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  1. Cases like Primal Rage are accepted, too. And to clear up some confusion, Asaki, i'm talking about system hardware and video games that are hard-to-emulate due to... 1. Being on complex or advanced hardware (Post-2000's Arcade) 2. Being on a computer system or game console No-one cares about. (Epoch Super Cassette Vision, Mindset Computer ect.) 3. Having stupid amounts of D.R.M and Anti-Piracy measures (Primal Rage, Spyro The Dragon 3, EarthBound, Puggsy, ect. The List goes on and on!) 4. Relying on "Support Chips" which boost the specs of the system said game is running on. (Going back to Battletoads, did you know it uses a proprietary AO-ROM chip?) 5. Being programmed in such a way that getting them to even run is a pain. (Surprisingly, Super Mario Bros. is considered one of the HARDEST games to emulate and run on an Emulator, for a giant list of reasons.)
  2. A poll about the most difficult-to-emulate systems of all time. In personal opinion, of course. And I'm not talking about the controllers and emulation, i'm talking about difficult-to-emulate games Systems and video-games. (Battletoads, anyone?)
  3. Hey, AtariAge. It's me, PixelCrunch. Yes, I'm alive. I want to know what gaming, computer, and Arcade systems that are so hard-to-emulate, so asinine with their hardware designs and choices, that it seems almost impossible to emulate on modern hardware. I'll accept anything made before the year 2000. And when I get enough answers, I'll make a poll. Reply soon! -PixelCrunch
  4. I also remember Doom for the 32X needing the 6-button controller for the best experience.
  5. So, Pixel Here. Did SEGA just release the 6-button controller JUST for Street Fighter II Champion Edition (I mean it's a pretty solid conversion, but with some eh music). Can anyone here give me a list of games that straight up NEED the 6-button controller to function? Thank you! -PixelCrunch (P.S, You can also separately include a list of games that CAN use the 3-button controller, but the 6-button controller is needed for the best experience. SEGA 32-X and SEGA CD games are also allowed, too.)
  6. It evens run good on stock VIC-20 Hardware! They limited the playing field to 4 colors so you would not experience any nasty color clash. *coughcoughZXSPECTRUMcoughcough*
  7. You should get Cheese and Onion, a modern platformer for the VIC-20. It's simple, but it's super polished and smooth. <-----Cartridge
  8. This may seem like a stupid question. But is the Atari ST or ST-E capable of displaying more than 16 colors in 320x200? Are there any tricks that can be done to increase the amount of colors on-screen? Is there anything that can be done similarly to the Amiga series? Thanks Pixel P.S, Yes i’ve heard of Spectrum512 Mode over and over again. Please mention everything else BUT Spectrum512 mode, please.
  9. Thanks, Stephen! Edit: Crap, idk how to use this program. I just input a png file and fiddled with some converting settings, and when i want to convert or preview, the program crashes. Please help me!
  10. I'm sorry if i Necro or it seems off-topic, but does ANYONE know where to download a Windows-Friendly .zip packaged version of RastaConvert? The one i have right now is just so user unfriendly for me.
  11. Hey, Sheddy, after this project is finally 100% completed, what will you do next after Space Harrier? OutRun or Hang-On! on the Atari 7800?
  12. Jesus christ, those are really well done art pieces. My favorite one is the Coco art. It looks like something straight from the movie reel, but downsized.
  13. So, with that in mind, what is the maximum resolution of graphics that a stock Atari 2600 can draw compared to a Supercharged 2600?
  14. Okay, so which mode of graphics were used, Standard or D.P Mode?
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