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  1. I've tried this with two VCS adapters and a 2 port atari. I'm only able to get to the main screen with three games; Star Raiders, Space Invaders, and River Raid. Do i have to use the 2600 joysticks with the masterplay to be able to play them?
  2. Can the Atari 5200 be RGB modded?
  3. PM myself as well. Also interested if anyone can mod my vcs adapter to take in 7800 games
  4. I'm interested in either option if VCS could work. [email protected]
  5. I can send a VCS adapter with my atari if anyone is interested in testing the UAV with it.
  6. Mmm. I was actually on planning on using the VCS adapter.
  7. Hi! Is it possible to get s-video out of a 2-port Atari 5200? I don't feel comfortable in modding it myself.
  8. I would be interested if any of these are available
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