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  1. Speaking as someone who was young and enjoying his music during his prime: I have never heard anyone since say “Put on Soulja Boy” at a party or in the car, radio stations are not playing his new stuff, etc. Compare that to the death grip he used to have on pop culture. The disparity there is what I’m referring to.
  2. This dude was a VERY popular rapper when I was in middle school (circa 2006/2007) and after that he fell into irrelevancy faster than I’ve ever seen from an entertainer since. I mean this dude’s music was a staple at every social gathering, on every playlist, etc. and now everyone my age just laughs at how far this dude has fallen. So I guess he’s the perfect parallel: Atari of the 70s and 80s vs. “Atari” today. They’re made for each other.
  3. Looks like the Heavy Sixer I picked up is one of the Taiwan models. How exactly do they differ from the full Sunnyvale models?
  4. I’m in my mid/late-20s. I have absolutely no experience with Atari in its heyday or any emotional attachment. I’ve become extremely interested in Atari hardware/software. The simplicity (compared to modern and even NES stuff) is charming. Limitations breed creativity. And I just love the feeling of reaching back into another time. I’m right there with you.
  5. Okay, this might seem like an obvious question to some (or blasphemous to others, depending on where you stand). I’m relatively new to the Atari scene. I had always heard that the Heavy Sixers were the most desirable. They’re the original, they’re sturdier, they’re rarer etc. etc. and I had always heard this from retro game enthusiasts, youtubers, etc. because that’s what they were told. Yesterday someone on another forum asked about Atari 2600 models and while doing a write up on my own recommendations, I realized something - I can’t give any firsthand reasons as to why the Heavy Sixers are the most desirable. All I had was vague secondhand reasonings from guys that aren’t necessarily “Atari guys.” I had always heard these things from others. And they had always heard the same from someone else. So my question to you all is this: Why are they the most desirable to you? Is it just the rarity? The rarity and the build quality? Is the picture that much more superior than the others (which is another reason I’ve heard), and if that’s the reason, how does it stack up to another model that has been A/V modded? I don’t want to give other people any half-baked answers that I myself am not completely sure of. And admittedly, I haven’t owned a H6er myself (hoping to fix this soon) so I can’t speak from my own experience.
  6. Quick question that has been pressing me - I know the heavy sixers are desirable for their better looking picture when playing games - do the light sixers also share this better picture or is it solely a feature of the H6s?

  7. I grew up in Nashville (after Atari’s time) and I love hearing about the retail history of older games and hardware like this. The farthest back I can remember is buying Game Boy games at Best Buy or Toys R Us.
  8. Plenty of games back in the day were written by women?
  9. I have a chance locally to buy one in box. I think it’s new (sealed but with a tear in the seal, don’t know if it’s a reseal) but I’m not sure. I’m very tempted!
  10. Coming from someone younger who didn’t grow up in the height of the 2600 - if you were to ask me right now, I would tell you the Sear’s version looks cooler with the wood grain and the silver section where the switches are. Not that either machine looks uncool.
  11. A deal has been made with a member here, thanks everyone!
  12. I’d like to buy an Atari 5200 with at least one controller. I know I could go the ebay route on this but I’d prefer to buy from someone on here who is more knowledgeable about these consoles. I’ve bought from members mumbai and ApolloBoy in the past.
  13. It was a modern game - Scurge Hive for the Nintendo DS. Yeah, it was quite a ride. I want to think I did what was reasonable expect of me to help this dude, but he was hostile from the very first message and once he started calling me names I decided I was done.
  14. Avoid/block eBay buyer i*myself I shipped him a game a month ago and he recently came to me saying it never arrived. I checked USPS, the tracking says delivered. I called his local post office to see what’s up (he had it mailed to general delivery) and they said he never showed up for the item. Apparently after awhile the post office sent it to his last known address, which turned out to be a homeless shelter. I called the homeless shelter and they confirmed they had the package and that he was more than welcome to come pick it up. I told the buyer this, and he said he wasn’t going there. I told him I’m not sure what else he wants me to do then. He said either refund him now or have the shelter mail it back to me, and me ship it to a third address he then provided. He also cussed me out. I told him he can go pick it up and as far as I was concerned we were done but if the shelter mails it back to me I would refund him. He filled my inbox with expletive messages and told me I have failed as a seller. The shelter has mailed the game back to me. He also filed a claim against me and left negative feedback. However, eBay ruled in my favor and removed the feedback. They also ruled that I didn’t have to refund him, but I still will if the game shows up to my doorstep.
  15. Just an update - it looks like upgrading the controllers with the previously mentioned gold contacts is my best option, for now. Does the stick itself usually go bad too or should I be good there? What pushed me over the edge was seeing all of the conversions of games from the 8-bit computer line over to the 5200 in the AA store. As much as I love having original software, the homebrew and hack scene of the Atari community really interests me too. Still looking for a console, but I’m already on my way on the cartridges. Gyruss was one of the first games I saw that I wanted from the 5200 library so I’m glad to have grabbed that as my first game. And as a huge Sega Genesis fan, I love having these pre-console Sega carts. Thanks for the input everyone!
  16. Thanks for the info everyone. Lots to consider here. The software is extremely enticing, it’s just the maintenance of the controllers that is the final barrier for me. I’ll have to check out some tutorials or look into refurbishing services!
  17. I used to think I didn’t want to collect for the 5200 but now I’m intrigued and on the fence. I do want to collect for Atari 8-bit computers also, but I’m a bit turned away by the prospect of finding the discs, a drive, and loading them. The cartridges of the 5200 seem like a nice alternative. If you didn’t grow up with the system, what pushed you over the fence and into collecting for the 5200?
  18. Consider me a left label guy. Can’t wait to get mine.
  19. Sure thing, I’d be happy to provide them if needed.
  20. I found this boxed copy of Exocet today. I haven’t been collecting Atari nearly as long as most of the people on this forum so maybe it’s more interesting to me than most on here, but one of the things that I find interesting about Atari collecting is these smaller/lesser known developers like this. No manual unfortunately but I’m happy to have the box. The cartridge didn’t have a top label but I read that some of them didn’t.
  21. I was excited to find some non-Atari developed boxed games today.
  22. I was able to purchase a system from mumbai, which I received yesterday and am very happy with. Thanks everyone!
  23. What else do you enjoy collecting for and why? One thing I love about collecting Atari, Intellivision, and ColecoVision is the historical aspect of the games and hardware. I also really enjoy SNES/Genesis for their refined and timeless gameplay. I’m also into NES/Master System/Game Boy to a lesser extent. PS1 is cool because I enjoy seeing the advent of 3D games. Not sure which of the above three takes “second place” in my mind but it’s all fun to collect for.
  24. Snatcher is my “holy grail.” I adore the soundtrack and it’s the first game that made me look back at all of these old retro games and decide to start collecting.
  25. If we’re going by the AtariAge rarity guide, mine would be either Cosmic Commuter, Gremlins, or my white label Space Shuttle.
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