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  1. Yes; I know. It wouldn't work with the joystick. I've come to the conclusion that those two games I had problems with do not work, so I got rid of them. The_P_Man
  2. Hello there; new member here. I have a few questions about the VCS Cartridge Adapter that was made for the 5200. I purchased a few 2600 games at a steal price at a local store the other day and I am wondering if there are 2600 games that do not work perfectly with the adapter. The games I seem to have trouble with are: 1) Night Driver 2) Human Cannonball When I play Night Driver, the game turns on ok and everything, but when I try and drive the car with the paddle; nothing happens. However, when I play with a normal joystick the car moves for an instant and that's it. Then the game hangs. In Human Cannonball, I can press the button with the paddles and the guy jumps out and sometimes lands on the net, but I am unable to control the angles of the cannons. Could this just be bad cartridges? Because the adapter seems to be working ok with other games. Maybe I need a real 2600 to play certain games? Thanks; The_P_Man
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