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  1. Yeah this is kind of underwhelming, not so much in the game for me, but that is so late and so lonely (and agreed the $5 Atari collection doesn't count). However I am happy they have a game being announced and rumors are swirling they may have an actual launch date - *finally*. I grumble a lot about Atari's anti consumer approach (basically: shut up & wait - oh and instead of an update, what is your favorite Atari game character of all time?) but my heart is always with the backers on this one. I really want them to get a machine and hopefully one that they want (that is - it isn't an immediate 'wipe & install Windows/Linux/Kodi' box).
  2. It is kind of hilarious that the hater narrative has gone from "Tommy is probably designing the hardware himself in his garage" to "why is he still hiring engineers, they must be in trouble if the *all* the engineers they got isn't enough". Wow, Tommy can't you get this right? First no engineers, now too many! 🤣
  3. It is very much a product of the original. In fact I have heard a couple of people say they knew the game, one couldn't remember the title even, just from the look. Although it certainly isn't the typical more medieval styled top down dungeon crawler, I think the clean esthetics will add a lot of approach-ability to more casual gamers. Instead of having to explain to aunt Matilda that she is the "this little character here (pointing to the screen), the druid with a cape, no that is a skeleton, you are HERE" - you can just say "you are little red running dude". BTW the other top down game is the well regarded Hammerwatch.
  4. He can’t help it - Canadians are all known for their rudeness and his YouTube channel was titled as SOB Pete until YouTube made him change it. I know *we* would never leak any of that video before the official launch 🤣
  5. The video will be released to the Intellivision Youtube channel today and if you look through the latest few from OEB Pete he did a reaction video too.
  6. It's all @OEB_Pete's fault for leaking it early - darn that OEB Pete, he is such a trouble maker.
  7. I think the public release of the video is tomorrow, today was a sneak peak for merch purchasers.
  8. If you are an Earthworm Jim fan, you need to give this one a listen. Lots of little tidbits of info scattered throughout, for me the most exciting bit was was the two words: "controllable cow"
  9. Nope me neither, I got multiple Amicos on order and may even get more. Juice, as usual, is just trying to stir up something were it doesn't exist. Trolls like him are just trying desperately to sow some seeds of doubt but Intellivision just released a new trailer & got the Golden Ticket contest going, plus more announcements are coming up. Sure things are moving slower with Covid but what would any reasonable person (and not just a hater) would expect? Sorry if you want to reply to this Juice with more of your crap - but I have NO interest in anything you say and have blocked you here. I suggest other members of this thread do too - so he can talk to his core audience - himself.
  10. The iPhone app "Simply NFC" (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/simply-nfc-tag-writer-reader/id1262550712c ) is about the simplest to use. Just click on the giant "Read NFC" button, hold the disc on the golden ticket close to your iPhone's camera area (the top 1/3 of the phone) and it will automatically take you to the webpage on the golden ticket directly. (as per usual new app etiquette, I would say 'no' to any app permissions it asks for and you can uninstall it afterwards)
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