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  1. I'm also adding this as an option: Vectrex Cartridge Dumper adapters are now for sale, and the only way to currently get them is at a discount of $10 OFF! (i.e. $15 instead of $25) This offer is good for today only. I have a limited supply as well and will update this post when they are all sold. Please check out the details here on how to order one: www.playvectrex.com/vectrexfreestuff/ Don't know what this is?? See my youtube demo here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFcWr0XlpS0 NOTE: you can still get the Vectrex LED board for free if you wish or $10 OFF this Cart Dumper adapter board. If you're already getting the free LED board, and would like the dumper as well, please DM me for your options. NOTE: When checking out with your purchase, you will be subject to a terms of purchase where you will be required to agree that you will only use this adapter for your own personal use and will not share binaries with others. Please DM me if you have any questions.
  2. Last day for free Vectrex LED boards, if you are interested please email me (in the link above) or DM me here before midnight
  3. It can take a little while, 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe check your spam folder for good measure. There is also a confirmation in the browser too that you could screenshot, if you saw that
  4. Hi friends! For this week only (Feb 22 - 26th), I'm giving away FREE Vectrex LED boards! These are RGB selectable LED boards that are designed to be soldered onto the bottom of your Vectrex cartridge to light it up. They work best with translucent cases of course 😉 Check out a video of their operation here. There's also free swag and a chance to win multiple prizes up to $500 cash! 👉 All of the details on how to get one are here: https://www.playvectrex.com/vectrexledfree Please be patient with me if there is high demand... I will process your message and it WILL ship! Every shipment also gets some random free vinyl stickers!
  5. If you'd like to build a verified open-source Vectrex PCB Cartridge design, you can find my design files and ordering instructions here: https://github.com/technobly/vectrex-cartridge It supports 32/64KB EPROMs/ROMs and optional DS2430/DS2431+ 1-wire memory devices. It also has an optional RGB LED you can populate. Measurements are also documented if you just want some guidance on making your own.
  6. My highest is 271, but my son (14) currently has me beat with 336!
  7. Amazing work!!! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures ❤️ If you started posting one per day to #vectrex #retrogaming on Instragram, I bet you'd get a following
  8. Read what you wrote... and I'm lost without a visual aid... I think and nice table comparison would be appropriate: Button | Instructions | Sean K. | S. Kray | Actual Game Play ======================================================================= 1 | 2 | 3 | power swing/change up (slow pitch) | slow swing (slow pitch) | fast swing (fast pitch) | ? 4 | normal swing/fastball (fast pitch) | fast swing (fast pitch) | slow swing (slow pitch) | ? I have a feeling this won't render correctly, so I've attached a screenshot as well
  9. If you have a USB to Serial adapter (CP2104 used in this example): maybe give this a try https://github.com/nanoflite/vecmulti
  10. Turn off the Vectrex and unplug the USB cable. Then power up just the Vectrex. Basically, if it ever messes up... just remove all power, and start over. v0.3 hardware will have a reset button so in theory to recover from a mishap you could just press reset on VEXTREME, and reset on Vectrex. Most carts won't have reset exposed though, I'd guess. Definitely something developers would want though. In the future, if updating and adding games. Eject the USB and unplug it before turning on the Vectrex. With >=v0.24, you'll be able to Eject the USB and leave it plugged in, but you must still Eject it first before turning on the Vectrex. v0.24 will bring Developer Mode to VEXTREME, which will allow you to very rapidly flash games to VEXTREME have them boot instantly on the Vectrex. Coming soon! v0.3 hardware will bring "Lazy Developer Mode" which will allow you to turn your Vectrex on without Ejecting the USB, and it will still work and boot properly. This will also be considered "Whoops, I forgot to eject my USB mode". If you want to help me stay fueled on this project, please consider buying me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/XzUGYrhL3 ❤️
  11. Well that's unfortunate for those 100 people. I do check these places regularly, so yes.. even though I don't want to have to support 100 v0.2 carts with soldermask issues, you've kind of made it my problem... especially since you are vacant. I'm also not trying to be combative, but I'm not entirely happy either... seeing these troubled carts with no follow up support being sold for quite a mark up. There were many reports of games crashing, and also booting up with mine storm instead of the menu after adding roms. Mostly on FB. Both can easily be explained by soldermask issues. Testing on one machine is not a great indicator for how the carts will operate on all units out there. I've had varying results with my 3 Veccy's with the soldermask issue carts, and I also see other minor issues that will be addressed at some point. Again, just to note: this is not a finished product right now, we're on v0.23 of this project, everything has been pre-production releases. There was a change to how games reset as well in v0.21 SW, which would have helped the runtime operation of games, preventing them from crashing. This was only an issue on certain games AFAIK, but it might have extended to more games on certain Vectrex units with really long reset delays (not sure why there would be such long delays though, like well into the game play). The "not detecting" as you call it is just the Vectrex not being able to read a valid cart header. Lots of reasons why this can happen as well, many of which are soldermask related. But one that might explain some cases is misuse of the cart... you cannot leave the cart plugged into USB after adding roms, without ejecting it, before turning on the Vectrex. If you do, it will just boot into mine storm. I would think that would be discovered easily by the user though. Just speaking to all reading this back and fourth: This is part of the potential drama that comes with open source HW/SW... I'm trying not to let it affect me because I really want to continue to create a great product for the Vectrex community (along with others that are contributing), and I will. I'm not trying to profit off of it. It certainly makes development harder when people are trying to profit off of this work, without contributing back to the project. So if you would like to help the VEXTREME project, we are here: https://discord.gg/xH22tzW If you see units for sale, and are wondering if you should buy them, just ask and we'll let you know the state of things. Game on people!
  12. I posted about the soldermask issue about a month before you made your 100 boards: https://github.com/technobly/VEXTREME/issues/10 You didn't start selling the boards until long after I had confirmed this issue with you. So let's not pretend we didn't know about it There are lots of customers that posted on the Vectrex Fans Unite Facebook group with game crashing issues, and I suspect many of them just didn't contact you for support or a refund. I replied to them with how to test for this issue, and how to contact you. I didn't see you there offering support. There is a lot more to go wrong to make the Vectrex drop back to the built in Mine Storm than just pin 32 (/CARTS) line which no carts ever used AFAIK. All carts use /CE and /OE to effectively do the same thing as /CARTS and so does VEXTREME. That said, if any of the 8 data lines, 15 address lines, /CE, /OE, R/W, or +5V or GND are intermittently making contact with the Vectrex connector... the game can crash, or not be seen. So that's pretty much every pin of the cart. Which is why the soldermask must be removed in front of the fingers, because it might work on one machine, but not on another... or might be intermittently making contact on the same machine between cart updates i.e. adding some new games (this is a very commonly reported issue on the FB group BTW). I'm guessing many users remove the cart to do the updates, and then put the cart back in.. not they have to though. The fingers are still wider than original carts (which are 2.54mm/2 and spaced every 2.54mm). I would not suspect this to be the issue. The cart PCB is also 48.0mm wide, so it perfectly centers itself as well. Same width as original carts. Well the leading edge of the PCB is the first thing the Vectrex connector contacts touch, and as they wipe across they make their way finally to the PCB fingers. If you don't see marks on the soldermask, it's because it is sufficiently harder than the HASL finish of the PCB fingers (which is just solder). Soldermask is typically a hard epoxy based ink... so not likely to show much abuse.
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