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  1. Thank you. I will try this out when I get a moment and post the results. Cheers!
  2. The switch seems like it springs back with no issues. What do you think? Thank you.
  3. That is awesome information and thank you very much. I did let the Atari sit for a couple hours and well it started working fine again with no issues. It could be what you mentioned above. Thoughts?
  4. Well Good News I got the RCA coax jack and bam the Atari works. I played several games with no issues and then an issue occured. I was is in the middle of playing Atlantis and it just randomly started selectling levels on its own. Now every game I install it starts just starts selecting levels. What do you think is going on? Goes from working wonderfully to randomly selecting levels. What should I do to fix this? Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  5. Well I apologize and I feel dumb. It turns out the new RF modulator coax end the copper pin was bent and was not making contact with the female end in the TV. See attached picture. Thank you for all your help and the useful information. I will post a follow up once my RCA to coax jack arrives. Thanks again.
  6. I did test out the RCA end on the board and the RCA cable and I get roughly 102.4 ohms on both. This is a head scratcher let me tell you.
  7. How do I check the coax from the Atari switcher? My TV does have a coax jack input in it. I did purchase one of those coax to f type adapters.
  8. That lever and yes I hit that switch anad made sure the channel matched the channel on the TV. The TV is a 13 year plasma TV and I also bought a new RF Modulator for it as well. Do you think the TV is the issue? Thank you for all your help.
  9. No I did not reset it. How do you do that might I ask? There is no black screen at all....it is just good ol’ plain TV snow
  10. It is really close like 4.8V. What should I check next?
  11. No just the input side. The output side is less than 5 volts or so....
  12. I just purchased an Atari 2600 with no power issue. I have opened up the Atari and tested the power supply and it has 15v when just plugged in and I get 11.2 Volts from the Capacitor and then the same voltage when testing the Voltage Regulator as well. I even powered off the Atari and did another check the voltage dropped to next to nothing so I validated that the Atari does power off. I have looked at the board from front to back and on the front of the PCB and on the corner of the cover there is a capacitor that had a lot of solder like a block soldered to it. So I took my solder pump and removed all of it as well as cleaned up the solder joint and on the back of the Atari I noticed some black in color around the solder joint for that same capacitor. I did not measure the voltage yet or anything as I would like to know what the specs are to test each resistor or where to look next. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance.
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