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  1. I know you directed this to Tommy but here is my take. I am not in the market for an XBox Series X Pro or upgraded model, PlayStation 5 Pro (or upgrade) or a Switch Pro (or upgrade) because I am not in the market for an XBox Series X, PlayStation 5 or a Switch. I am not holding out to buy a Switch for an improved OLED screen or the possibility to play in 4k (how well are many of those Switch games going to scale anyway?). These improvements don't really change what the Switch *is* which also means they barely move the needle in my interest level (which is some, but not enough to buy one).
  2. Really good article from Michael Ong about the Amico in the wider video game market (via a link by Hans Ippisch): https://discover.hubpages.com/games-hobbies/The-Intellivision-Amico-A-Gamechanger-in-the-Video-Game-Industry
  3. Some direct video links & topics to what is covered: Amico News: Physical Media shelf friendly? https://youtu.be/luknIEQstyY?t=87 Bomb Squad trailer graphic quality: https://youtu.be/luknIEQstyY?t=203 GameStop trailer: https://youtu.be/luknIEQstyY?t=246 Ask Tommy: Could we see a He-Man game on Amico? (Uno mention): https://youtu.be/luknIEQstyY?t=347 Any sports games like boxing, wrestling, sumo, fencing or kendo?: https://youtu.be/luknIEQstyY?t=517
  4. FYI The one hour count down has begun - be there or, uh, be elsewhere, but better to be there chatting & having fun
  5. # 2 for me. Not only would I like it, I think it would help a lot people who don’t quite get the Amico Then a tie between #3 and #4. If a developer I would like them to talk about the Amico game/family philosophy, working with Intellivision and how that is different. If #4 definitely someone in engineering, QA or maybe customer service. Finally of course #1 is ALWAYS welcome
  6. Tommy and @RxScram commented on this back in April of last year. Doesn't sound like headphone audio is a priority but I thought the accessories comment was particularly interesting...
  7. A big fan of both Snestastic AKA The Amico Kid and Cyrus Martin (fellow Dallasite, er Dallasonian ?). Sure to be some good retro and Amico talk in this one.
  8. Just to put some numbers behind this, the US government estimates: https://www.fcc.gov/reports-research/reports/broadband-progress-reports/eighth-broadband-progress-report "..approximately 19 million Americans—6 percent of the population—still lack access to fixed broadband service at threshold speeds. In rural areas, nearly one-fourth of the population —14.5 million people—lack access to this service. In tribal areas, nearly one-third of the population lacks access. Even in areas where broadband is available, approximately 100 million Americans still do not subscribe." EDIT: Newer data places this at 21.3 M Americans (govt estimate) and 42 million (independent research): https://broadbandnow.com/research/fcc-underestimates-unserved-by-50-percent Beyond base availability a LOT of Americans are on data caps, some quite draconian, you can check out who has data caps (nearly every provider) and how small they can be in this list: https://broadbandnow.com/internet-providers-with-data-caps Data caps hits rural and Native American populations the most (as does access) with people often facing no availability, low caps and/or incredibly high prices. Here are some sample prices from a rural CA town where a family member lives. In town isn't too bad but the data caps are in place. Outside of town prices skyrocket and service tanks (at least no data caps though): In Town: Speed up to: ↓60 Mbps and ↑5 Mbps Connection: Cable Setup: $10.00 (Includes activation. Installation is free when you order online.) Modem: $12/mo Data Caps: 200 GB/mo Price: $19.99/mo Speed up to: ↓100 Mbps and ↑10 Mbps Connection: Cable Setup: $10.00 (Includes activation. Installation is free when you order online.) Modem: $12/mo Data Caps: 1000 GB/mo Price: $49.99/mo Outside of town: $81.95/mo for 10 Mbps 10 Mbps ↓ and 3.0 Mbps ↑ w/ no data cap. Setup: $45.00 (Includes installation.) $250.00/mo for 25 Mbps 25 Mbps ↓ and 3.0 Mbps ↑ w/ no data cap. Setup: $45.00 (Includes installation.)
  9. Your right - I should have been more specific and said Amazon US & Canada. It seems in its main Europe distribution Intellivision is keeping it simpler for launch with fewer models at retailers (probably due to import complications and logistics). Although that will probably change and there could even be European exclusives later on (there already kinda was with having your name put in game credits, some bonus items, etc. not console colors though). Like @atarifan88 said above, sounds like something special is going for Amazon North America.
  10. I know, maybe the elusive Red will go with Amazon. Red matches the Target corporate colors and some think it will go to Walmart (the biggest) but in reality exclusives go to whomever gives you the best deal of cross promotion, guaranteed order quantities and so forth. Of course I wouldn't doubt there is an unannounced color Intellivision is holding back, mostly to irritate @cmart604 and force him to buy yet another Amico
  11. A Carnac the Magnificent* prediction of the future.... Mrs Starpaddler "Honey have they added leader boards to the Amico yet?" "No honey, not yet" (quickly skipping past the Amico launch screen with the leader board link) 😂 * https://youtu.be/lRTtLvKAKgk
  12. On the good news front it sounds like Intellivision & Amazon are preparing for something much larger than just 'yet another place to buy the standard Amicos'. They probably both want to wait and make a big splash about it.
  13. Just in Time is a huge cost benefit (lower overhead) to those who implement it but your 100% right it is very vulnerable to interruption. This could be any interruption including natural disasters, power cuts (see Texas earlier this month), nearly anything. Nothing political about it, it is clearly a strategy that relies on maintaining a stable production environment and the hidden cost of that is often times infrastructure & regulatory environments which are governmental and often get politicized but shouldn't be.
  14. I don't think it will short term. I think the goal is to highlight (and hopefully do something about) the fact that America does precious little/no manufacturing of many critical components which effects everything from cell phones to fighter jets and big employers like auto. Like the article said this is one topic where both sides could come together.
  15. Good article on how Covid chip/component production issues have effected every automaker except Toyota (they have a 4 month stockpile, for once having an inventory surplus of something is a good thing): Here is a telling quote: "“I can’t imagine really anyone getting spared,” Hearsch said. He said the situation could turn into a “knife fight” between companies, industries and even countries for supplies of the chips, which are used in everyday consumer electronics." https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/11/how-covid-led-to-a-60-billion-global-chip-shortage-for-automakers.html Pretty rough time for anyone needing electronic components
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