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  1. I've uploaded overviews of Super Impulses Atari Series 2 and 3 Micro Arcades. Their ports of Asteroids, Breakout, Millipede, Combat (not an arcade game), & Pong again x2. Now with mostly in focus video footage thanks to a better macro capable camera. I also uploaded three videos showcasing (not reviewing or commenting) the Frogger, Pac-Man (version 2), and Q*bert Nelsonic LCD game wrist watches. Just some videos to kill time while waiting for juicer Mini Arcade news. Addition: A couple New York Toy Fair 2020 videos show Super Impulse's booth and it seems instead of a series 4 Atari (Warlords, Tempest, and likely Pong again) they are instead releasing Oregon Trail (Not an arcade game) or atleast they don't show it packaged but there is loose one that does have the Tempest, Warlords logos so maybe not (???). Also for Tiny Arcade besides the aforementioned BurgerTime, Mappy, Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles is Tomb Raider (not an arcade game unless based on the 2018 rail shooter or is there another arcade version? and the box art looks more like the old PC or PS1 era of the character anyway, and there is so much more really on how it seems a dumb choice but I'm already ranting so I'll drop the should be obvious insanity of it).
  2. From what I read and have seen the original Arduboy Tetris MicroCard [Discontinued] was much better. The Super Impulse is way too easy to max out the high score, it takes about 20 minutes to do I've found and between that the speed doesn't get that fast and definitely by level 20 if not sooner is at its maximum speed and often even briefly slows down or pauses. well just see the attached image:
  3. Actually your post is the first I've seen that the Space Invaders Micro Arcade is for sale. Super Impulse hasn't even listed it on their website. I'm sure it will be gameplay and visually almost Identical to the Tiny Arcade but with worse sound. Wonder if it saves the high score if allowed to just time out to sleep/low power state (power switch will reset it and all micro arcades as it just fully cuts power) like the Atari and Tetris or if they effed up like with the Pac Man Micro and it loses the score no matter what. Super Impulse in a few replies to Facebook comments has mentioned that the Q-bert micro Arcade is suppose to be released sometime in November. I'm just waiting to have my suspicions confirmed that they so much don't give a damn that the Q-Bert will retain the '+' d-pad arrangement instead of them putting the effort to realign the d-pad to an 'x' (and not fix Colly's "AI" which is just random in the Tiny version to boot, even the nearly 40 year old Nelsonic game watch got that right even).
  4. That "review" was crap. Hate these morons that know jackshit about the arcade and do zero actual gameplay analysis. I also already reviewed this (and posted on doing so) months ago. (plus I later compared the Micro vs Tiny pac-mans). Also that idiot doesn't need more promotion.
  5. A (badly made) video comparing the Super Impulse Pac-Man Micro and Tiny Arcades plus to the arcade proper.
  6. (and seeing how these are the NES roms/ports)
  7. I suspect (purely speculation) that the Super Impulse Micro Arcades aren't selling or getting the fan/community interest that the Tiny Arcades do by a significant amount. It doesn't help that the other two (Tetris and Pac-Man) were already released as Tiny Arcades (and also by other mini arcade makers). It also seems like the arcade cabinet form factor is preferred a lot more by both collectors and general consumers (novelty, and their general lower cost for starters). Also the update of their web-page https://superimpulse.com/micro-arcade/ no longer mentions these as Series one. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they don't continue with the Micro Arcade releases (or more accurately I'd be surprise if they do continue). Further speculation, I'm guessing the next line/series of Tiny Arcades will be based off of this Atari license (seeing that they already have it for the Micro Arcades and have/had 3 more planned).
  8. The genesis one I've heard/read but it sounds somewhat "hacked" as I've read the uncensored codes don't work.
  9. A video overview of the Super Impulse Micro Arcade Atari Combo.
  10. Someone in the Tiny Arcade Facebook (facebook, blah) group received theirs and posted pics, it is a 3 bases port but only 1 action button is used which activates the closest base. Supposedly the frame rate is smooth. Maybe during the weekend some video of it in action will be posted by an someone.
