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  1. It is still available on fig.co (https://www.fig.co/campaigns/amico ). It isn't the founders, hand number & signed one but does include a few bonuses: $25 RFID Golden Ticket Gift Card Autographed Exclusive Lenticular Card 25% Off Merchandise Store Promo Code 3 Digital Video Game Soundtrack Albums
  2. Not sure if it will help but a huge improvement for me was to really use the speed up and slow down feature (in fact I switched to tilt mode just to get easier control of that). I was going pedal to the metal before and was making little progress. Slowing down in order to get firepower on the rocks you want to blast and doing a slow then fast to fake out the flying saucer really upped my kills on both and helps me time jumps too.
  3. I just wanted to chime in here on the disappointing state of these games. I mean really, Pong is that even a game? How can people have *any* fun with this so called game? I am getting Ouya vibes. Look at the graphics - if you can even call them that! Then there is this game PacMan - those 'ghosts' (you can't even really tell what they are). They are basically sprite flipping left and right - the graphics suck! Also what about this game play - nothing original just left right, up down? These people never heard of diagonal or what?!? Again bad graphics - notice how the Donkey Kong guy just jumps up and down while never changing and then spends the rest of the game flipping between a couple of sprites? No innovation in game play, run, jump and climb - over and over and over again, level after level. No innovation, bad graphics and boring game play. Finally OMG the sound: bleeps, bloops - who calls this music? Hopefully it is just early days for these games because I really want them to succeed.
  4. These game announcements got totally glossed over in the event so I wanted to do a little investigation on them. Telestrations & Blank Slate are super casual party games, Incan Gold is more of a causal adventure card game. Telestrations (usaopoly): Like the game telephone but you switch between words & hand drawn pictures as you swap between players. The fun of the game is basically reviewing the disastrous mis-interpretations of other's drawings. Telestrations is especially a good game to adapt to the Amico because the fun of the game is looking at the pictures people made. Having, say, 6 people look at a little drawing from across the table is not going to be nearly as fun as having your picture blow up on the family TV to be seen in all it's stick figure detail along with the associated word or phase it is supposed to be. This game's pricing on Amazon is all over the place even pre-Covid but it goes for between $15 and $30, usually around $20ish Blank Slate (usaopoly): Similar to the TV show Match Game except you are trying to match the other players by filling in the blank to prompts such as "House _______". Like Telestrations this game really needs a local screen for each player so is a great fit for the Amico. Pre-Covid this game went for about $22 on Amazon so will be a good value on the Amico Incan Gold/Diamant (Gryphon Games): Kind of a simple random adventure card game. Pre Covid this game went for about $20 on Amazon, so again a good value for the game
  5. Been enjoying watching Anthium TwoTales try to beat the Moon Patrol challenge:
  6. Since you mentioned it was on Amazon.it I did a bit of checking and it is available on these Amazon stores in Europe/UK so far (nothing on amazon.fr or amazon.nl yet) Germany: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B089M6P1DJ UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B089M6P1DJ Spain: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B089M6P1DJ Italy: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B089M6P1DJ
  7. Also a fan of tilt mode. I still suck at it but with tilt to control your speed while staying ready on the fire and jump buttons I am making much more progress. In the first version I found tilt worse but I am defiantly on team tilt with this one
  8. Wow it is hilarious how it is the same old, same old. Some people think they got an opening because of the delay and are hoping beyond hope that people are beat down and about to bolt. So here comes the "What about the *DELAY*" posts. Then the never been in the industry video game 'experts' chime in with it is the same "those game already exist on other platforms", "kids now-a-days play Fortnite in the womb" and "it will only sell to a bunch of old guys" (it was nobody before that, but then it sold to a bunch of old guys so the goal post moved). All while assuring you that they just want the system to succeed. And Yarzzz trying to subtle troll by marking laughs or confused on any pro-Amico post (or they are the most confused human ever, or don't understand how the reaction system works - one or more of the three). Anyway I am just enjoying my weekend, just cleaned up my entertainment center where one of my Amicos will go and having a great time laughing my ass off at the transparency of people with nothing better to do with their lives. Thanks for the unintentional entertainment! 😀
  9. Was cruising through Facebook on Tuesday and someone posted that they felt the *24 hour* delay in the presentation was an indication that the Amico was a scam. So I decided to create a little graphic & text just to cut-n-paste when I needed it - feel free to use this in similar situations if you like: Major Licenses: Major League Baseball, Sesame Street, Hot Wheels (Mattel), American Cornhole League, Evel Knievel, Atari, Imagic, Earthworm Jim Retailers: Walmart, Walmart.ca, Amazon, Amazon.ca, Amazon Europe, GameStop, Best Buy Canada, Electronics Boutique, Koch Media, Media Markt, Saturn Key Staff: Tommy Tallarico (award winning video game composer & 30+ year industry vet), Hans Ippisch (former CEO Computec Media Group, 30+ years in the gaming industry), J Allard (former Microsoft CTO & Xbox co-creator), Phil Adams (founder Spectrum HoloByte), Janson Enos (formerly of Sega, Konami & Bandai), Cara Acker (Mattel Marketing Manager for Tangled, Frozen & Disney Princess toy line), David Perry (CEO Shiny Entertainment & Gaikai – now Playstation Now) Offices: Irvine CA, Salt Lake City Utah, San Francisco CA, Dubai, Nuremberg Germany
  10. Yeah for some reason my brain was stuck on either Mattel or Sesame Street being the licensing hold up but for me the Earthworm Jim funny round table and sneak peak video was the highlight of the day so I am sooooo glad they included it. I also assumed that the clip shown was a cinematic (probably some sort of opening scene to the game) so finding out it was game engine was really exciting too. Tommy also mentioned a lot of the stuff in that little clip was hand drawn animation like Evil the Cat & Jim (and I am sure mixed with some more stock stuff like the trees). No wonder EWJ is slated for Christmas 2021 - this is going to be a ton of work if most of it is this highly detailed animation style.
