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  1. I will leave it as is (stock) and will be looking for potential use maybe to connect to voice synthetizor or something cool via RS232.
  2. thanks! useful one indeed. I was looking for a good reason to use 850 but it seems its not so usable any more.
  3. thank you; this I was looking for not much use for 850 then
  4. I have found Atari 850 for a good price and I was thinking to add it to my Atari 800 as a device which will power Lotharek SIO2SD independently of Atari 800. I just don't know if it's possible? For example, my Atari 800 is powered off; I switch on power on 850, which will power SIO2SD so I can select what I want to load. Once selected I power on the computer? Will it work?
  5. Nice work! Where can I download Winter version? thanks
  6. Very good; no problems at all. I have been using it for around 6 months already.
  7. im using this (widely available) - RockPower NT 21 Power Supply 9V AC/2100 mA 5.5 x 2.5mm
  8. Dziekuje (thank you). I have just ordered the physical copy
  9. I am using successfully with my Atari 800 this one - RockPower NT 21 Power Supply 9V AC/2100 mA 5.5 x 2.5mm
  10. I was not aware. Thanks for sharing. I use it only for 800/130xe.
  11. I have not tried Mini (I have PRO) but Atari uses svideo or composite the same as PRO, which should be the same.
  12. I can 100% support this one super support + super products! A new Mini has very nice price, so let us support a real inventor
  13. [update - final] I moved and reconnected all the cables again and it works fully!
  14. I have connected the machine. When I start to turn it the screen got first black, but later (still turning) got ok color I think. It looks +/- like my favourite Atari 800 Thanks for help. ps. I have noticed my machine had select/option button changed... I guess will open it again and change them to the correct places
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