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  1. Honestly, I still don't have most of these.
  2. It was my first console. I have very vivd memories of Ms Pac-Man and Popeye as well as my dad trying to fix the controllers and the look on his face when he realized he was far out of his depth. It was then boxed up after the replacement controllers also broke and wasn't seen again. Flash forward to last year when I was given a 2-port that my wife played when she was young and almost immediately after I picked up a 4-port both in amazing condition with four (currently) working controllers. I love the thing.
  3. I'd certainly be interested in the front-loader replacement. I love Analogue's stuff, but their business practices keep putting a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. This is definitely one of those things I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. Thank you!
  5. Based on my post, fair. I meant more along the lines of I'm willing to bet the Atari brand would be better served by someone to caretake it with careful licensing and generally safer projects for a while to rebuild it. Throwing the name at hotels, vaporware and speedos for all I know is not really doing anything to build the brand. Nobody invests with the intent of losing money, but some investments are more of a slow-burn than others. Atari as-is is run by incompetents and they have driven the goodwill and brand loyalty the Atari name had left right into the ground.
  6. It's one of those things you invest in because of a love of the product, not so much I want to get rich.
  7. I'd totally pitch in to help this site buy them out. Not even joking. There's no way we could do worse with it.
  8. Angry Birds? Flappy Bird clones? Fart apps? People will still pay to play Pong, right?
  9. I think it will serve as a fine example of how not to do a console launch right along with the Ouya, 3DO, and Virtual Boy.
  10. At least part of that has been done. 🤫 The second part is proving tricky due to the weird mapper they used.
  11. Bill, I appreciate your input here. I know it's not always easy as @Games gets crapped on a lot (sometimes deservedly so), but you always do your best to put a positive spin on everything. Having said that: keep the design of the X and add SD card support or I'll figure out where you live and deflate your tires*. *I have no idea where you live and have no intentions of deflating anyone's tires.
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