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  1. I'm sure someone else could do the genre better justice, but this is what I ended up with. In truth it was just an excuse to use a giant whiteboard, half the ideas I came up with ended up getting scrapped but there's still a neat 4k MSK example here. SARL takes place in two modes of play, the mazes and the battles. In the mazes your goal is to make it out the other side while collecting any mystery treasure Marked with a {?} on the map. This can be a HP potion, MP potion, or a free LVL up. In the maze there is also a patrolling enemy, contacting the enemy initiates a battle. In the battle mode you select from Attacks, Spells, and Inventory. To start off with at Lvl 1 you can only perform the first Attack (Rush) and use potions from your inventory (You start with 5 of each potion) After defeating an enemy you will gain a LVL up. Attacks and Spells both have A and B options that require a specific LVL, and Spells also require specific ammounts of MP to cast. LVL 3: Unlock B Attack, Slash LVL 5: Unlock A Spell. Firepit LVL 7: Unlock B Spell, Shiver. Each LVL also increases your chance to dodge incoming enemy attacks. The Inventory has only two options, A for HP potion and B for MP potion. Drinking a potion will restore that stat to max. Screenshots, Binary, and bB basic below. SARL.bin SARL.bas
  2. This was the absolute smallest one I ever came up with. In this program when an enemy was "dead" I just made them colored black because of the cycle efficiency of checking for it. This bit of code made each of four enemy sprites move from one side of the screen to the other, turning around when they hit the edge to face the other way, and they all moved at different speeds (Which was governed by the single "diceroll" randomizer that I used for every pseudo-random operation I needed to do) and when they either got hit a bad dice roll or had been marked as "dead" they would get skipped over completely to save extra cycles. I calculated at the time that it was about 138bytes lighter than if I had done it without a loop. It just shows that if you think a little outside the box you can save a lot of resources.
  3. The answer is, like mentioned a few times, to use the sprite pointers to point to set of contiguous RAM, you can then simply change the RAM to edit the pixels that are on/off. I had posted some examples when I was trying different ways of saving space while working on ATAX-ATAX All three examples result in the same sprite. In example two or three, if you change any of the values of s-y you'll change that row of the sprite, for example I use the number "16" for two rows of the sprite but you could easily express this as "%00010000" if that is easier for you to visualize. To add a pixel to the end you could change it to 17 or %00010001
  4. 550 is quite outdated, I suggest a reinstall with 568 Link I've had this exact problem when an install doesn't completely set paths correctly, a reinstall fixed it. Edit: You might also want to make sure that bb ,vbb, and your atari emulator all have short directories with no spaces in any of the path. The path variable settings seem to really dislike long paths or paths that contain spaces. Edit2: If you're still having issue after a reinstall, try to make sure you run vbb in admin mode.
  5. Uhm, excuse me but we have at least 58 more years of PlayStation. PS9 <----
  6. Sekiro (PS4) Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Realm of the Mad God (PC)
  7. Interesting all the different experiences people have had. I wasn't expecting to hear so much about Atari controllers but it sounds like the stress it caused people was pretty severe so I say it counts as relevant to the topic. I was trying to think if there was some sort of glitch or hardware failure that I could recall as having a strong impact on me- but I honestly can't remember anything beyond having to blow into and reseat Nintendo cartridges what feels like a million times, as was the style at the time. I also find it interesting how despite several of us having had some sort of negative experience with games, that we continued to be enthralled in the enjoyment of video games. I'm not really sure what it means, but it probably has some profound implications about the resilience of human spirit. It's either that or playing games is fun.
  8. My ASM is abysmal but here is one way you could do it; You just need to declare three variables to be used to control the AUDC0, AUDF0, and duration in frames. (AUDV0 can be left at 4 in this example, to save on RAM) Then something like this in your main loop : LDA FXtone BNE .loaddur jmp .FXnullify .loaddur LDA FXdur BNE .loadpitch .FXnullify LDA #0 STA FXpitch .loadpitch LDA FXpitch BNE .cyclesound LDA #0 STA AUDV0 jmp .muted .cyclesound DEC FXtone DEC FXpitch DEC FXdur LDA FXtone STA AUDC0 LDA #4 STA AUDV0 LDA FXpitch STA AUDF0 .muted ; muted You can then turn on a sound effect by setting the FXtone (translates to AUDC0/ waveform you want) the FXpitch (which specifies the starting pitch, to be decreased each frame) and the FXdur (which acts as a frame-count limiter) anywhere during the programs execution (such as on a successful collision check) in this way you can specify different sound effects by just playing with these three values. I don't pretend that this code is optimized, but I think it's a fairly simple way of doing it. The values of AUDC0, AUDF0 and FXdur are all decreased by 1 each frame until any of them equal zero, then the sound is turned off. Hope this at least provides you with some ideas. Disclaimer: Did not compile and test, but this is based on working code.
  9. As someone who's not quite so long indoctrinated into Atarism, I really don't think pushing a programming language from the 80s/90s on a child in the '20s is the best idea. Take what I say with a grain of salt as I don't have children, but I know that when my nephew showed his own interest in programming it only took about 10 minutes of me trying to explain a BASIC language and showing him the lackluster results in a DOS console to cure him of ever being interested in programming again. I would say use some sort of no-coding game development suite first maybe, then a BASIC, then give them access to less friendly or more limited environments if they have the interest. We have a TON of new software to make game making painless (I've used GDevelop myself and it's pretty neat) which give the newbie programmer a much quicker reward for much less work. Utilize the new tools.
  10. QBasic on PC, then a TI-83+/84 calculator. Seems to be pretty in line with a lot of other people's experiences.
  11. Not sure if this is the exact issue you have, but you are updating the player's position both before and after the drawscreen from the same joystick input, that might be throwing off your colisions. Also on the first one I don't think the Bitop_Joy_Direction is ever dim'd
  12. Eh, might just be my experience with it- I recall vice city being unplayably laggy and other games not working at all, but might have just been my system and my library that made me think it was struggling badly.
  13. I think the most recent one I can recall was the 2014 Angry Video Game Nerd Movie, which both revolves around and contains actual screens from the infamous E.T. for Atari.
  14. I guessed classic gaming would be the place for this post. The question is: was there ever a game that when you played it as a kid, scarred you/creeped you out, and if so do you think that it was intentional by the game developers? I'll share my experience to set the tone. As a kid I was completely traumatized by Ecco the Dolphin. I think it had something to do with the plot and mechanics of the game- A dolphin is separated from it's entire family, you constantly are being forced to dive deeper and deeper, searching for pockets of air to avoid drowning in the unknown depths. I realize it wasn't meant to be creepy but to this day seeing the game-play still makes my skin crawl a little bit. Anyone out there with a similar experience, either with a totally innocent game or maybe with a game that you shouldn't have played at as young of an age as you did?
  15. So the PS5 indeed seems like it will have some level of PS4 compatability, which makes sense. When I first was told it would play any PS games I was skeptical because both the PS1 and PS2 used some pretty weird chips/engines AFAIK. Even the "backwards compatible" PS3's struggled to play most PS2 games. Wiki page for the Emotion Engine
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