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  1. Philip Price hathest returneth ! First of all, thanks for a great game. I have so many memories playing this as a child. I actually remember very well when I first got a chance to try 'the internet' on someones dialup, the first search I did was Alternate Reality I have been on the alternate reality mailing list for as long as I can remember. I would back anything AR related on kickstarter. Even if you just make a kickstarter to gather money to start a case against the iphone port guy (how rude!!). I have tried to create an AR mod for Skyrim, but after making the first basic maps I ran into many problems trying to setup proper scripting .. followed all the guides etc but got stuck anyway. If there are any people here who would like to assist in such a mod, please PM or email me (wateraxe at gmail). You can see what I have done so far on the steam workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=74437882 The video I posted in there is a little outdated, the city looks much more detailed in the actual mod for download now (much more clutter added). Steal some items from the vendor on the street and see what the guard scripts are doing .. its all so messed up.
  2. I don't think he cheated. I was also more lucky in the characer I posted here then ever before. I found tons of treasure finding potions, I don't remember ever finding that many when I played it on my real atari back in the good old days.
  3. wowzers ... you kicked my azz ! congrats on grabbing 1st place ... and even more congratulations on that flamesword !! I was reading on the alternate reality mailing lists that some people played the game for years trying to find on ... and you found it in your first day !! anyway if I get moved down from 2nd place, I'll start a new character... I enjoyed reading your adventures very much and it got me itching again but I have so much other stuff to do.....
  4. I didn't get past level 8, so my last screenie is 'the one'. I think when the slime attacks, sometimes it says something like 'the slime attacks with corrosive acid' ... or something along those lines ... I bet that screws with your equipment....
  5. Damn .... my character DIED and I was so dumbstruck, I forgot to take a screenshot !! I was on one of my killing frenzies again, and a guard hit me bad ... as I was heading back to an inn, I ran into another guard, i didn't wanna run and I was confident I could kick his ass ..... turns out I couldn't !!! He was actually hitting me quite hard ... thinking back, I think I fought too many acid puddles, they wear down your armor and weapon, don't they ?
  6. I walked into a tavern with lots of gold in my pocket but I was hungry and the barman said something like 'You look hungry, here's some food on the house'. I walked out with a food packet for free. Then again, I'm buying rounds for the house like my life's depending on it
  7. Life is hard in Xebec ... especially for people playing 'good'. Hope you find some new food soon, else you can find me usually hanging around in the 'Tail of the Dog' ... I'm there every night getting drunk, I'll buy you a couple of rounds and some food if you're hungry.
  8. Well ... I'm not sure .. I always just backup my character disk .. and that works fine. But I agree it stores some info on D1S2 ... so I'm not really sure I guess Xebec can answer this in detail .... Too bad the competition seems to have died out ... what happened to all the characters that didn't die yet ?
  9. I would also be willing to pay for this ... a sidenote : the mountain mirror thing I also experience with the cracked version running on my emulator ... i guess its an emulator thing.... also, the top of the doors are transparant on the emulator, i dont think this is supposed ot be that way
  10. A lot of the gfx are screwed on my emulator ... mainly the mountain in the background gets reflected on the floor ... a total mess but I've learned to live with it. I have not played this for a LONG time though so i cannot really remember how the nightstalker used to look I ran into this one just in front of the south most healer's door.... Also I met a dragon there but I coulnd't even put a dent in his hide... guess I need a couple more levels and strength points before I can take him on.
  11. Bonanza's adventures in Xebec's demise continue .... I wake up from the inn and look at my war net... I tell my war net 'you and me are gonna go a long way together baby...'. I step outside the inn for another round of killing. I pass by the city palace and am greeted by numerous blokes in full armour who all shout at me 'you evil bastard'... Well I don't know what they're on about but i tangle them into my war net and kick the crap out of them. I'm finding more and more valuables on my prey as well ... time for a quick stop at the bar to celebrate this !! I'm buying a couple of rounds for the house and the bar regulars sure don't think I'm evil. A little tipsy I try to make it back to the inn to call it a day. I run into more trouble on the way, and barely make it there in 1 piece. I'd better not drink so much tomorrow I reach a new level of greatness in no time, slashing everybody in sight, HAHA I FEEL GREAT !! On one of the thiefs I stop from killing me I find a piece of jewelry, it looks pretty so I pass by the bank to have it looked at ... aparantly it's worth quite a lot of copperpieces !! Tonight I'm having a feast in the tavern !! Stacked with coppers I return to my favorite inn, I get drunk again after a couple of rounds and stumble back to the inn. Just before I get there I run into another gang of muggers, not a problem I think to myself and pull out my trusty war net... I barely escape with my life before I figure out there was only 1 of them. I get to the inn on deaths door.... The next morning I wake up with a headache from hell. No more alcohol for me (today at least). I go back into town, everybody seems to talk too loud or do something else that deserves them getting killed over. On the corpse of a gremlin I find a couple of flasks with red liquid in them and gulp them down (hoping they are wine), it tastes sweet.. suddenly .. all I see if gold and diamonds ... damn this is some good wine !! A couple of hours later my pockets are so stashed with gold and jewelry, I don't know what to do with it anymore, so when i run into a bloke that says he can find hidden diseases on me, I give him a couple of gold to tell me why I have not been feeling so well ever since those damn rats bit me... he says I have a rare case of double rabbies and he'll need almost all my money to fix it. First I don't want to but then he explains me why I'm so thirsty all day so i figure it might be a good way to stop all this alcohol and I give him most my cash.... I go outside the old mans house, and it's the middle of the night ... I run into all sorts of dark and nasty creatures now ... However I still seem to be under the influence of the money-wine I drank earlier so I keep picking good stuff up along the way. Before I know it I'm carrying 2 shields and 2 new weapons .. time to throw away that war net .... bye bye good old war net. Next thing I know I'm standing in front of a green dragon !!! I pierce him with my magic battle axe but it doesn't seem to affect him at all ... he scorches me so badly that I guess its better to run and hide. I'm sitting in a corner thinking about what just happened and then I'm surprised by a really evil looking and bad smelling bastard : I run and get away with my life again, I get back to the inn pay with the rest of my cash for a suite ... I really need a good nights sleep to think this all over ... what an intense city Xebec is !! The next day I take it all a bit slower... I slash just about anything in sight without even blinking ... there's even a puddle on the street that comes to live and tries to drown me in its gooey mass .... it doesn't seem to like the touch of my magic battle axe though and soon it stops moving. But I've learned a bit from my mistakes ... I'll be on the lookout for this dragon and the other dark figure with its claws. Next time I'll be ready, and they will be the one to be lucky if they get away with their life. ** lvl 8 - 40000xp ... nice weapons, gotta get rid of that cursed shield though... it'll cost me.
  12. Is it just me or are Goochman's screenshots blurry to anyone else? 859655[/snapback] Looks like he turned on the feature in atari 800 win 'artifacting' Goochman - hit ALT-A a couple of times and the GFX should be MUCH better !! and to avoid that shop-entering-bug ... don't use the save state function from the emulator, only use the 'S' key to save your game. --> don't make backups of your save disk for this competition though 'tis not allowed.
  13. uhmm... no saving your game for this competition !!
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