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  1. That was actually an old interview that I posted without checking first (doh!) but it is a great one. I want to see what they do with the box, certainly some sort of a surprise (or two) planned. I like that Intellivision is going for quality generally. For example, the controller plastics feel good, what you would expect from an official XBox or PS style controller. I have bought a fair amount knockoff controllers and hand held game systems in my day and I really appreciate a quality plastic & build.
  2. Who Am I Shill'n For Today?™ Intellivision, both old and new (which is why I love this shirt)
  3. Who Am I Shill'n For Today?™ The Intellivision classic, Night Stalker (the FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY still makes me smile every time)
  4. In today's episode of Where in the World is Hans Ippisch? "It feels great to be back in Warsaw after 29 months, completing an important milestone for Intellivision! Stay tuned!" Sing it Rockapella!
  5. Starting a new series: Who Am I Shill'n For Today?™ Today it's OEB Pete
  6. I am big fan of vertical oriented arcade style games generally (one of my goals is to put together a vertical cabinet) so right there with you! A vertical scroller was an obvious missing element from the Amico retro style lineup & Tommy is putting his love of the Flying Tigers to good use here to give us one, also can't wait to try this one out
  7. I just wanted to take a quick look at the new vertical scrolling shooter Flying Tigers we got to see in the E3 presentation: It was a pretty brief clip but we got to see several enemy types (including some Zeppelins, not sure if those are enemies, screen hazards or just background) and several plane types including a mega bomber boss. A few things of note, it looks like we get chain blast explosions to take out closely grouped enemies (an intact plane blows up a a few frames prior to the top picture creating that double blast), military medals which are probably powerups & ammo and red target areas on the bad guys planes which I assume is what you need to hit to take them out. Looks like you can get at least two hero planes (or maybe that is just powerup upgrades as you go along), notice the first & second hero planes in the pictures. Also looks like there is an avatar which you probably get to pick from at the start of the game in the upper left, along with the score (notice the period instead of a comma, very likely it is a non America/British developer (Spain? Brazil?) unless those are some crazy version numbers or something). In overall style notice the old time vignette corners. Obviously not a simulation or concerned about historical accuracy, but instead is very 1942 series looking (which is a good thing - right in the Amico's wheelhouse). We needed a vertical scroller and here is probably the first one to ship.
  8. The CHOC Children's Foundation* bid for the special signed Amico shell has closed at $2,125.00, that was the highest bid of all of the auction items. Lots of money raised for a good cause, congrats to all of the donors & bidders! *CHOC is a nonprofit hospital/medical outreach that treats over 150,000 children annually in Orange County CA, regardless of their ability to pay
  9. Is that where Tommy makes his special Kool Aid so people support the Amico -or- where he earns his money to pay his shills because nobody would ever want a family friendly, retro inspired, casual coop gaming console otherwise? 🤪🤣 Real Fake Journalist
  10. For some reason the pictures in Tweets never show up on my PC (they do on my phone for some reason) so just in case people don't twitter or miss it - here is the official Fathers Day greeting from Intellivision:
  11. Amen brother! With rare exception I find always find something in common with a person, no matter what their beliefs or backgrounds. In fact, every single person I have met that is interested in the Amico has been some of the most chill & fun people. When the Amico hits my door (and the 'rona leaves), I am going to hit up a local establishment in the Dallas area and see if they will give us a TV for an Amico party. No matter if you prefer beer, shots, water or locally sourced, hand mixed vegan avocado smoothies - all are welcome!
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