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  1. Wow this is awesome. Thanks guys! I should’ve thought to look through the Songbird stuff. I’ve been enjoying Skyhammer for a while now. I’ve heard of Robinson’s Requiem for a while now. Curious to see what else is out there...
  2. So I just received my shiny new Jag CD (first one I’ve ever owned!) and I’m pretty stoked about it (mostly for collector’s sake). I already know which official games I plan on picking up but I’m also curious which are the best homebrew/posthumous releases for the CD. I’ve enjoyed some of the Jaguar HB games, now it’s time to look at the CD games. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Lol, gotcha. Well these were super helpful answers. Sounds like a total sham!
  4. Hey all! So I’m loading up on stuff for my newly purchased Jag CD. I keep coming across a “Bypass Cartridge” while looking for Memory Tracks. Curious if someone can tell me what that is? You’d think it would be easy to Google but for some reason I’m not having much luck through Google or YouTube. I’m assuming it’s completely different than a Memory Track? Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Well thanks for all the info and help, guys! I missed out on the Uk Jag CD unfortunately :(. But I lucked out and found a local U.S. unit for only slightly more money but in much better condition. Pretty stoked about it!!
  6. Another question I thought of: since it might use a different power supply, does that mean I would have to buy a US power supply to use for it? Thanks again for everyone’s help!
  7. Haha, I know. I’m sure that’ll be true once I have it.
  8. Okay great, all of these answers are extremely helpful. Makes me feel better about snagging one from a UK vendor. I’ve been dying for Jag CD for ages!
  9. Great news, thanks for the response! My one question about the games that don’t work well on PAL consoles, aren’t DL and SA Jag CD games only? Meaning if those games don’t play nice with PAL units wouldn’t that have to mean the Jag CD specifically? Or am I missing something there?
  10. I’m very much hoping so. 🤞
  11. Hi all! Anyone know Jaguar CD units region free? I live in the US. Would a Jaguar CD purchased from the UK work in my USA Jaguar and would it play all of the Jag CD games? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks, guys!!
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