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  1. FYI on the poll results from Victor Lucas (Electric Playground). Pretty impressive because Victor's core audience has to be pretty hard core gamers. In fact some of the comments were that they hadn't heard of *any* of these systems. Obviously of those that had - Amico was their #1 choice (and I guess the VCS write-in campaign didn't fair too well )
  2. It is pretty obvious the entire panel are all heading down slightly different roads but all in the same direction. Zai is playing into the "exploding board game" market but with a tech twist, Mattel's is seeking to stay relevant with it's "generation glass" (young screen users) "core kid" with games like Pictionary Air (light pen drawing Pictionary). Of course Intellivision is merging technology with family values and just good 'ol value values. Don't think I didn't notice the fist bump with the Mattel guy when Val said you should all work together [Blarneo can we get an appropriate bromance graphic? ]. Really impressive to see an established company like Mattel, a startup like IE and an indie game dev like Virsix/Alta all tracking the same trends.
  3. CES Panel with Tommy & the Chief Design Officer of Mattel & the Zai Ortiz, President of Virsix Games
  4. Your right most RFID chips store tiny amounts of data up to maybe 64k. Because they are usually used for things like door prox cards and inventory tracking - you just don’t need much storage and keeping it cheap makes more sense.
  5. Just got to say I am loving the symbolism of the Amico controller travel bag. It it literally inviting you to share both the games & fun with other people - nice touch.
  6. I have been wanting to ask Tommy if there will be any Amico titles straight up targeting the tradition young girl market? Something along the lines like the mobile game Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen (yeah, that is really the name) or just cutesy characters like Trolls, or My Little Pony or American Girl (not necessary those IPs - just along those lines)?
  7. In fairness their hardware and even some software seems to finally be moving forward. I am actually really happy for their backers on this. Of course, as a developer I am befuddled how you could just now be showing things like menu software for an x86 Linux build after the hardware has been nailed down for a year - but at least they have. Now all they need is someone to proofread the names on their game menu and to travel back in time and not anger 97% of their fan base.
  8. All good points - I think both the VCS and Gameboard One should also be on there. Both gaming devices with a store (we hope).
  9. Yep, snacks & drinks. Last one told my wife this probably wouldn't last more than an hour or two - should be to bed soon... midnight thirty later...
  10. EDIT: Sorry for the double post - LePionnier beat me to it FYI: Live Interview with Tommy tonight at 8 PM CST on the TXR podcast/YouTube channel
  11. FYI Victor Lucas from some show called Electric Playground (Tommy have you ever heard of this guy?) 😉😂 is doing a poll on non-big 3 consoles. Spoiler alert on who has taken the early lead:
  12. Totally unscientific but I mentioned before I got flagged down in a restaurant for my Intellivision hoodie and then my chiropractor mentioned it as soon as I walked in, that he had a Collecovision as a kid but added he doesn’t play games anymore after they got so complex. I have only worn that hoodie in public like 3 or 4 times. I am glad you are including two controllers because I can see Dad walking in and Mom saying she got Junior a new game console - dad looks over at the TV and says “is that Moon Patrol?, it sure looks like Moon Patrol - move over Junior daddy wants to play”.
  13. I like RetroAdvisoryBoard's list better but here are direct links to the sections I pulled out: Cool Intellivision Themed Intro Some of the original Earthworm Jim team are also working on Astrosmash The latest Amico console shell prototype Game sharing via the controllers Talks about Amico pricing Amico controller battery life Tommy discusses the Roblox licensing issue *Once again* Tommy can't confirm nor deny an Ecco the Dolphin game is coming *Hypothetically* Tommy & Spencer Nielsen collaborating on new Ecco the Dolphin music Question about physical game box art (interesting but vague answer) Status of various Imagic games in development Internal Amico storage and expansion also more about game sharing Update on Founder Edition pre-order Mentions an unannounced exclusive retailer color Founders Edition bonus items Mike Mika (and Other Ocean) is working on five Amico games Douglas Adams story The Amico is doing Leader-boards & Trophies differently Atari games on the Amico Tron Deadly Disc licensing status Current number developers Short discussion of Skiiing screenshots & Ski Cross mode Have you scrapped any games yet for quality? Short example of using controller as for motion control games Amico Club app has been updated with more to come Discussing Amico audio Snafoo (renamed Snafu) has had lots of updates since trailer Amico going into production around April 1 Is QBert coming to the system? Are we getting any remakes of the Intellivoice games? Quick rundown of launch status of various games and hints at MLB Basebase How was it working Metro Prime? Earthworm Jim talk What is Tommy surprised other consoles aren't doing? Who Amico competitors really are How did Tommy get involved with Intellivision? George Plimton in Amico advertising and George Plimton story Dave Leuhman story Tommy's thoughts on the VCS The important of exclusive games for a console Tommy explaining ports vs direct ports The difference in Amico relationship with developers The Amico goal is to help bring families together Will there be any fighting games on the Amico? Marble Madness coming to Amico? What Amico game are you most looking forward to? Sea Battle or a classic football? Any update on AD&D? Any Star Wars games? Will certain physical games be sold via an online store? Whats the most advanced gameplay on the Amico? More Interplay games? OneUp mini retro Intellivision is coming Any more mini retro consoles? Ability to switch back to original retro game from the remakes Tommy names/discusses all the games in the Gamescon trailer Status of the games shown in the original launch trailer
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