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  1. Clear;) will u start a separate thread - call for action/preorder one?
  2. .. but will you do Atari 800 (non xl) cover?
  3. Here is the updated screen with Basic detection, which is correct (Basic version A) Summary: - Processor seems OK - Ram not yet - OS seems OK - Basic seems OK - TV system not yet - Sound seems OK (I think all Atari 800 are mono in stock configuration)
  4. I am sorry, but my feedback was not clear I have GTIA PAL and the software detected CTIA PAL, which is not correct
  5. I have tested test3 version and the results are: -memory is now "unknown" from 64k in the previous version -CITA PAL is detected and not GITA PAL (in my machine); previous version had GTIA NTSC; ANTIC in both versions were PAL; my machine is PAL with NTSC B OS.
  6. thanks for the answer the graphics looks really nice!
  7. I have an unmodified Atari 800 and decided not to get Incognito; want to keep it stock. Maybe will buy 65XE as a 2nd machine for new stuff:) Those are quite common in NL.
  8. Thank you! This version is superb!
  9. No chances for 48k Atari 800 version I believe? looks super!
  10. yes, I use s-video cable form Lotharek + retroTINK pro with HDMI output. The video quality is pretty nice
  11. thank you for the confirmation I guess almost all new games are using 64k.
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