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  1. But real question is will that section of the website be called “CMarts Shopping List” 😂
  2. 30 minute reminder for Amico All Access Podcast. Be there or be square (isn't that what all the hip kids are saying now-a-days? 😁)
  3. All good points and why I said I really wasn't happy with the new list. I went back and clarified my text a bit more about how I defined things above. I also don't really think Rigid Force is casual either but didn't think it fit in the other categories. I put Dynablaster into retro because it is 30 years old while Rigid Force isn't old enough to be retro to me. It really all depends on how you define the categories, so it really is up for debate. Bottom line lots of cool games and quite a few are brand new which is all a good sign for Amico. 😀
  4. @LePionnier Wow your breakdown was amazing and really got me thinking about the categories. I think Brain Duel should probably be in Edutainment and I might change up a lot of "Original IP". To me that means never before published in any form. That means lots of games like Sideswipers, Brain Duel, Nitro Derby, Corn Hole & Back Talk Party are Original IP but of course go into other categories as well. Not sure if Original IP should really be a separate category or just an asterisk next to individual games in the other categories. I redid the list that way. I am not sure I am happy with it, but will throw it out here anyway. BTW over 25% of the games are Original IP, pretty good for a new system: Title Category Farkle* Casual Liars Dice* Casual Spades* Casual Emoji Charades Casual Blank State Casual Back Talk Party* Casual Evel Knievel Casual Finigan Fox Casual Nitro Derby* Causal Rigid ForceReduxEnhanced Casual Side Swipers* Casual Brain Duel* Edutainment Care Bears Edutainment Sesame Street Edutainment Dynablaster Retro Reimagined Astrosmash Retro Reimagined Battle Tanks Retro Reimagined Biplanes Retro Reimagined Breakout Retro Reimagined Missile Command Retro Reimagined Moon Patrol Retro Reimagined Night Stalker Retro Reimagined Pong Retro Reimagined Shark Shark! Retro Reimagined Snafoo Retro Reimagined Cloudy Mountain Retro Reimagined Pool Sports&Recreation Corn Hole* Sports&Recreation Major League Baseball Sports&Recreation Skiing Sports&Recreation * Original IP
  5. Totally agree the tech is impressive, this is probably the best AR toy I have seen. There are some real world practical things I worry about like the durability of the gates with family pets and such and battery life of the actual Karts but definitely cool stuff. I do love Nintendo has a tendency to try wacky things, some work and some don’t but innovation in the video game industry is pretty lacking IMHO
  6. I can hear it now: "See this is a great multiplayer game for up to 4 kids on the Switch, sure beats the Ouya 2 ya!" [What you won't hear] You would need 4 Switches and 4 Karts for $1200 (or $1600 for full size Switches). Fun for the whole Rockefeller family! Cool AR technology though, hats off to Nintendo for making something different in the gaming space.
  7. Was an epic match with Tommy Tallarico keeping score for the first tournament Results of the two tournament rounds and best game high score recorded below for posterity - go watch the video for the blow by blow:
  8. Check out this epic Amico Breakout Showdown Trailer @cyrusmartin did. Show him some love and then hop to the main event in about 20 minutes
  9. Both would be great because of the hidden information for Sherlock Holmes (or some other detective style game) & the Amico controllers would be perfect for the wacky Inspector Gadget gags
  10. FYI PM in the PM coming up in about 4 hours with some Amico talk on the agenda PM in the PM Podcast #23 - More talk on Amico, Nintendo, Sony and more! Oct 23
  11. LOL it had BETTER or I am going to get out my big box of Crayolas & some cardboard and setup a protest at Intellivision headquarters
  12. True or you could be crazy and attempt to play as both players at once (I did) but there was no AI so without that second person it really wasn't the same game
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