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  1. Mostly dark souls 3 once I was able to beat the final cinder with most of my various builds. Plus the dlc is pretty fun especially with my aim to get one of my female characters fashion out of second dlc
  2. I think hollow knight kind of qualifies but it can be hard as diamonds
  3. Started dark souls 3 again after wrapping up long time games like digimon hacker memory and yakuza 5. Grabbing items in dlc and getting some essentials done feel so much easier now. Death to those damn angels of curses!
  4. Falling into bad habit of making multiple characters in dark souls 2 sotfs again. at least I’m limiting to 4 right now. debating on where to go next with my knight and mage mostly. Both reached Tseldora, maybe clean out huntsman copse or no man wharf
  5. Lots of judgment recently. got it for $40 the other day so it’s been great
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