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  1. I think it all sounds interesting. I liked the idea a few pages back about the small lighted running man statuette. That would be something really cool to display.
  2. 52 y/o, life long musician (well, for 49 years.) Favorites from back in the day (and still today) include Yes, Kansas, ELO, Men at Work, Kraftwerk, Michael W. Smith, Petra and WhiteHeart.
  3. I'm wearing mine at the moment...may have to change in a bit though, my son is getting married this afternoon! Maybe I'll wear it underneath my dress shirt....
  4. Even though the controllers aren't capable of full 2.5D games, I wonder what they ARE capable of...
  5. Got my shirt ordered. My guess on the pack in games, besides astrosmash and skiing, is cornhole, a card game, and an unannounced platformer.
  6. I know, but December is so far away and it seems appropriate to do something to start off the 1 year countdown.
  7. I'm thinking that 10/10/19 is coming soon. It'd be cool if there were a new video or info released. Just sayin'...
  8. Awesome! Kinda figured that the audio is gonna rock! As a musician, the audio is an important aspect to me. Nothing better than a great track that compliments the gameplay.
  9. You gotta keep the Snafu theme music (if at all possible.) It's been over 30 years since I've played that game and can still hear the music in my mind!
  10. I also am really looking forward to the Amico. Intellivision was our family's first console. As a family we played a lot of Skiing and Triple Action (mostly biplanes.) My sister and I played a lot of Snafu and Auto Racing. My dad and I played football. The game with my buddies was Baseball - tons and tons of baseball! My solo games were Astrosmash, Burgertime, B-17 Bomber, among others.
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