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  1. Yeah, and I've already bought one from Best Electronics. I don't have it in me to pester him for more if he only wants to sell 1 per customer. I can respect that policy.
  2. If you can point me to a place that has them for less, I'm all for it. But I've seen them go for that on ebay.
  3. I've been thinking about getting a PokeyOne for this game, myself. Ever since I saw a video that featured Pokey sounds for this game, my original 7800 Donkey Kong sounds just make me cringe.
  4. For what it's worth, I'll buy any new doohickey for the Atari 7800. 👍 👾
  5. Starius


    Is there a way to have the PokeyOne play the left channel, and then mix the recordings of both PokeyOne left and right channel output to a 100% PokeyOne rendition? (Not that I think I'm gonna hear much difference personally, but it would be cool to hear tunes that are 100% PokeyOne.)
  6. Starius


    well, if there is a PokeyOne in there somewhere, I'm sold. Both tracks sounded great to me. I'd be very happy with either.
  7. Starius


    Is $40 really that outrageous anymore? I'm seeing real Pokeys go for that on eBay now. The only place at all I know where to get them for less is Best Electronics. I've gotten one from there myself. But he lists it as "1 per customer." Is that one per customer ever? Or just one per order? I don't know. All I know is.... I do want to get more Pokey-enabled 7800 games. And if the PokeyOne works in them, and it is too difficult to find real Pokeys anymore... then that's the route I'll probably end up taking to get those games. If anyone knows of a better way of getting Pokeys, let me know. I don't think spending a summer traveling around flea markets looking for Ballblazers is a good alternative. *shrug*
  8. Starius


    I've gotten one from there before too. I've always been very happy with Bradley's service.
  9. Starius


    Out of curiosity, is there any noticeable difference in sound between the Pokey One and a genuine Pokey?
  10. Starius

    Mac Performa 550

    Do you know what screw size is required to hold in the I/O shield in the back? The plastic tabs have broken off mine, and I don't have the screws at all.
  11. That was a lot of fun to watch! I love my Pac-Man Collection too, but I haven't played it much on Fast mode. I'm gonna have to try that more!
  12. I'm only just learning about the XM module (and it's long road to creation) , but I'm very much interested in it. I don't see a lot of recent postings regarding it's status though, are they still coming out?
  13. All I know is, if a Stranger Things pokey 7800 cartridge is coming - sign me up for one.
  14. I've been playing it a lot as of late. I love it! My first college roommate is coming over to visit next month. We must resume our fierce Ms. Pac-Man championship competition where we left off back in 1998...
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