  11. The My Arcade Bubble Bobble "Micro Player" or "Pocket Player"? Because comparing the actual NES select screen (top) with the one in the video at response #1251 of this thread of the "Micro Player" (bottom, duh) it seems like the 2P options are hacked out. I'd also expect it to be an advertised feature on the office product pages if there was a way to link them. https://www.myarcadegaming.com/products/bubble-bobble-micro-player https://www.myarcadegaming.com/collections/pocket-player/products/bubble-bobble-pocket-player The "Pocket Player" version to my knowledge isn't out yet so maybe it will include that feature but it seems odd it isn't mentioned. Unrelated, the Super Impulse Micro Arcade Atari Combo (#1) of 'Missile Command', 'Centipede', and 'Pong' is now available on Ebay and Amazon. Amazon itself at the time of this typing lists it as "Temporarily out of stock" but prices it at $19.99 (US$) where everyone else online I've seen has it for ~$25 (US$) which to me $25 seems too much for it but others might find it fair and will want to get it. So passing the info here. Very hard to tell/see but it looks like a 1 Missile base port variant of 'Missile Command' is being used (by the tiny thumbnail in the packaging art beneath the dubious "Authentic Sounds" copy). Was thinking before that they might have done a 1 action button for Alpha, 2 for Delta, and 1 and 2 together for Omega (missile base). Although to be honest the Atari 8bit port (1 base) is more nostalgic for me. Those games on a D-pad also might be less then enjoyable. Lastly I wonder (would think/find it funny) if 'Pong' was the "Bonus Game" in all the Micro Arcade Atari Combos.
  12. ... but the Pocket Player is the NES version (as you even stated a different message ago) so... makes more sense than your counter point/argument in reply. Also it may not be as common as the 1st Dig Dug but Dig Dug 2 if by you mean "modern" console compilations/ports it has shown up multiple times. Per wikipedia: "In 2005, Dig Dug II was ported to the PlayStation Portable as part of Namco Museum Battle Collection, and was included in Namco Museum DS which was released for the Nintendo DS on September 18, 2007. The game was also included in Namco Museum Virtual Arcade in 2008 and was released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on October 20, 2009, along with the inceptive title. Both Dig Dug games are available as part of the Namco Museum Megamix compilation for the Wii, which (much unlike the Virtual Console Arcade versions) was only released in North America."
  13. I've thought that too, makes more sense than their Tiny Arcade line for that purpose too which are keychains. Especially since the their Micro Arcades have a mute/sound off toggle and the Tiny Arcades to my knowledge don't have a way to turn off sound which makes public use/play seem unadvised. I've been wondering if maybe the Micro Arcades could be easily "modded" into a keychain. If the corners are held with screws maybe one of those screw holes can be replaced with a metal loop? Looks more like plastic pegs though. Maybe a fine/tiny drill bit would work for one of those pegs if that is what they are to make a hole for a lanyard?
  14. Besides here I also posed the question to a Facebook (blah) group that is about these kinds of mini arcades and someone just replied with: I think we have a match.
  15. I actual stepped through the frames, that was the least out of focus.
  16. Another (very) slightly better image of the mystery game from another horrid Youtube review.
  17. Since #370 is Asteroids (vector) and Breakout (raster) I don't think #372's other game is necessarily vector. Supposedly there were only 13 released Atari vector arcade games too (for reference: http://www.andysarcade.de/vec_atari.html and http://gamearchive.askey.org/Video_Games/Manufacturers/Atari/vector.html) and none really look like a match to me. Also since #371 includes Combat that means #372 might not even be an arcade game. Another problem with #372's "unknown to me" is the images/video is so blurred/out of focus and small it is like a Rorschach test. Sometimes I think it might be a globe or other circular piece of art work with the name curved at the bottom, other times it looks like it might be 2 sets or words/parts of the name with one curving over the other.
