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  1. I have a 400 and I don’t mind it. However the memory issue is limiting, and seeing as I don’t have soldering experience, it’s not likely I’ll be upgrading it anytime soon. I wish I could find one of these plentiful+cheap 800XLs people are mentioning in this thread. :)


    I will however agree that it looks really really cool. When I caught a glimpse of it sitting in the display case at my local game store, I put down the money for it fast!

  2. 2 hours ago, ColecoJoe said:




    Drat, those sleuths over in the Atari VCS Supporters group... I hope they don’t discover that I’m actually the founder and CEO of Irata, Atari’s biggest competitor and arch-nemesis. I paid goochman to start this thread, I paid The Register to write those articles, and I paid all of those YouTubers to be mean to Atari. Once Atari goes under, I plan on releasing my own $300 do-nothing box and rake in millions! It will be called the Irata TCS (Taco Computer System)


    Have you praised Irata today?


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  3. “WE DON’T CARE. We’re supporting it NO MATTER WHAT!!!”


    There it is. That’s what it all boils down to. “Atari” could say “Hey we pooped in a box. $300, please.” And they’d buy it. “Atari” could say “With every purchase of a new Atari VCS, we’ll shoot a panda.” And they’d find a way to spin it positively.

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  4. I’m looking to buy a ColecoVision system. I can’t find one locally and I trust buying a console from someone here more than I do on eBay as someone here will know how to diagnose condition better, etc. 


    I’d like one in good working order. Doesn’t have to have games included.


    Talk to me and let’s see if we can work out a deal! I’m located in Tennessee, USA.

  5. I don’t want to go into the psychological intricacies of why some of the mods of that group may be acting the way they do, but I have some theories about people who get overly angry and power hungry over trivial amounts of power and the social trauma they must have experienced throughout their life to act that way. It’s sad in more than one way.


    I love video games. I love these 35 year old cartridges and machines, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. But I can’t imagine getting as angry as they do over this stuff. I get passionate about my friends and family, politics, my research, etc. I almost wish my life was so careless and stress free that I could get that heated over this stuff.

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  6. What an absolute dork that Andrew Werner brother is:


    ”Take your 35 year old cartridges and your heavy sixers and cram them up your ***es.” - on another post on Facebook


    I don’t know what else I expect from someone with Pickle Rick as their profile photo.

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  7. On that note... did they ever make Heavies with the Light Sixer corners on the front like that?


    I found a boxed 2600 once that showed a Heavy Sixer design 2600 on the box picture. The serial number of the machine matched the serial number of the box. It was heavier than my light sixer. But it had those non-rounded corners that you see on light sixers.

  8. Just want to echo the resilience of 2600s. Definitely feel free to test it first but I’ve never met a non-working 2600. I’ve bought an untested one and one that they claimed didn’t work but they just didn’t know how to hook it up to a TV. All worked fine.


    And yes, that’s a good deal!

  9. 45 minutes ago, Flojomojo said:

    Or cases ... like this.

      Reveal hidden contents


    He sure is LOUD, which I suppose counts for something in the land of YouTube ya-yas. 



    That’s the new trend for most gaming YouTube channels these days. Be LOUD. Be NEGATIVE and ANGRY (this is the most important part because gamers prefer complaining over playing video games). Rehash the same things for a little over 10 minutes so you can still monetize the video. Oh, and don’t forget to doctor a lame, clickbait-y thumbnail

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  10. 1 hour ago, digdugnate said:

    i started working on my front yard (weeds were out of control in the boxes, limb trimming, etc) at sunrise because it'll be like friggin 90 degrees here later today.

    Impossible. We live in our parents’ basements and don’t do anything but bash Atari all day, remember?

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  11. 20 minutes ago, Osgeld said:

    There's a 2 places  in our neck of the woods that looks almost identical to that, Tennessee seems to be having a "real deal" street style taco boom cause even a few years ago it was name brand corn shells with american cheese 

    I’m in the Nashville area, a smaller town about half an hour north-ish. Would’ve never expected street tacos to be so good in the smaller towns outside of Nashville but I’m addicted. My ex showed me this place and that’s probably the best thing to come out of that relationship.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, racerx said:


    Don't. I'd never hurt my daughter's feelings because it was a gift, but the vector graphics on an LCD monitor just don't work.


    The sharp, bright lines and even brighter Asteroids bullets just can't be replicated even close to properly.

    Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t seen them in person so I wasn’t sure of how they held up in that regard.

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  13. Yep, the Arcade1UPs are being clearanced. The Asteroids and Centipede cabinets are at my local Walmart for $75. I thought about picking up the one with Asteroids, Major Havoc, Tempest, and Lunar Lander just for the cool vector graphics. But I value the space in my house a little more right now.

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