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  1. Falling into bad habit of making multiple characters in dark souls 2 sotfs again. at least I’m limiting to 4 right now. debating on where to go next with my knight and mage mostly. Both reached Tseldora, maybe clean out huntsman copse or no man wharf
  2. Lots of judgment recently. got it for $40 the other day so it’s been great
  3. Gen 3 remakes added so much legends it’s insane
  4. I still pop my vita occasionally. edf was a big thing. 2017 was one of my proud platinums
  5. I’ve played a couple souls games... always seem to stop midway or something. got close to end of demon souls and got bored, souls 2 I stopped at undead crypt and souls 3 before abyss watchers. Bloodborne I kinda just went cold at old yharnam... I wonder if I’ll ever finish one
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