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  1. I have connected the machine. When I start to turn it the screen got first black, but later (still turning) got ok color I think. It looks +/- like my favourite Atari 800 Thanks for help. ps. I have noticed my machine had select/option button changed... I guess will open it again and change them to the correct places
  2. right will do. This is my first XE after 30 yrs and did not remember. thanks!
  3. lool....stupid me I turned it like 100x in both directions ..:( do you have any tips to adjust it correctly now?
  4. Hi, I have just assembled back my Atari 130XE and noticed there is another screw (I don't remember I used it to open) on the right site of label (see picture; not mine, borrowed from net). The screw there is turning in circles (cannot tight it). Do you know what is it? I don't want to disassemble it again to check Thanks!
  5. I have not seen either, but read they changed somewhere in 1986 from 16 to 4 chips, which is a better/more reliable solution. Maybe its not relevant to PAL versions.
  6. Thanks for tips 🙂 I have just opened the case and confirmed it has a first gen. Mitsumi keyboard with springs and green film its ok to type on it. Then, it has 16 RAM Mostek chips and not 4. I have read that Atari switched from 16 to 4 around 1986. Therefore, it seems its probably earlier model than 1998. Let us investigate more:)
  7. Thanks for fast answers; appreciated. Have you managed to decipher the serial number of XE series to get year and week?
  8. Hello, I have just bought my second Atari; 130xe Pal version to cover games my Atari 800 does not play;) There are 2 topics I would like to get your feedback: 1. Does anybody know what is the production week/year of this model (serial pic attached)? I have searched the forum, but it seems it’s not fully clear. 2. My model got small cracks on both front sides of the top cover (pics attached). Looks like plastic just got old. Is it something you experienced as well? Worth glueing? Thanks! M.
  9. The list of selected ones was published on Sept 1st (http://vide.malban.de/september-1st-vectorblade-chosen); the comms to the selected ones were sent on the same too.
  10. btw, there was RetroTink Mini announced too, which will be more cost effective.
  11. There is no visible lag at all with RetroTINK. Its a beast and worth paying, especially if you plan more than 1 computer/console. Regarding lag pls see RetroRGB videos testing it.
  12. I am a lucky one it will be so cool to play it
  13. I have Pro and its amazing fully recommended the Pro version allows to easily upgrade firmware, which is really cool as you get new features.
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