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  1. I tried. All the Combat carts were gone and everything else was marked up quite a bit.
  2. They both look great, but the left is the best.
  3. I'll go there tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I'd be willing to clean them up them up too.
  4. There is a store near me that sells all their Atari games @ $.99 and then buy five get one free. They have a basket full of Combat alone. Would that be helpful at all?
  5. I was an avid board gamer for years, still am really, but I hit a point where children and life in general made it incredibly difficult to get a game group together on a regular basis and my interest waned and I sold most of what I had. I used the money I got from that to start buying video games for no real reason. I've always liked playing them, but it was never really "my thing." Now I realize I started because it's something I can do without needing another human being after the kids are in bed or whenever an hour presents itself. At first I bought new PS4/Xbox One stuff, then I started drifting backward and when I hit the NES I said to myself that I really didn't care enough about Atari stuff to even get started. Flash forward several months to now and I have the first three Atari systems and am looking to get into the computer line. Atari and the first/second gen systems have become my favorite. I just like the simplicity and nostalgia plus the things are tanks that will probably outlive me. I have a few stacks of carts for the 2600, 8 or 9 for the 5200, and I think 6 for the 7800 (the first 7800 I've ever even touched). One of the retro stores near me sells any Atari cart they get for .99 and then buy 5 get one free on top of that so I'm not shy about just buying whatever. Honestly I spend as much time cleaning and repairing stuff as playing it. I enjoy every aspect of this hobby... except the fact that everyone and their mother is into it now and prices are going crazy.
  6. Go for it. There's plenty of room, so feel free to park whatever would help with this. I do reserve the right to remove anything innaporriate that may appear.
  7. Since I'm really slow at getting this done, here is a Google Drive link of everything I've done so far. Please feel free to take and update whatever you want. I do ask if you fix or improve anything, please upload it back to this share for others to use.
  8. We can never be friends. Seriously, though great work on a remake of my favorite game.
  9. He didn't say he was giving up, just pulling back to find ways to make it easier on himself. I think it was the combination of designing the cart and trying to sell it himself that overwhelmed him. He was also working on a Jaguar cart that is now on hold and all pre-orders cancelled.
  10. I'm not sure how to insert the twitter post, but basically he posted today that it is too much to do by himself and he's put it on hold to "re-think" his approach.
  11. I just bought a second at $11 for in case I screw up soldering the new capacitors on paddle support. For a total investment of about $30 I have a spare console and a spare set of controllers. I also picked up a couple of those mini-arcades & some little red handheld for $5 each.
  12. Here's Zaxxon, Xevious, Wizard of Wor, Venture, Strip Off, Atari Video Cube, and The Adventures of TRON. (No ROMS of course) Please feel free to let me know if something needs to be changed. Trying to trim the instructions down to something manageable while not losing important information is really tricky on some of these. FB9-Grp1.zip
  13. I have three of them and I'm not that far away from you. I'm sure we can sort something out.
  14. I have box art for 34 more titles. Working on the txt files... that is surprisingly difficult. Xevious in particular is tricky since it's a prototype. I'd be happy to do a couple requests.
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