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  1. Yes, I have been using it with my 800 for last year; works great!
  2. I have both Atari 800 (stock) and 130XE (stock) and both are amazing in their own way Atari 130XE (or 65XE or late 800XL with Freddie) gives you basically all out of the box: svideo and min 64kb provides access to almost all programs. The earlier XE had springs in keyboards (I have one of those) and this keyboard is not bad at all. The quality of plastic, keyboards and motherboards is not like in 800 (XL is visibly better), but they work without issues. This is the best value for money in my opinion. Atari 800 is one of the most beautiful vintage computers (more than 1200 ) to me and the build quality is superb. However, if you want to have it as a daily runner you really need to mod it, which is rather expensive.
  3. The best option is to get a new EU power supply (non Atari); its around 20 euro (I saw them in Poland too). I have PAL 800 with NTSC (US) ROM and it works ok so I assume you can leave US ROM. You will get NTSC video out so you will need something to accept it, e.g. RetroTink or just a TV with NTSC input. Good luck! btw. maybe check UK market for PAL version. The best would be to buy it locally in Poland (I know its difficult/expensive), but Atari 400/800 are quite fragile and there is a high chance those will not get in one piece
  4. This summer is amazing for Atari fans first Last Squadron and now, just after few weeks, Flob
  5. Sikor, nie przejmuj sie takimi komentarzami! dostalem wczoraj Last Squadron i jest super! I have just got Last Squadron and its superb; it is a really well done release! I wish we had more of those
  6. I would be interested in cart version too:) is it still available?
  7. Thank you for the fast answer. I will skip this idea till the moment somebody will be selling a complete product 🙂 don’t want to replace one hassle with another
  8. I am looking for a similar solution as putting carts horizontally is quite annoying Does it have any support below to make it stable? Is it really easy to use?
  9. Will the game be released on cartridge once finalized? 🙂
  10. I have been thinking to get v1.5, but I’m still hesitating a bit as the hardware is continuously evolving. Is it worth waiting a bit to get next versions or those are cosmetic changes mainly? Would be pity to buy now and then 2.0 arrives soon with next gen features;)
  11. It looks good; like very close to the final solution. I am still few steps behind; need to get a proper spring first.
  12. I still have not managed to print it out corona made it a bit more difficult. Anybody already tried?
  13. Thank you! I will try to print it here - any tips I need to know before asking somebody locally to help with printing? I am still looking for a spring. Btw. Are you planning to add a metal ring below (between cap and spring), as in an original design, or not?
  14. Wow, this is the first time I see the actual proof of concept Yes, I would like to test it if you can share the file, so I can print here in the Netherlands. The original part had a metal insert ring from the spring side; I guess it should be easy to find it in any metal shop. The spring should be rather easy as well. I have fixed the first of my XC11s glueing the cap to the axle, but this is not a proper, future proof solution I was looking for.
  15. Part of my challenge is the 2nd unit I have has the spring/cap repaired = glued, so I cannot measure nor scan it for 3d printing. If somebody would be so kind to provide measurements it would be the first step to fix it for all. I think that majority of XC11 have the same problem (or will have for sure in coming years). It would be good to find a structural solution so we can rescue those rare tape players.
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