good! Which PPA should I use? Thanks!
  12. I tried OpenGL ES2 and software rendering, it is the same, delay is about 2-3 secs. I know BPI is not superfast, but still it is just Atari 2600, not Playstation. Can I disable YStart manually in Stella 6.0.1? I cannot use Stella 6.2.1 cause it will not build on Ubuntu Xenial (as I said, I should use this cause only legacy kernel supports my joystick). edit: I do not see the slowdowns, I have set the resolution just 1280x720.
  13. Hello, it is not Stella 6.2 related, but rather 6.0.x. I have Stella 6.0.1 compiled from the source on my Banana Pi with Armbian which I use as my gaming console. When I run Stella 4.7.1 from Ubuntu Xenial distro (I need this old distro because of my joystick support) everything is fine. When I run Stella 6.0.1 compiled from source, it runs too, but I see a few seconds timeout between starting the game and displaying the game graphics on the screen. It does not show immediatelly like on 4.7.1. I see some kind of cursor on the screen, so it seems it is doing something. How can I rid of this annoying delay? This delay is not present when returning back to the game list, it only is present when launching a game.
  14. Good, will try it. Also it seems that my paddles have very worn out connector, cause it has issues also on Flashback X, only works when I push the cable to some side.
  15. This is how my paddles look I made it working, but I have to push the cable at the port to some side, maybe the port is worn out?
  16. Okay, will check that. It was written on ebay it was "fully tested and working" so I bought it. I am trying it on Retron 77 latest community build and also tried on Flashback X where it was reported working on the forum, but it does nothing.
  17. So there is some bug in Stella 6.2.1 which causes paddles not working? I just tried my new paddles from ebay and it seems not to work. Just fire sometimes work, when I move the cable.
  18. How did you do that? I just got the paddles from ebay (it should be fully tested) and they do not work. I tried left and right port, but nothing. Tried paddle games only. Can it be faulty paddle? I cannot test it, cause I only have Flashback X and Retron 77, with neither of it paddles work.
  19. Yes, so this is the point. Ubuntu 16.04 has g++ 5.3.1, so I should build it on newer version. However, Stella 6.0.1 in Retropie builds just fine and even the Ubuntu provided Stella 4.7 is not so bad, so it is not a problem. Seems that Finally I found a way how to run Stella fast on my Banana Pi.
  20. What is wrong when I cannot build Stella on Armbian 5.90 (Ubuntu Xenial)? Too old distro? I can build it on latest Armbian 20.05, but I cannot run it there, cause I cannot build SDL2 there.
  21. I think I found the reason why that sound stops randomly. I noticed some audio buffer underrun in the log just after sound stops working, so it seems I just have to adjust the sound settings.
  22. Good, so I could just rebuild Stella with my desired device and it should work?
  23. Ok, I solved that problem, but I have another question. Can I set Stella to use just specified audio output, e.g. HDMI out? The reason is that I also use mpd daemon on my SBC which uses line out output and sometimes they had the conflicts.
  24. I read somewhere that the switch have another function in this firmware, but I believe you, thanks
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