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  1. Wow, this looks great (as usual)! Can't wait to see the actual gameplay!
  2. (Final Updated Score) Thunderground: 128140, Round 18
  3. Cool collection! A couple of rarities in there as well!
  4. Thanks for the compliment (and following)! Thanks, as well, for the compliment! I figured that there were frames for comic books, but I never thought about getting a special frame for it at the time (maybe I'll get one). The frame that I used for this was from a bundle pack (three 8.5" x 11" frames for $4), so I just used one of those. Awesome! I just bought it!
  5. November 2019 Update I got a lot of stuff to share with you guys! I hope you guys enjoy! First off, I got Enduro for the Atari 2600 and a NOS matching race car. I also had a blue label version of the cartridge, but I sold that to get the standard label version. I would like to display both of them, but I still need to get some more shelves for my case. I can't believe that I had forgot to show this before! I had bought this months ago, but I never posted about it. The next item I had previously bought is this advertisement for Mario Bros. on the Atari 2600 and 5200. I had previously bought Mario Bros. for the Atari 2600, but I've presented it here for looks. I may have overpaid for the advertisement ($17) because it's just cut out from a comic book! However, it does look awesome! In the picture below, I had bought this stuff from my "local" retro gaming store yesterday. I got an NES Advantage controller, Hogan's Alley for the NES, and Dragster and Video Pinball for the Atari 2600. I've never played (only saw) Hogan's Alley for the NES before, so I decided to buy it and check it out (it's a really fun game). It loads and plays most of the time; however, it seems like the circuit board inside the cartridge is a little loose (which makes the game not load sometimes). Maybe I need to get a special screwdriver so I can disassemble it and see what the problem is. Finally, I got some CIB Atari 2600 arcade ports (they were all sealed, but I had already opened them up weeks ago). All of the boxes (except for Joust) were a little damaged, so I didn't really care about opening them that much (maybe a little bit). I got Joust (great co-op game), Vanguard (interesting "shmup"), Battlezone (personal favorite game), and Kangaroo (most "minty" game out of the box). That's all for now! I'll provide another update next month!
  6. (Final Updated Score) Centipede: 89723
  7. (Final Updated Score) Polaris: 30900
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