  11. There was a ton of stuff mentioned by Tommy in this roundtable. I am only about halfway though typing up notes but here is the first half of what I got: - The announcement one day delay was driven by Earthworm Jim licensor - The Amico dashboard/menu was a placeholder that has been around for a year and half because they are holding back the new dashboard - Earthworm Jim was NOT a cinematic, that is actual game play from the engine - Sideswipers is the basis of the new Hot Wheels game: "Hot Wheels Colossal Crash" (based on the IRL Hot Wheels game of the same name) - Hot Wheels ID are Hot Wheels cars with RFID chips in them - got a "wouldn't that be something" on they could be integrated into the new Hot Wheels game - A lot of multiplayer Sesame Street games mostly for 3 to 5 year olds and will be sold in packs (because they are fairly simple games). They will look like cartoons. - Spades was shown with cell phone controllers because it is the perfect type of game where you don't need the official controllers - Missile Command plays smooth "like butter" says Tommy. The yellow 'tokens' are extra missiles you can gather during game play. - Trivia: Scott Barrett in the space station scene shows his 'clone' who is missing a leg. Scott really did lose a leg in an accident filming a train - They are working on Warlords - The camera on Nitro Derby (race car game) has been changed since the the footage used in the presentation - Earthworm Jim will have different play modes and "wouldn't it be something" if some different developers do some of these special modes - Evel Knievel is getting physics changes, added some additional challenges like adding the SkyCycle (with motion controls), multiplayer, character models, audio changes, etc. - Tommy is doing or helping to redo music for Astro Smash, Night Stalker & Finnigan Fox (which is getting real instrument sampling with the original composer) - Finnigan Fox is being done by Bonus Level Gaming (who are also doing Shark! Shark!). It is a successor to Fox 'n Forest but the game play is streamlined, added levels, added multiplayer, going to update the graphics towards the concept art (cartoon style) - They are considering a pixel art game BUT more like 24 bit/Saturn (i.e. better than 16 bit) style graphics - Maybe a Rock 'em Sock 'em robots game?
  12. It looks like the art style of the original game was meant to mimic a certain old-school esthetic with thick outlines (which later got morphed into a mixture of hard and soft lines). I am sure the lack of shadows was a similar artistic choice. It is meant to resemble the rough style of a original Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Mega Man X or Disney's Magical Quest: https://www.pcgamer.com/fox-n-forests-is-a-deeply-authentic-retro-platformer/
  13. Moon Patrol: Tons of moons (courses) and rolling rock obstacles. Workshop to upgrade your buggy (I am assuming). Included the OG version screen shot for comparison
  14. EarthWorm Jim: Very animated cartoon looking so far. Notice the Evil the Cat sculpture on the rock pedestal & Saturn in the background of Planet Evil (I am assuming). Jim being a lovably dork as usual. Welcome to Heck everyone.
  15. Finnigan Fox: side scrolling run & jump. Notice the special weather change move to freeze the bees. Sword and range weapons, also bosses and different levels.
  16. Evel Knievel: Lots of accomplishments, helmets, suits, posters (actually one of my favorites), bikes and courses
  17. Missile Command: The vs multiplayer modes look crazy with players shooting up, down and side to side at the same time. Lots of power ups & bonuses too
  18. Rigid Force Redux Enhanced (multiplayer): An R-Type type of game, lots of scrolling & shooting with big boss battles
  19. Space Strike: Rocket League in outer space with a bit of BreakOut (hard to tell from still photos, game play is more obvious in video form):
  20. Nitro Derby: Lots of cars (14) & tracks (10), just a classic top down multiplayer racer
  21. Liar's Dice: Looks like a bluffing game (ala Poker?) but with dice. Reminds me of another game maybe Intellivision could look into - is the very fun, indie game "Dicey Dungeons" which is a quirky dice battling game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2AdLWsRuHg
  22. What I love about these @CurlyQ pictures is the big stuff is always good for a laugh but the little details keep you smiling - genius as usual.
  23. Here are the official retailer/distributors announced so far - I have a feeling there is at least one or two more majors are coming: ● GameStop ● Amazon, Amazon.ca, Amazon Europe ● Walmart.com and Walmart.ca ● Walmart (Canada) ● Best Buy (Canada) ● Electronics Boutique (Canada) ● Koch Media (Europe) ● Mediamarkt (Germany) ● Saturn (Germany)
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