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  1. Second the motion on loving to see something like that, maybe a simple game designer or a game based on simple coding (like programming fighting robots or something). Technology is such a huge part of our lives the need to learn about it is right up there with three R's: read'n, 'riting & 'rithmetic )
  2. Me too, the music and how it is integrated into the games is awesome. Looking back games with great music were pretty few & far between but I think the Amico is going to launch with several in that category
  3. I am blaming any near future weight gain on you and that picture - looks delicious!
  4. Actually since more high tech displays have gotten popular, some people are going back retro - so you are back in fashion again!
  5. Tommy has referred to not only production but shipping woes out of China so I though this article was appropriate to mention: “A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California” The article explains due to lack of available port facilities to offload them. So even if you can make it, you have to wait and pay more to get it to the US. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/record-breaking-44-container-ships-145905612.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma Also just a aside the Halloween decorating community is noticing a lot more limited stock and fewer new decorations this year due to electronics and plastic shortages. Holiday lighting is reporting long delays & much higher rates of defective parts coming out of China for the special strings of LEDs they use.
  6. Right now I am probably at: 1. Moon Patrol 2. Evel Knievel 3. Finnigan Fox 4. Missile Command 5. Biplanes 6. Brain Duel 7. Dynablaster 8. RFRE The ordering is mostly based on my familiarity with the games, so definitely subject to change. For example I never was a Bomberman/Dynablaster player back in the day. Played a little & heard of it lots, but just never really got into the game. So less excited for it than, say, Moon Patrol that we got to play the demo on & I played in the past.
  7. Interesting article about the Steam wishlist and the surprising strong representation of indie games: “About 30 of the top 100 wishlisted games, by my categorization, are from big, established studios….The remaining games are from smaller teams.” Considering the Amico is in some ways an “indie box” this bodes really well for market appeal. https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-wishlisted-games-analysis/
  8. I own most of the Live series but WOW, this really fills in the gaps. Thanks Tommy, ready to jam out this weekend! Now I am just waiting for my free gifts for the delayed Polymega, PS5 library, Playdate, getting fiber run to your house, just about every car & lord help you if you want a van, passport renewals, etc. Oh wait, yeah nobody else is doing that, thanks Intellivision for always putting the customer first!
  9. Just another sign of the times: the PlayDate is only managing to squeeze out 20,000 units this year (a proverbial drop in the manufacturing bucket), other pre-orders will ship in 2022 *sigh*.
  10. Especially if you like to get a different perspective from another Intellivision team member or you just like software talk, John Alvarado's appearance on Amico After Dark was great. The panel & chat asked all sorts of great questions and we got insights on games like Cornhole & pool, and a bunch of other stuff.
  11. The release date is technically 10/10/2021 but with the world wide parts shortage people are wondering if it will be pushed to later or a soft launch. Progress on things like physical store products seems to be moving ahead so it certainly doesn't seem like that Intellivision is not looking towards retail in the reasonable future even if that is not 10/10.
  12. Not sure exactly what “some good news” you were looking for, but here is some: Publicly played for the 2nd time at Crayola Experience by dozens of people & more events are planned: https://youtu.be/DuYCGZ0F_LU European President Hans Ippisch just picked up the first production run of the physical games from Technicolor: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRnuLRWMGCn/?utm_medium=copy_link 14 Amico games have received their NA, EU & UK age ratings, that is all the pack ins and physical for release: https://twitter.com/tommytallarico/status/1418635122538991619?s=21 And all of that just in the month of July. I see nothing but forward progress towards an eventual release
  13. That was a real standout point for me at the Frisco event, the games are straight up fun (and that is a lot harder to achieve that some may think). There are tons of games that are all graphics but simply aren't that great of games *cough*Assassin Creed Unity*cough, *cough*No Mans Sky (before they fixed the gameplay)*cough*. Amico game graphics are good, but are only like quality indie games & the while the audio is typically exceptional, you kind of expect that with Tommy being involved. The playability, however, is solidly very high - they are simply fun to play. Super Mario is still fun to play & the cloud graphics are also the bushes. Tetris graphics are laughable by today's standards but it still is a great game. Candy Crush & Plants v Zombies wouldn't strain the humblest modern processor but have sold in the 100 millions. Retro people know the fun isn't in the graphics or the sound (although can help somewhat) but is in the mechanics. Kudo's to Intellivision for making sure the motion controls in Cornhole are solid. That is showing the commitment to making each game worthy of your purchase - and this one is included, you don't even have to buy it - which is even more impressive.
  14. I just want to say that I love the Level 857 channel. They are about the only channel I watch for non Amico related game news & interviews. Just a bunch of chill dudes talking games and gaming. Check them out if you haven't yet.
  15. From Tommy’s “Wouldn’t that be something(tm)” statement earlier, this the physical games. Still a good sign that part of needed launch items are moving forward.
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