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  1. Well, it has taken me awhile to SOLVE Adventure at Lake Santeetlah, but it has been well worth the experience. I love how this game “makes one think outside the box to come up with the answer that already should have been included inside the box”. I would rate this game for the advanced player and highly recommend it. It is hard to believe that this is the first Adventure Module game that Fritz Langhart has written, and I just can't wait for his next Adventure Module game.
  2. Hmmm, now that I am moving along again, maybe I can be the first to solve it!
  3. Ftitz, Going against my principles here, and I don't want to spoil the game for anyone else. Can you tell me what the two-word command is for the bridge area, and email that info to me privately at [email protected] so we don't spoil the game for anyone else who might be playing this. Thanks
  4. Thanks, that's great news! Has anyone completed Lake Santeetlah, that you know of?
  5. Fritz, Thanks for the "nudge". Any idea of how soon you will be ready to release your next adventure?
  6. New to this list, and this is my very first post, although I am not new to the TI-99/4a nor Adventure Module games. Fritz, I was so happy to see that you not only wrote an adventure module game, but also placed it here for downloading. I am exactly halfway though collecting my treasures and at this point I seemed to be stumped, and I really hate to ever ask for help with these type of games, but perhaps I am going to need a hint to get the ball rolling again. I'll briefly tell you the places that are giving me trouble, and perhaps you can give me a hint as to what I need to do next. I can't find a green key nor a gray key. So far I have found 8 treasures and my score is 50 percent. For others that are playing this game - has anyone solved it yet?
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