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  1. I think that is why Tommy keeps saying that Amico games "can't be ported" - I take that to mean "and not keeping the same feel/gameplay" - at least easily. For me the Amico is all about the controllers - or more precisely the array of feedback/inputs/sensors (some of that could be on the console itself). After all today's top of the line console is tomorrow's Raspberry Pi (as the emulator community has shown) - so it isn't about the CPU/GPU chips. First off we have up to 8 controllers - you can put 8 controllers on an XBox but that is over $400 (ouch). For the Amico getting to 8 would be like $200 BUT you can use cell phones for free. For actual inputs we first have a touchscreen, for strategy games that is like the Intellivision number pad but better. Pick the "Factory" icon then the screen changes and you pick "Steel Mill" or "Textile". Also the touchscreen is great for hidden inputs/game info. You can see your poker cards on your controller and the dealer table on the TV or select your trivia answer without others seeing. However for arcade games it is a touchpad/mouse, you won't be 'wheeling' the cursor in Missile Command, you will be swiping/pointing as Tommy has mentioned. Then we have the direction pad/wheel/dial with 360 degree input this time. Could be a steering wheel input but could also just be a giant button, a D Pad or a X directions button (maybe move with the touchpad then fire a different direction with the direction pad). However we also have motion controls, need to toss a dart, jog in place or throw a bowling ball, that will be used in those games. When you are throwing that bowling ball with the motion controls you can release it and also put 'english' on the spin by where you hit the disk - so button and spin direction. Plus we have 4 side buttons, rumble, interactive LED lighting and a mic & speaker which open up even more possibilities. The Amico's inputs are simple, but not simplistic. You are actually getting two iconic Apple popularized inputs - the jog wheel on the ipod and the touch screen on phones. Plus throw in the Nintendo popularized motion controls and whatever else Intellivision has up it's sleeve and you have a unique and powerful input device. Just one that is familiar and easily teachable as opposed to left shoulder-A to round-house kick.
  2. I never wish ill upon anyone trying something difficult (and launching a new console is hella difficult) but Atari SA has managed to pretty much snatch defeat (due to lack of direction, effort & communication) from the jaws of victory (mostly due to their massive name recognition). I really hope they make a compelling system - mostly for the benefit of their thousands of backers - but I think the VCS is going to be mostly used to run alternate OSes rather than rely on Atari's ecosystem (due credit for the current design team for baking in this functionality as a safety net for purchasers). It is more than a bit worrisome that one of the biggest selling features of this "ship" is "easy access to the life boats".
  3. Wow nice job on baking in the CRT look for Breakout - fooled me. Also love the layout switching and adding another layer of goals to a pretty simple game - talk about "competing on ideas" - nice stuff. Quite frankly probably the best word to describe the Amico extended team is "passionate" - I can tell by the social media responses to the new trailer that the passion is spreading too. Troll droppings are getting far & few between and pundits have gone from "DOA" to at minimum "Looks Interesting" & "Worth Watching".
  4. OK my Sesame Street "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other" extensive training has kicked in once again - so I have to ask: Why is Breakout on a CRT or is that a controller screen? My Spidey senses say some sort of Easter Egg here.
  5. i7 - no way. It is clearly an Atari Box inside with it running all of those Atari games. Seriously though - kinda of a sad day for Atari VCS backers. I really hope Atari SA manages to come up with some compelling content for their supporters. At the moment Intellivision has out Atari’d Atari however.
  6. I know everyone is hyped about the trailer but John Riggs posted a video about his hands on experience with the Amico at E3. Some strong, independent support for the Amico games and group play that is definitely worth a watch/listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBqOV3ChWDQ
  7. Here are some screen caps of all 17 games (sorry for the motion blur - done quick and dirty)
  8. Looks like the trailer drops 4:00 pm GMT today which I believe is noon Eastern in the US.
  9. Wow it is really quiet here - I guess everyone, including the trolls, are waiting for the trailer drop next week. In the lull and in fairness to all the bridge dwellers out there I have: 6 Reasons Tommy Tallarico is a TOTAL FRAUD! #1 CLAIMS to be a electronic video game composer but most pictures show him with a guitar. Guitar not equal Xbox Tommy - I bet you couldn't even find the strings on an Xbox! #2 CLAIMS to to have worked with Miyamoto, Koji Kondo & Hideo Kojima - he isn't even Japanese! #3 CLAIMS to be bringing BurgerTime to the Amico but is a self professed VEGAN! #4 CLAIMS to related to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith - "Tyler" not equal "Tallarico" Tommy! #5 CLAIMS to be making a family friendly game console but has unnatural obsession with "Taco Cat" (we all know what those two words are slang for Tommy) #6 CLAIMS to be a game industry veteran but actual ONLY claim to fame was a bit part as a drug dealer on Miami Vice (proof below):
  10. Don't worry when the Amico succeeds you be upgraded by the pundits from "moron" to "got lucky". Truth be told - when the Amico first got announced and I had just gotten some scattered details - with a bunch of negative spin - you were an idiot. However then I heard your Rerez interview with all of the details and everything made sense. I listened to that interview like 3 times just to make sure I wasn't missing something fatally flawed in the Amico plan. Came out of that thinking this is such a good idea and quite frankly what families, causal gamers and even the industry needs. Plus as more information comes out it just gets stronger and stronger in it's positioning. You and the team should be really proud.
  11. First, thanks for answering my question otherwise that would have been stuck in my monkey brain eternally seeking an answer! I wouldn't doubt exergaming can be a big category for Amico - it is a big portion of the current VR market (will all of the hassles & expense that technology entails). With the decline of the Wii Fit and trends like Dance Dance Revolution - there really are no options right now for game based fitness except for VR. Games like Audioshield, Beat Saber, Superhot and Holopoint (all simple and mostly older games) are still top sellers for VR for both workout & intuitive game friendliness (sounds like Amico games except for the expense & hassle of exotic hardware). Once again you have targeted an under served market - almost as if you had put together an A List team of industry insiders who know what they are doing.
  12. Impressive to be sure but after my extensive Sesame Street training on "one of these things is not like the others" I have to ask: Who's connection is with the AMA?
  13. Using an Amiga as a Mac as an Intellivision - that is some Inception level of emulation. Was also an Amiga guy but still had my Intellivision at that point so no need for emulation - but probably won't have thought of going that far however.
  14. Last I heard final pricing wasn't decided but for most original Intellivision owned ROMs they would be sold in bundles for about 50 cents per game (so maybe 10 games for $5) or something close to that. For any 3rd party games they might have to kick that up a bit to pay for the rights and a cut to them. Of course for a more modern ROM they might sell an Elektronite game alone for $5 or $8 which if you remove actual cart cost and overlay printing is probably as much or more as they net currently. Yes probably very unlikely you will be able to sideload anything. After all the games are very reasonably priced anyway and they aren't really making an generic emulation box but a real console which are always pretty closed in nature because they depend on software sales as part of the margin of the actual hardware (in other words they don't make much on the hardware but make it up in software sales).
  15. Isn't that because the carts are protected to prevent dumping (not sure on that - just what I heard)? I would encourage Elektronite to contact Intellivision and see if they could offer their games in the OG section of the store. This could greatly expand the number of customers reachable and with no carts and overlays to pay for - win, win for everyone.
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