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  1. Just an update to this thread:


    I got my 4-switch Woody in the mail and tried a few cartridges today:





    Double ender cartridge



    US Games (beveled case)


    Every one of them fit like a glove. Thank you to everyone who contributed and I hope this thread can help others in the future.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Giles N said:

    Young, like, born when?


    Yes, I think Food Fight is one of those arcade games that only was ported for the 7800.


    But if you’re into good ports, Ms Pac Man, Dig Dug, Joust and Robotron 2084 are very solid ports from this ‘generation’ of arcades (82-85).


    Many have debated whether Xevious is better on NES than the 7800.

    The 7800 version is anyway a lot of fun, but Xevious is of course, not very unique as it was ported to like everything back then.


    Pole Position 2 is another arcade-port.

    Its not that close to the arcade (at all), as Food Fight, Ms Pac-Man, Joyst and Dig Dug, but I really enjoy it.


    And I think its one of the best home-console-ports (not arcade-emulation/arcade-on-new-system) of this game.

    But I don’t think that many home-systems had a version.


    Galaga is good fun on the 7800.


    But I’m not so much into the arcade and all the ports that I can say which one version is best.


    The 7800 version plays very smooth and fine, and have chuncky sound-effects and this little short Galaga-music theme as you come to new sections of the game.

    I was born mid-90’s. I didn’t play any Atari growing up unless you count occasional arcade cabinets here and there, but my parents had an Atari at some point.

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  3. 21 hours ago, delmero said:

    Welcome to Atariage:


    You said you played "all" your Atari games on a 7800, by all you mean the carts meant for the 2600 also? I read that the 7800 carts are different from 2600 carts maybe there is the problem. 



    Yes, that’s right. I’ve been playing my 2600 and 7800 carts on a 7800.

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  4. Thank you for the welcome and the reply! I was leaning towards the 4-switch Woody (or a Vader) over the Jr., so it’s interesting to hear about the issue you had with the Jr.


    Do you (or anyone) have any idea why my 7800 might be having trouble with carts not sitting properly unless I apply pressure? I don’t want to try and force them harder so I just haven’t played those games.

  5. Hello all, 


    First and foremost this is my first post here so I thought I’d introduce myself. The introduction is sort of off topic so I’m putting it at the bottom below my initial post and question as not to clutter too much or bore anyone who doesn’t care.


    I’ve been playing all of my Atari games on a 7800 with a tight cartridge port. Last night I tried some new games that I got and they just weren’t fitting right in the console. Some are extremely tight while others aren’t tight enough (and I have to push down to get them to read, but when I let go it can’t be read anymore.)


    So with that (and I’ve been reading that 2600 games look better on a 2600 vs. a 7800) I decided it’s time to add a proper 2600 to the collection. I’ve done some research, but I wanted firsthand accounts from the experts. My impression seems to be that, despite the 6 switch models being the most popular, it’s the 4 switch and the Jr. models that have the most “compatibility” with cartridges fitting well into the slot. Is this correct, or is there no discernible difference between the models? Are there any other factors I should be aware of?


    Thank you all for taking the time to read/reply.


    My introduction:

    I’m a 20-something year old recent grad school graduate looking for his place in the world (and I think I’m getting close).


    I grew up playing my brother’s NES, SNES, and N64. The first consoles I got that were “mine” were the Gameboy Color/Advanced line and then the GameCube and PS2 and have been gaming from there. Fast forward to today, adult life isn’t as glamorous as they make it out to be and I don’t have time to play games like I used to. As much as I love my PS4, it’s hard to sit down and have a long session with it. My Switch gets more time due to it being convenient, but I love retro video games and I’ve found that Atari games are “bite sized” enough to fit my lifestyle and they’re still a ton of fun. So I’ve been enjoying collecting for it immensely and I’m happy to be on the forum! Over the last year or so I’ve been playing 2600/7800 games on a 7800, and a few Lynx games on a Lynx. Last week I got my hands on an Atari 400 and I’m excited to explore the world of Atari’s 8-bit computers.

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