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  1. Sadly, I don't know how to solder. I'm currently having somebody else replace the controller ports. I hope that they'll be able to fix it. Thanks for the compliment!
  2. My Sega Genesis seems to be a later-released Model 1 (it doesn't say "HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS" on the top).
  3. I could've got it recapped, but it works fine for now. Like I said before, I'll make sure to let you guys know when I get my console back and (hopefully) fixed.
  4. If I wouldn't have had purchased the repair service already, I would've gladly accepted your offer to fix my console. Also, I wasn't planning to have this console modded. I paid around $100.00 for my Sega Genesis. I could've bought one for way cheaper, but it was the "cheapest" one on eBay (at the time) that had the least amount of scratches and scuffs on it.
  5. That's true, I ended up paying around $40.00 total to have it (hopefully) fixed. I would've rather had somebody here on the forums fix my console than somebody I don't know that has mixed reviews of their repair jobs. By the way, this is the repair service I'm using.
  6. No, I ended up keeping it. I was going to send it back for a refund, but (at the time) I thought that I would rather keep the console and have somebody else fix the controller ports instead. Also, I think I am going to send the console to the place that I mentioned before. I hope that they'll be able to replace the controller ports successfully. I'll let you all know when I get my console back and (hopefully) fixed!
  7. September 2020 Update I got a few things for this update; I hope you guys enjoy! First, I got a new lock for my display case! Next, I got Kung Fu and Ice Climber for the NES from @Magmavision2000! Finally, I got a Sega Genesis with OutRun for the Sega Genesis! The console works and looks great, but one of the controller ports has a broken pin (I'm currently looking for someone to replace the controller ports). That's all for now! I'll provide another update next month!
  8. I did find a place that could replace the controller ports, but they have some mixed reviews of their repair jobs. Hopefully, I can find someone here on the forums who lives in the USA that can replace the controller ports. Regardless, thanks for offering to help me!
  9. I didn't do anything to it. The pin in the first controller port was already broken when I got it from eBay (the listing didn't show any pictures of the controller ports).
  10. Ms. Galactopus (Fixed ROM): 16045 I never got any massive bonuses in the scores that I posted previously for Ms. Galactopus.
  11. I have a Sega Genesis (Model 1) that has a broken pin in one of the controller ports. I would try to fix this myself by replacing the controller port, but I have no experience in soldering. So, is there anyone here on the forums that can replace the controller ports in my Sega Genesis (Model 1)? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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