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  1. This kind of thing would move systems. Or this approach to the games blended into some sort of Kingdom Hearts-type game where the worlds are all pulled together for a bigger adventure. I even have the tagline: Can you save Atari today?
  2. I'm happy with this. Barring correcting typos or some word choices, this is what I want to go with for the first part. Each game will get a short writeup and I do plan to add a section for homebrew. I'd even like to add a couple interviews with some people creating for the 7800, but that will be a little later. Next steps for me are getting some reader feedback and figure out how I want to get my screenshots. 7800.pdf
  3. Oddly enough I had just learned that GCC did design exactly that, but from what I can tell it never went anywhere beyond the design phase.
  4. I plan to have some homebrew covered, but I'm not really looking for more challenging. I want a single compilation of every officially released game, a brief history of the console, and then a section for homebrew. Going too crazy with homebrew would be difficult as I don't own any as of right now.
  5. I'll need to reach out to the publisher to see if I can get a copy. I'm reaching a point where I feel I need to explain my approach to this whole thing as where I am now is a very different place than I had originally planned. All I wanted at the beginning was a convenient guide to the game library and nothing more. I figured a little technical and historical data would be nice too... then I started to find discrepancies. Dates that didn’t line up, weird sales numbers, and just enough vagueness that I wasn’t happy. I then turned to this community because nowhere is there a greater collection of Atari knowledge. You guys started throwing very cool stuff at me and I realized there was a fairly interesting story here and I want to try to do it justice. I am not a researcher and beyond looking stuff up for school papers I’ve never really had the need. So new ground for me. This is also a side project and my time for it is very limited as I never expect any sort of real return, the kids still want food and the lawn needs mowing. I wish I could turn this into the book I think it should have, but that’s not in the cards. I do think I can tell the story without trying to guess motivations or creating villains and I can do it in a format that fits my schedule and needs for this book. I don’t expect to teach this community anything it doesn’t already know, but maybe I can make an interesting enough narrative to get some new eyes on the 7800. The PDF of this book will be made available for free, but I do reserve the right to hold back some “bonus” content for the print version (if one happens). The audiobook will, of course, be read by Kevin Smith while stoned out of his mind.
  6. Moved to here, but I'm so thrilled with the input! This type of research is new to me so I'm learning as I go. Every part of this is a work in progress except the 3D boxes and logos, everything else is negotiable. I hadn't fully made up my mind where I wanted to get my screenshots. I'd prefer to grab from a real 7800, but I don't have 95% of the games or an appropriately modded 7800 to capture from.
  7. Thanks! Watching it now and already making some changes. I'll add this to my references list.
  8. I posted in another thread about this, but the title of the thread isn't very descriptive to what it turned into, so here's a new one. I'm writing a book mostly to serve as a browsable catalog of every commercially released Atari 7800 game. It will include box art, screen shots and cartridge pictures. The intent is to serve as a "what do I want to play next" resource. I wanted to include a little biography of the 7800 maybe a page or so, but it quickly began to spiral. I started digging for sales figures and all kinds of data that is not readily available. I wrote a couple rough drafts and hated them both. After pulling about six years of articles from the NY & LA Posts and a few from the Wall Street Journal I've put together the version of the story I like the most. I avoided hard sales numbers and as in the case of the PAL model (which I'm almost 100% certain was in 1989) release dates when they were unclear. I wanted to create a picture of the landscape that created the 7800, it's life, and legacy. I still want to add to the latter two parts, but here is the latest draft of my version of the 7800's life. I have no doubt there are typos, proofreading is not my strength, so please point them out. Also let me know if any part of it is wrong. I tried to pull data from the best sources I could (and I coped all of them to a word document) so I'm not really expecting factual errors, but it would be silly to ignore the possibility. Draft 2.pdf
  9. I've decided to go ahead and do this right. To that end I now have a Word document with 7 years (so far) of every article I can find on Atari. I'm even going to have to pony up for the NY & LA Times subscriptions to stop hitting the pay wall. If anyone has an article that you think might be helpful, please let me know. I'm approaching this by painting a clear picture of the end of 1982 to show where Atari was when it began to develop the 7800 so that context can help explain why some things went why they did and how some decisions were made. I might also be asking for personal stories and/or quotes about the 7800 and its games. I've even started getting permission to use the pictures and such that I'm using.
  10. Reformatting to fit the printer I plan on going with, so a lot of the pages are messed up. I've made my first pass at the story of the 7800, but please tell me if I've got anything just wrong or whatever other input you might have. 7800.pdf
  11. Not that I could find. Honestly I thought stuff like release dates would be easy. It’s fascinating how little real information is left.
  12. Pulled it from Wikipedia. Like I said, research left to do. I want to have it as accurate as I can make it so I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions from time to time. I do plan to have at least one copy printed up in a nice hardcover for myself and one more thing I won’t spoil yet. Then on to the 5200. it’s weird to me how much information is just gone. It’s not like I’m trying to find shipping manifests from the 1500s, but it sure feels that way.
  13. This is why I'm asking. I'm making it because I want it and I can't find it anywhere. I know some of the information is wrong/incomplete. Mostly I'm getting the layout where I want it then plugging in the info will be fairly easy. I also have a few more sections I want to add to cover a bit more about the system. I'm going to attribute as best as I can, but I will not be selling it so I don't plan on spending too much time on that. I still have a ton of research to do. 7800.pdf
  14. I'm guessing that would be the $140 price point I found.
  15. I'm putting together a project, just because I want it, and I keep finding different numbers as to what the 7800 actually launched for in price. I've been searching and digging through all of the old Sears catalogs I can find online and I can't find anything definitive as to what it cost in May of 1986. I'm also very curious what it was sold for in the 1984 run or if any sales data for that exists at all.
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