  18. The screen size is less of an issue than that there are only controls for 1 player and unless the future series/waves add some kind of linking of 2 systems together, either they are 1. programing an "A.I." opponent, or 2. making a game where you shoot stationary tanks and purely linearly flying planes. Also Combat itself (although the 2 predecessors it was based off of were) was not an arcade game so that kind of messes their "arcade" branding (but I'll admit that criticism might be pedantic).
  19. For "clarity" here is a (cropped but not resized from 720p) frame capture of what I was "talking" about.
  20. Well maybe "he actually knows what he's talking about with retrogames" but he sure as H can't make a pleasant vid to watch. The vertical video plus inserted arcade footage at the sides is inexcusable, full stop. Also he neglected to mention if the high scores were retained if the unit was shut down then restarted. The 1st gen Tiny Arcades to my knowledge did but it seems like most of the latter releases don't. Also he takes too long to get to the actual review, some parts could have been covered first then showing what "extras" (instructions and catalogue) are in the box and "funny" (for some) bits for after. Speaking/typing of not pleasant to watch video makers, Madlittlepixel has a review of that 'Stranger Things Mini Arcade Machine' that someone in this thread brought up earlier. For those that don't feel like watching, to sum up the 4 actual retro games suffer from terribly choppy frame rates and the 16 "inspired by retro" games are like low grade flash games from 20 to 15 years ago. The only upside to this video is that for once he doesn't use the nails-on-a-chalkboard unpleasant phrase of "bad boy." Also I wouldn't dismiss Ashen's knowledge of old games (,old games aren't just the mainstream retro arcade titles that so many "experts" keep regurgitating their "knowledge" of). His main channel might disguise it but his talks at the 'Norwich Games Festival' which are view able at the Fest's own Youtube page show a wealth of knowledge. 'The Curse Of Bloggo's Pow' and 'Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of' presentations particularly come to mind. Lastly of possible interest I actually noticed Walmart (at a brick and mortar physical location that is) was selling a Tetris Tiny Arcade, until this Monday (at ~2AM) I'd only seen them stock the 1st gen Tiny Arcades. This was the Philadelphia suburbs so other locations "mileage may vary" but if you've been looking for them at Walmart's more appropriate price for these toys/games you may want to try to see if they're in stock near you. Edit: 2 typos (that I just caught although I'm sure there are more that I'm missing): "exports" instead of "experts" and the "s" in scores.
  21. Anyone know what that game besides 'Tempest' for "micro Arcade" #372 is? (Maybe I should have started with the video I'm referencing? Anyway, I'm more curious about what the actual game is as someone with an interest in video games and their history and not that it might become some portable trinket. That I can't remember any games with a logo/banner like it is slightly bothering me.) Also #371 'Combat,' am I the only one that A. notices that, & B. realizes why (in multiple ways) that makes no sense? One of the videos by arcadeusa also showed the catalogue (I forgot which and it is just as unreadable as it is in this video so no point in linking if I knew now) and that was even more painful to watch with (paraphrasing as I don't remember the exact insipidness) "How cool" "wow" "awesome" as the twit read aloud the names of the most obvious and already now overproduced games (then proceeded to be more sellout/adman than reviewer on the actual item). And this one, Vertical video!!! (And showing the original arcade on the sides is just distracting and annoying too.) Why the H can't anyone competent review these series 3 toys/games, series 1 had Youtubers like Techmoan and Ashens review them but now its just these fools. Additional, has everyone forgotten the old Nelsonic (I believe different regions had different branding) arcade watches? Of course just pre-set LCD graphics but for Q-bert and Frogger (Pac-Man's gameplay not so much but fun in a different/unique/interesting way, none-the-less.) they were (atleast considering the year they were released) pretty faithful to the video games they were based on (yes, no where near 100% but again context). Those were the true original mini arcades and even smaller than these "World's Smallest."
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