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  1. Success! This first pictures shows the Sofia board nested in place and the audio mod on the main board: This picture shows the opposite end of the audio mod, connected to the RCA jacks. I picked up the ground from the bottom shield: This picture shows the entire board, without shield: This picture shows the shield in place. I had to remove a portion from the top, left corner and where you see the ribbon cable going under the board: DVI to HDMI Cable right into Samsung 4K: For the audio I have a 3.5mm Female to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio cable that I plug my PC speakers into.
  2. -^Cro§Bow^- I received my Sofia board yesterday and I'm getting ready to start the work. What capacitor would be best to use for branching the audio out from R50? I know you recommended a Nichicon electrolytic 10uF, 16V in other posts, but I saw that other people call out a 1uF capacitor.
  3. Yes, I agree! I should have been more specific as that's where I'll "physically" be picking it up from.
  4. Answering my own question : ) I did some more thinking and I'm going to use the sofia board for the video and take the audio off of the pokey chip. I'll post my results when I receive and install the components.
  5. I've looked for maintenance tips, for the Atari 5200 trackball, but I couldn't find any. Is there a good resource for this?
  6. -^Cro§Bow^- If I go the S video route. What's a good video monitor/tv to use. I don't want a big crt. Is there a good modern alternative?
  7. What is a recommended audio solution for the Atari 5200(2 port), when using the Sofia board for video?
  8. Simius, how can I buy your Sophia rev.C - DVI board?
  9. Joe replied and said he'd have the board built up this weekend, I'm so excited to install this mod!
  10. Interesting point about the composite vs S-video. I think I'll look into something with both and see what I prefer.
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