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  1. I'm thinking handheld too, but a PVM line from Analogue would be phenomenal and make sense with the recent DAC.
  2. It would be nice to see some advancements in display technology (latency free) or a return to CRT.
  3. According to some real examples, it looks like even with usb, there is no discernible input lag. This is by no means conclusive, but I believe most consoles poll input from controllers on each frame. which is ever 17 ish ms(for 60hz). There is some lag inherent in usb but not enough to miss a poll on frame, but if it does you'd never be more than a frame off from the time you pushed the button, even with original console it is possible to miss an input poll, causing your input to be polled on the next frame. Actual oscilloscope tests have been conducted which can measure the tiny amount of lag in usb. While the best approach is always zero latency in retro consoles, here we see what I would argue is a reasonable amount of lag. An amount that can only be measured with expensive equipment and not humanly discerned. Of course, best is original. This is my rudimentary understanding of input latency, what is best I think would be for you would be to try it out for yourself. The upcoming add ons will ensure 100% that input will be best possible. But if you can run the original system next to MISTer with it's existing usb setup and the result is identical...
  4. Also passes the BattleToads test lol, but I haven't recorded it.
  5. Just ordered a board and ram. Looking forward to trying some cores out. Mister needs a consumer quality website at some point.
  6. I was under the impression that GBA wouldn't be getting an FPGA core. I would guess just having a 32 bit CPU makes it more difficult. But I'm sure while I'm saying this there are probably 12 different versions already on floppy disks in random places all over the world.
  7. I'm interested in the MISTer project too, but there doesn't seem to be much information regarding the quality of the cores. I'm mostly just interested in the NES, SNES, and Genesis at this point in my life.
  8. So, Not really sure where to post something like this, so flame away if you please. BUT. I'd like to back up save files created on my Super NT. Some ways I considered. 1) buy an SD card or adapter that can broadcast or connect to WIFI. 2) buy some kind of SD card adapter than can connect to a PC or other device. (Pi ?) 3) find an alternative means to access files on the SD card. // bluetooth access through controller port or something ??? Thanks!
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