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  1. Just to put some numbers behind this, the US government estimates: https://www.fcc.gov/reports-research/reports/broadband-progress-reports/eighth-broadband-progress-report "..approximately 19 million Americans—6 percent of the population—still lack access to fixed broadband service at threshold speeds. In rural areas, nearly one-fourth of the population —14.5 million people—lack access to this service. In tribal areas, nearly one-third of the population lacks access. Even in areas where broadband is available, approximately 100 million Americans still do not subscribe." Beyond base availability a LOT of Americans are on data caps, some quite draconian, you can check out who has data caps (nearly every provider) and how small they can be in this list: https://broadbandnow.com/internet-providers-with-data-caps Data caps hits rural and Native American populations the most (as does access) with people often facing no availability, low caps and/or incredibly high prices. Here are some sample prices from a rural CA town where a family member lives. In town isn't too bad but the data caps are in place. Outside of town prices skyrocket and service tanks (at least no data caps though): In Town: Speed up to: ↓60 Mbps and ↑5 Mbps Connection: Cable Setup: $10.00 (Includes activation. Installation is free when you order online.) Modem: $12/mo Data Caps: 200 GB/mo Price: $19.99/mo Speed up to: ↓100 Mbps and ↑10 Mbps Connection: Cable Setup: $10.00 (Includes activation. Installation is free when you order online.) Modem: $12/mo Data Caps: 1000 GB/mo Price: $49.99/mo Outside of town: $81.95/mo for 10 Mbps 10 Mbps ↓ and 3.0 Mbps ↑ w/ no data cap. Setup: $45.00 (Includes installation.) $250.00/mo for 25 Mbps 25 Mbps ↓ and 3.0 Mbps ↑ w/ no data cap. Setup: $45.00 (Includes installation.)
  2. Your right - I should have been more specific and said Amazon US & Canada. It seems in its main Europe distribution Intellivision is keeping it simpler for launch with fewer models at retailers (probably due to import complications and logistics). Although that will probably change and there could even be European exclusives later on (there already kinda was with having your name put in game credits, some bonus items, etc. not console colors though). Like @atarifan88 said above, sounds like something special is going for Amazon North America.
  3. I know, maybe the elusive Red will go with Amazon. Red matches the Target corporate colors and some think it will go to Walmart (the biggest) but in reality exclusives go to whomever gives you the best deal of cross promotion, guaranteed order quantities and so forth. Of course I wouldn't doubt there is an unannounced color Intellivision is holding back, mostly to irritate @cmart604 and force him to buy yet another Amico
  4. A Carnac the Magnificent* prediction of the future.... Mrs Starpaddler "Honey have they added leader boards to the Amico yet?" "No honey, not yet" (quickly skipping past the Amico launch screen with the leader board link) 😂 * https://youtu.be/lRTtLvKAKgk
  5. On the good news front it sounds like Intellivision & Amazon are preparing for something much larger than just 'yet another place to buy the standard Amicos'. They probably both want to wait and make a big splash about it.
  6. Just in Time is a huge cost benefit (lower overhead) to those who implement it but your 100% right it is very vulnerable to interruption. This could be any interruption including natural disasters, power cuts (see Texas earlier this month), nearly anything. Nothing political about it, it is clearly a strategy that relies on maintaining a stable production environment and the hidden cost of that is often times infrastructure & regulatory environments which are governmental and often get politicized but shouldn't be.
  7. I don't think it will short term. I think the goal is to highlight (and hopefully do something about) the fact that America does precious little/no manufacturing of many critical components which effects everything from cell phones to fighter jets and big employers like auto. Like the article said this is one topic where both sides could come together.
  8. Good article on how Covid chip/component production issues have effected every automaker except Toyota (they have a 4 month stockpile, for once having an inventory surplus of something is a good thing): Here is a telling quote: "“I can’t imagine really anyone getting spared,” Hearsch said. He said the situation could turn into a “knife fight” between companies, industries and even countries for supplies of the chips, which are used in everyday consumer electronics." https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/11/how-covid-led-to-a-60-billion-global-chip-shortage-for-automakers.html Pretty rough time for anyone needing electronic components
  9. If I am playing for a really long time I am probably playing alone, so I will probably just swap the controllers onto/off of the dock or plug it into USB C (if not a motion control game) while I play. Will have to see but I don't think it will be a problem.
  10. Of course this is really a question for RxScram or Tommy but almost all modern processors, even small embedded ones, scale their clocks as necessary so I am sure then the controller is on the console, say, it is in dock mode and is using very little power. If the game is paused or maybe there is a cut scene or the game just doesn’t tax the controller much probably the controller is also using little power. However I don’t think Intellivision would allow you to control this and have a switchable low power mode or something. I think they want players to have the full experience when playing and the console or onboard circuitry in the controllers will decide when to go into low power states.
