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  1. Forgive me for the MASSIVE Necro, but I was wondering this exact same thing, too! Somebody please answer this burning question! Do it for DarkAvenger!
  2. Holy crap, T.Q.A is here! Ok, so I meant Transparency by Hardware, but Thanks for clarifying the "Software" aspect of transparency!
  3. Oh, and another question! Can the X.B.X.E do partial transparencies? 25%, 50% transparency?
  4. Ok...now what do I do in SpartaDOS?
  5. I tried to drag-and-drop the folder into Altirra, but it says "Access is Denied".
  6. Thank you! Also, one thing, with the ANTIC overlay technique, are games / images like this possible?
  7. SDFS "Virtual Folder" seems the easiest way to do it. How do I do it?
  8. Then how will I execute it via SpartaDos?
  9. The linked file is an MS-DOS application. How can I use this to convert images? I prefer Windows-based Apps.
  10. Thank you so much! I also have another question: Can the standard ANTIC be used as an Overlay, or can the VBXE only overlay on top on the standard ANTIC / GTIA Graphics?
  11. Where can I find a VBXE image viewer?
  12. So, the V.B.X.E can still do scanline-based palette updates? You just need to be careful about what colors you use?
  13. So, the V.B.X.E is forced to do data-transfers at 1.79 MHz, no matter what?
  14. If the 6502 is too slow to do DAC writes, then what about the enhanced 65C816 CPU, With a higher clockspeed enabled? (1.78 MHZ -> 3.58+ MHZ)? Also, I know about the Video Modes, but what Tools can I use in order to make it *Readable* for the XVBE, and my Altirra emulator?
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