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    Miami, Florida, U.S. of A.
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    Atari 8-bit computers, Vintage computers, Operating Systems,
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    Installing and updating Antonia board (Altera code update), installing and updating a U1Mb (Xilinix code update), building a lot of ten 512k ram upgrade boards for the Atari 800, generally having fun. Playing Gauntletak a little
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    Burning a new rom for my broken 850 in hopes that's the problem, building a US Doubler for my stock 1050, building a couple of 512k ram upgrades for 800xl machines.

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About Me

I'm a computer tech who cut his teeth on the Atari 1200xl and who has loved the Atari computer ever since.  I used to room with Kenny Sallot (The Timelord), and we ran the Tardis BBS in our apartment living room on a 130xe with an ATR8000 and four 720k drives.  We later moved to an MIO and a 20 meg hdd.  I've gone by the handle "Technoid Mutant" since my birthday in 1984.  It was then I received an MPP1000e modem as a gift.  The manual makes reference to 'Computer Neophyte and Technoid Mutant', and I was born.

I Joined the Navy in 1988 and went oversees for a few years. I was in Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74, the Seabees were an interesting tour.  I am a veteran of the First Gulf War, spent the seven months from November to May in the trackless desert of Raas Al Mishab, Saudi Arabia.

After the Navy I started my tech career, and started Cheez Daddy's House of Funk BBS here in Miami, running on a Black Box, Multiplexer, a 130xe with 576k and a couple of 512k 800xl's.

Presently I'm in support of the Atari community.  You can call on me to help with repairs, upgrades, historical information and advice.



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