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  1. Then why doesn't open "grp": a$ #1 work. and yes, i typed in the full listing from Graham Blands book MSX programming Program 8.21 page 145 i start up BlueMSX but all i get is Disk basic regardless of the model used. any ideas. and yes i tried to download a Japanese basic kun rom. no luck
  2. Well, if he or she must have a good collection, i recommend Sonic's ultimate Genesis Collection. Just ignore the DRMBM trophy and you'll be fine
  3. Just did a graphics demo in Graham Bland's MSX Programming book (page 137) on Archive.com using BlueMSX. First and last words out of my mind? Holy shit. going to make this my primary dev platform for the time being
  4. Mom wants to get me a $600 laptop, but all i want is a Commodore 128 or a Vic 20.

    sometimes simplicity isn't all that simple. (expansions and joysticks also of course and maybe some mags)

    1. carlsson


      Perhaps get a $400 laptop and put the rest into retro stuff? In particular if you'd get a lightly used, second hand mid-range laptop, I believe you could be doing quite well at the lower budget.

  5. "If at first you don't pay for our ludicrously expensive DLC that adds Jack and shit, we are going to shred your paycheck that comes in the mail, destroy your car, lie to the IRS about your total earnings, Seduce your hot wife, send a worm to your laptop, shoot your dog, drink all your expensive wine, eat all your caviar, Cover your expensive gold encrusted toilet in **** and lastly, when you are damn near broken, inform the Russian mob that you killed Paulie. Also, we'll brick your xbox via remote control"


    Quote attributed to EA and Microsoft


  6. not require XB for even the simplest programs (:: does not work on TI basic, nor does Call Char)
  7. There is one thing that people will never get through their skulls ('m looking at you Cinemasins). The order goes like this:

    Jack Nicholson, Dark Knight, Mark hamill not the other way around

    1. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      Not even mentioning Cesar Romero is terrible.

  8. Little children tell each other spider stories. Spider children tell stories about the boot of doom. Both are terrified of each other. lastly, Ghouls tell each other the most horrifying story of all: The day that carl (the fat ghost in GB1) was sucked up by the GB and never returned. Each person has his or her own scary monster.

    For instance, Jason has Chuck Norris and Freddy has

    Crack and E users

  9. I'm new to this and have nothing to spare but will play regardless can the prize just be my eternal respect? that's got to count for something😐
  10. How do we really know that aliens exist? simple, ask it if it prefers Pepsi, mr Pibb or coke . If it chooses Pepsi it's an alien. immediately show it a picture of your mother without her make up. problem solved

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    2. Samuel Pedigo

      Samuel Pedigo

      2aliens in my bedroom. (shows wrinkly old woman photo) "GIT"

    3. carlsson


      It would seem that many aliens disguise themselves as female MBA's.

    4. Samuel Pedigo
  11. Please vote and comment
  12. hello, new to this sub forum. I am trying to assemble the first program on this page. it is asking for the source file, object code and device name. Source code is Dsk1.save no object code, no idea what device name means. any help would be appreciated. Using classic99
  13. ADVENTURE.dskSubmission: Adventure Platform: TI XB Written by: S.P Instructions: Old dsk1.adventure, Run it and play like any other adventure game Extra note: there is no replay function, to replay, you have to redo it all over. sorry
  14. it's not showing up. this is the full code so far (can't paste on code section, won't allow me too)
  15. how do i run an assembled file. using atari roots for assembly and mac/65
  16. 3.20 64 bit 400/800 range for now, then XL later.
  17. while we're on the subject, how do i toggle between uppercase and lowercase in Altirra?
  18. what do i save the sprite as? computer has been crazy, can't download or reply using edge so i'm using chrome for now
  19. best response I've heard all day. much appreciated.
  20. "It plays fine, but it is just STUPID. What is it about, anyway?" why is it stupid? It is meant to be a concept demo for now as I want to expand it into a game later. it's simple, guide the train to the castle and back, avoiding obstacles and hazards. exactly how is that stupid? It's meant to be a playable game made just for our business. I never expected to be met with such a rude response. maybe I was wrong to ask for help
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