  11. I just wanted to weigh in on this because I can truly see both sides. Sure some people may interpret 'exclusive' as in it doesn't exist anywhere else in any form. I get that and occasionally a product really is only sold at a single retailer and nowhere else. However this ISN'T how it is normally used in retail at all. Here are some examples: Walmart has an exclusive version of Frozen 2 - here is what is exclusive about it: "Limited edition, Walmart Exclusive lenticular packaging with two pieces of exclusive content! Exclusive Walmart content includes: Frozen Fashion: We join Art Director Mike Giamo and the visual development artists who designed the costumes for the characters in Frozen 2..." In other words it is the exact same movie but you get some bonus video of 'making of stuff' and the cover art is a little different. Here is a Target exclusive: Tori Kelly - A Tori Kelly Christmas (Target Exclusive, CD). The exclusive if that you get two extra songs: 14. Kid Again On Christmas *Bonus Track 15. All I Want For Christmas is You *Bonus Track Here is a Best Buy exclusive: A Rob Zombie vinyl "Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy" (he does have a way with words ). The exclusive is that it is blue & yellow and not red & black like on Amazon. But what about video games you say - oh there are tons of exclusives. However look how a video game site (gematsu) breaks these down: Full Exclusive – Games released exclusively on one console. Platform Exclusive – Games released exclusively on a single family of consoles. Console Exclusive – Games released for a single console (or family of consoles) in addition to PC and / or smartphone. Timed Exclusives – Games exclusive to a single console (or family of consoles) for a limited time. Generation Exclusive – Games that are exclusive to one console from a single generation of consoles, but also released on previous generation consoles. Peripheral Exclusive – Games that are exclusive to one console (or family of consoles) that require additional peripherals. (PlayStation VR, Kinect, etc.) Added Content – Games that were previously exclusive to one console, but now available on another console with a significant amount of additional content. Basically we have 'exclusives' galore Wanting people to stop using "exclusive" like you think it should only be used is fine. However getting extremely (and probably disingenuously) butt-hurt over Intellivision using it in the industry standard way isn't. Where is the outrage for Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Costco, Macys, Home Depot, etc. etc.?
  12. @RxScram said this back in the spring of 2020, sounds like Intellivision isn't knowingly putting any restrictions in. Maybe he could bounce in with an update if there seems to be a limit. Right now the best price per byte for a decent brand (I only like Sandisk & Samsung really) is 128 to 256 Gigs depending on the sale of the day. 512 Gigs still is overpriced.
  13. FYI Tommy and Retro Bro are live in about 30 mins - do you even live steam bro?
  14. I know it is hard to tell because the human mind is really good at tracking things, especially when linked to your hand movements. Everything else falls into peripheral vision often times in games. It is just one of those have to try to see things. I would like different ship types (beyond my excellent reason above ) to help you track your ship in case you lose it and for people with color blindness.
  15. Oops sorry, bad export settings - this should be closer to real time (and replacing the one above) You can watch the actual glitch in the matrix here: https://youtu.be/LRMeJYH2RUA?t=3758
  16. After last night's Amico All Access, I hope we do get different ship types in Space Strikers but can we keep the current design as an option and name it PATIAN? 😜 Also Tommy shows up at https://youtu.be/LRMeJYH2RUA?t=1603 to tease today's trailer, talk Amico controller, Space Strikers and more
  17. The good news is that I think it would pretty much be impossible for the Amico controller to have disc drift. The drift typically comes from analog sticks which can measure slight tilts in angles and so it easy through damage to start detecting unintended drift. However the Amico disc requires you to overcome the spring below the disc's force and land on conductive pads. You could theoretically have other issues like eventual disc pad wear but drift would be near impossible or at worst require a spring replacement. If the Amico controller is anything like the original Intellivision controller, it is going to last a looong time.
  18. Damn Bomb Squad is looking good, looking forward to seeing more on this one
  19. So true, one of my favorite articles of all time is this one from RollingStone about Bonnie Raitt who became an "overnight" sensation in 1990 after she won several Grammies that year - having been in the industry 20 years, releasing 9 albums before then, got her first guitar at 8 and was already playing the piano before that. Luck is mostly where hard work meets opportunity.
  20. Yes! Also here is a money making opportunity for Atari Age: sell 'super hearts' which you can buy a number of and apply to messages until they run out - because I wanted to do more than just heart this one.
  21. From the frozen arctic wasteland known as Texas - Happy Birthday Tommy!
  22. Also looking forward to the Playdate, but yep it does seem to have fallen victim to the 2020 shortages & work disruptions. Just some of the other stuff that has been delayed/facing shortages: Microprocessors/electronics for cars, including the new Toyota Tundra & many high end Audis: https://www.fitchratings.com/research/corporate-finance/semiconductor-shortage-delays-global-automotive-sector-recovery-29-01-2021 https://www.motorbiscuit.com/your-2021-toyota-tundra-might-be-delayed-because-of-the-playstation-5/ https://www.ft.com/content/8cb74f6a-3859-4b13-885e-0e79a4d5de1a Graphic cards: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55755820 The new Boeing 777X, who was hoping this would be their bounce back product: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-results/lurching-from-crisis-to-crisis-boeing-delays-777x-with-demand-hobbled-idUSKBN29W1EY Many other things you might not expect including wines, car colors, smart speakers, shipping resources, clothing - along with higher prices to boot. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2021/02/01/covid-delays-shoppers-face-shortages-higher-prices-amid-pandemic/4311962001/ Ugh, 2020 just keeps on 'giving'.
  23. I just want a good product, if it takes an extra few months then so be it. I have said many times if I was tasked with developing a new console with a unique controller & an entire launch lineup I would have to change my UnderRoos. Being in business and having shipped products (although nothing in this league) I know how hard it is to put everything together. Intellivision, take your time, do it right and deliver me the fun, simple, family friendly machine Tommy promised at the beginning. That is all I want.
  24. Chip n Dale would require a license from Disney but as far as I know Alvin and the Chipmunks are still owned by Bagasarian family so might be an easier get (but not sure how open they are to game licensing).
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