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  1. ... And Sega CD (MEGA CD) released. Go get yours today
  2. played a couple games. This is going to be my go to for GBA on the TV.
  3. Sega CD playing on MISTer. WIP. Video released on MISTer Facebook page. Already looks quite good.
  4. * Yeah of course I don't know at this point what can or can't be ported to Pocket, but it is a target system for this specific developer. Why do GBA? Who knows, maybe because it's open - source. People can fiddle with it and learn about FPGA console emulation? Maybe same reason people keep porting Doom to every console, heck I think there is a port of Doom playable on my Toaster... * Here, I'm just making a statement on the fact that I don't know if Kevtris plans on ' unofficially ' offering some cores for the open side of the Pocket not officially listed. Like making NES core available for example, and the other side of that is - He can't , because of how the smaller open FPGA works, there would be no way to protect his IPs. - But what I'm really trying to say here *People are interested in developing FPGA console cores for the Analogue Pocket, if its possible.*
  5. IN other news, first announced FPGA core ( to my knowledge ) planned to be ported to the Analogue Pocket will be a GBA core by FPGAzumspass ---> Robert Peip. So for anyone wondering, looks like there are definitely some people interested. I think this bodes well in general for pocket + dock potential to be the ultimate 'Switch Type' emulation system (unofficially). Assuming the (skull and crossbones) pirate himself doesn't make them all available anyways ( which I guess you probably can't because that would leave the code exposed / unless that can be some secured format ? ). https://github.com/RobertPeip/FPGBA
  6. Someone is releasing code for game boy advance core. Looks like this will be ported to MISTer. It hasn't been officially announced, but there are some videos of game play and some discourse from the author on Reddit. This will need to be ported to MISTer.
  7. heh, I have to use a grip for the sp, or I wouldn't be able to play for more than a few minutes. The form factor is very painful for me, but hopefully some mods official or unofficial will come to market.
  8. Man I've been saying GBA would NEVER get an FPGA core. Are you kidding us? I guess my GBA consolizer will find a new home lol.
  9. I'm thinking handheld too, but a PVM line from Analogue would be phenomenal and make sense with the recent DAC.
  10. It would be nice to see some advancements in display technology (latency free) or a return to CRT.
  11. According to some real examples, it looks like even with usb, there is no discernible input lag. This is by no means conclusive, but I believe most consoles poll input from controllers on each frame. which is ever 17 ish ms(for 60hz). There is some lag inherent in usb but not enough to miss a poll on frame, but if it does you'd never be more than a frame off from the time you pushed the button, even with original console it is possible to miss an input poll, causing your input to be polled on the next frame. Actual oscilloscope tests have been conducted which can measure the tiny amount of lag in usb. While the best approach is always zero latency in retro consoles, here we see what I would argue is a reasonable amount of lag. An amount that can only be measured with expensive equipment and not humanly discerned. Of course, best is original. This is my rudimentary understanding of input latency, what is best I think would be for you would be to try it out for yourself. The upcoming add ons will ensure 100% that input will be best possible. But if you can run the original system next to MISTer with it's existing usb setup and the result is identical...
  12. Also passes the BattleToads test lol, but I haven't recorded it.
  13. Just ordered a board and ram. Looking forward to trying some cores out. Mister needs a consumer quality website at some point.
  14. I was under the impression that GBA wouldn't be getting an FPGA core. I would guess just having a 32 bit CPU makes it more difficult. But I'm sure while I'm saying this there are probably 12 different versions already on floppy disks in random places all over the world.
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