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  1. Jesus christ, those are really well done art pieces. My favorite one is the Coco art. It looks like something straight from the movie reel, but downsized.
  2. So, with that in mind, what is the maximum resolution of graphics that a stock Atari 2600 can draw compared to a Supercharged 2600?
  3. Okay, so which mode of graphics were used, Standard or D.P Mode?
  4. It’s just confusing and difficult to understand the crazy-ass ways graphics can be done on the Atari 400 / 800
  5. But which one is used more? Please give me solid and easy-to-understand advice! The 8-Bit Series is something i WANT to like, and i’m trying to like it really hard!
  6. Hey, Pixel Here. I was wondering if there were new graphic trickery techniques that exist, or are very similar to the ones found on the Atari ST’s eternal rival, the Commodore Amiga series (Extra Half-Brite Mode, Hold-And-Modify Mode, COPPER, etc.) Also, I want to know about the graphical capabilities of the Atari’s T.T / Falcon 030 (Resolution, Palette, etc.) Thank you, and please respond!
  7. Ok, so i’ve provided some sample images so you could discern the argument better. NOTE: I used Retrospecs v.2.9 to generate these images. The palettes may be slightly off for you, but for me it’s pretty damn accurate. GTIA NTSC, 80x192, 16 Colors. GTIA NTSC, 80x192, 16 Colors per Scanline. Which one is more accurate to the hardware of the 8-Bit series from Atari? (Any model) Let me know.
  8. Hi, Pixel Here. I was wondering if i could get any more information about the Starpath Supercharger. I heard it could produce higher-quality graphics and color, but what are the specifications of said improvements? Please let me know of the tech specs of the S.P.S, thanks, and as all-ways, see you! -Pixelcrunch
  9. What upgrades do you use? And what upscalers? This sounds really interesting.
  10. I’ve started another Atari v. Commodore war did i? Please stop.
  11. Hi, Pixel Here. I was wondering if some, if ANY emulation software exists for the Atari Lynx. And yes, i’ve already tried Handy, and it’s shit. (Bilinear filtering on large screen sizes, lack of USB Joystick support, etc.) So, let me know, and please respond! -PixelCrunchX
  12. Hi, Pixel Here, i’m new here, so forgive me if my writing and grammar is crap. I was wondering about the Atari 8-Bit Series of Computers graphical and color capabilities. Some of the existing documentation on the graphical capabilities seem wrong to me. If you’ve seen some of the more well known Atari 8-Bit demos out there (Numen, Garfield, Ect, Ect.) The graphical capabilities seem WAY more advanced than what the documented lists say. Smooth gradients were done in said demos, at relatively high resolution. So, could someone tell me that: 1: The Atari 8-Bit Series could have X Colors per Scanline (A-La The Atari 2600 and Atari Lynx) 2: There really can be only X Colors on screen at once, Perioid. 3: There can be X amount of colors on screen, but there can be multiple play fields to increase the amount of colors via Multiplexing. Thanks for reading, and please respond! -PixelCrunch
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